About F-Squared Investments

About F-Squared Investments
F-Squared Investments was founded
Investment Approach and Process
by investment industry veterans whose
goal was not merely to succeed against
conventional industry standards, but to
deliver ground-breaking solutions that
meet the real needs of investors.
F-Squared has a fundamentally different approach to risk
and return. The company is committed to “Rethink Investing”
based on the needs of investors. F-Squared aims to break
from convention and re-set expectations. It holds that
investors view risk in absolute terms of loss versus relative
performance against the benchmark. Success is capturing
and preserving value, not beating the index. Their approach
appreciates that favourable results compared to benchmark
that are still negative and statistics such as tracking error
mean little to investors.
F-Squared’s investment philosophy is clear, simple and
groundbreaking. Its strategies are designed to protect
investors from severe losses in down markets while
providing quality participation in rising markets. Their
solutions are index-specific and, when investing in the
sectors of the index, they are style and cap-size agnostic.
F-Squared manages to sector opportunities, not the market.
Designed to meet the real needs of investors, AlphaSector
targets upside participation while focusing on the risk
of loss in bear markets.
The firm has focused on bringing to market investment
strategies built on disciplined, quantitative models.
In 2008, the firm brought the AlphaSector solution to
market, delivering a full-market investment solution with
embedded risk management. AlphaSector stands apart from
conventional investment management products by combining
participation in rising markets with the flexibility to provide
powerful risk controls during bear markets. By focusing on
the needs of investors and delivering innovative solutions,
F-Squared Investments had over US$20 billion tracking its
indexes as of December 31, 2013.
The F-Squared Investment Committee
At F-Squared, we recognize that the investment industry
is home to a large number of highly talented, dedicated
professionals. Even in that context, we believe that the
capabilities of our Investment Committee are unparalleled.
of F-Squared Investments, in conjunction with business
partners, and for institutional clients, the marketplace is
provided with investment products that seek to track the
AlphaSector Indexes.
There are three distinct skill sets represented on the
Investment Committee. By combining these skills, F-Squared
aims to deliver solutions that are truly differentiated from
conventional investment approaches.
Because F-Squared’s indexes are based on disciplined,
quantitative models, there are no fundamental research or
security selection activities in our process. The role of the
Investment Committee is therefore focused on oversight:
ensuring the ongoing operation of the model, data inputs and
the delivery of the model output.
Traditional Portfolio Managers: Professionals from the
investment management and research functions of leading
firms, with experience across multiple asset classes: long-only,
long-short, fundamental and quantitative.
Mathematicians: Experts in advanced mathematics, statistics
and programming. The team includes deep experience in the
financial world, but also exposure to advanced techniques
used in other industries and academia.
Product Specialists: F-Squared provides a series of indexes
based on the AlphaSector philosophy. Through subsidiaries
The Investment Committee has responsibility for analysis,
review and approval of any proposed refinements to the
investment models. The Investment Committee does not
intervene or override the action of the model but completes
extensive research and testing on possible enhancements.
Members of the Investment Committee engage with partner
firms to provide insight on the indexes, investment process
and the results of F-Squared’s investment solutions.
William Creedon
Head of Trading for Institutional
& Alternatives
Luiza Miranyan
Senior Vice President,
Quantitative Analysis
Nathan Eigerman, CFA
Senior Vice President –
Alexey Panchekha, CFA
Senior Vice President –
Quantitative Analysis
Dennis Follmer
Senior Vice President –
William Thompson
Senior Vice President –
Langton Garvin, CFA
Senior Vice President –
Rodrigo Toso
Vice President,
Quantitative Analysis
James Celico
Managing Director –
Alternative Investments
Kevin Orr
Managing Director –
Strategic Partnerships & Product
Thomas W. Hagstrom, CFA
Senior Vice President –
Jerry Yuan
Vice President,
Quantitative Analysis
Vadim Fishman*
Managing Director –
Quantitative Analysis
Richard F. Tomney
Head of Advisor Solutions
John J. Harrington, CFA
Senior Vice President –
Steven Fiedler
Senior Vice President –
Eileen Leary, CFA
Senior Vice President –
Jeffrey Megar
Senior Vice President –
Advisor Solutions
Laura P. Dagan, CFA
Chief Executive Officer –
Board Member and Investment
Committee Co-Chair
Joseph Miskel
Managing Director,
F-Squared Solutions
Richard Block
Head of Trading & Operations
for F-Squared Capital
Co-Founder, Investment Committee Member
Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus
before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.
Publication date: December 1, 2014.
FUND793 11-14-E
Richard Weed, CFA
Managing Director –
Investments and Investment
Committee Co-Chair