Young Designer of the Year in association with So...? Couture

Young Designer of the Year in association with So...?
Couture, Fragrance with Fashion Attitude.
Design an outfit bringing to life the style of a fashion city such
as London, Paris, NYC, or Rio. Using the new So...? Couture
fragrance themes pick your favourite city and produce an
outfit worthy of the catwalk.
Age Group: 17- 25
Deadline for Submission: 1st October 2014
Clothes Show Live returns to Birmingham’s NEC this December offering a unique fashion experience
and continuing to show support to the future of fashion with it’s Creative Awards Programme 2014.
Dedicated to nurturing and developing young talent in the creative arts, Clothes Show Live will once
again be running the Young Designer of the Year Award as part of its hugely successful Clothes Show
Live Creative Awards Programme.
Entrants are invited to send in their designs and 10 finalists will then be invited to create their
winning design to be modelled on the Clothes Show Live 2014 Image Catwalk. The overall winner will
be announced at the show and will receive £1,000 prize money and £500 towards their
establishment’s Fashion/Technology/Art & Design department.
The winner will be announced on the Image Catwalk at Clothes Show Live on Tuesday 9th December
A Note to Teachers
The Clothes Show Creative Awards Programme are set out with your
student’s development and work based learning objectives in mind.
Based on core criteria, as set by the leading examining bodies, your
students can not only benefit from engagement with leading fashion
brands and magazines, but also produce fun and inspired submissions,
suitable for including in their end of year course work portfolios.
Core Criteria
Be creative and innovative when designing, as well as considerate of the model who will
wear it.
Think about brand messaging and how this can be transferred into a fashion garment
Understand the design principles of form, function and ‘fit for purpose’
Investigate and select appropriate materials & components
Be aware of technological advances in textiles, materials and their use in a wide range of
industries, tell us about your choice of fabrics
Explain briefly how you will make up the garment
Include fabric swatches
N.B. Please retain originals as no work can be returned.
The Brief: Design an outfit bringing to life the style of a fashion city such as
London, Paris, NYC, or Rio. Using the new So…? Couture fragrance themes
pick your favourite city and produce an outfit worthy of the catwalk.
Clothes Show Live is calling all future fashion designers to create a catwalk piece which captures the
style of one fashion city featured in the new So..? Couture fragrance range.
So Fragrance is a young, fun and vibrant brand targeting young women who are fashion focused.
Consider So..? Fragrance a client, who has requested you as a designer to produce an outfit which
has taken inspiration from the So..? Couture brand, but has used their own creative flair to deliver
an original outfit which stands out for all the right reasons and would be worthy enough to be the
final piece of a catwalk show.
Unleash your imagination and get creative with your chosen fashion city and explore ideas on how
to translate themes into a fashion outfit. Aim to produce the most innovative design possible whilst
working to a brand’s design brief.
Clothes Show Live judges will be looking for a creative journey from stimulus to final piece and an
abstract translation of themes into a ready to wear garment.
Entrants should submit their sketch design and include a technical spec on how they will produce the
garment and include material samples. In no more than 200 words, entrants should also share the
thinking behind the design and why it will be suitable.
Shortlisted entrants will be required to produce their design for the catwalk
The Prize
The winner will receive the following:
£1,000 prize money
The winning outfit will be modelled on the Clothes Show Live catwalk
1 week’s work experience with a British fashion designer
Young Designer of the Year trophy
Free tickets to Clothes Show Live 2015
£500 donated to their school’s Art / Design Technology Department
Entering the Award
Submission of your design sketch with the theme of one fashion city picking from London,
Paris, NYC or Rio.
Up to two additional pages/boards containing sketches and pictures that
influenced/contributed towards the final design (mood boards etc.)
Completion of application form below
Clearly labelled with the entrants name on the reverse of each piece.
A description on how the brief influenced your design and how you would produce the final
piece with material samples.
N.B. Your submission cannot be returned.
Entry Closing Date | 1st October 2014
Finalists Contacted | Week commencing 20th October 2014
Live Presentation at Clothes Show Live | 9th December 2014
Conditions of Entry
Publicity Requirements
Award winner will be required to:
Attend Clothes Show Live on Tuesday 9th December 2014 to receive the award in a live
presentation on stage
Conduct a minimum of five media interviews relating to Clothes Show Live and supply
quotes on the award for use within the media
Provide the rights for usage of the supporting documentation to Haymarket Exhibitions Ltd
for promotional purposes
Terms and Conditions:
This competition is open to all 17 - 22 year olds in the UK
Only one application per individual
By completing the application, applicants agree to be bound by the rules and by any other
requirements set out in the promotional material
Entries are posted at the entrant(s)’ own risk
Haymarket Exhibitions Ltd will acquire all rights to any copy entered into this competition,
for current and future promotional use of the competition, and the rights to use the winning
article in future promotion of the competition and event
Winners will be expected to participate in publicity – as detailed above
Apologies, but no articles can be returned to the entrant
Proof of posting is not proof of delivery
Last date for receipt of entries 1st October 2014
The judges’ decision is final – no correspondence will be entered into
Judges will be appointed by Clothes Show Live
To enter the competition, visit and download the application form. Once
completed, send to Frances Payne, Young Designer of the Year, Clothes Show Live, Haymarket
Exhibitions Ltd, Teddington Studios, Broom Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 9BE
Promoter: Clothes Show Live. Haymarket Exhibitions Ltd.
Clothes Show Live Entry Form
Please complete your details in capital letters
Date of Birth:
Contact Telephone Number – Day:
Contact Telephone Number – Eve:
Educational establishment:
Email Address:
Please submit an additional document answering the following:
Briefly talk about your chosen city and the fashion style adopted.
Explain in detail the concept behind your submission (Maximum 200 words)
Your vision and future plans/ambitions (Maximum 200 words)
Please register online and post the above entry form along with your 600 word submission to:
Frances Payne, Young Journalist of the Year, Clothes Show of Live, Haymarket Exhibitions Ltd,
Teddington Studios, Broom Road, Teddington, Middlesex, TW11 9BE. Closing date for entries is 1st
October 2014.
N.B. Entries cannot be returned.