Corporate Presentation – ATF Group AG

Corporate Presentation – ATF Group AG
About ATF Group AG
Objectives and Investment Focus
Markets and Industries
Our Investments
Contact Information
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ATF is a Switzerland-based
independent Multi-Client Family
Office and investment company
We take care of the wealth of our far-branched
family Wiget / Riddell / Merina
ATF was founded in 2007 by François Wiget,
Chairman and main shareholder.
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Our activities are aligned to the following
Long term wealth preservation and
Protection against inflation, hedging against
political, currency and economic risks
through global diversification.
Income orientation, focus on stable longterm operating cash flows.
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Investment Focus
We are active in the following fields:
Direct investments in Private Equity,
Venture, Startups, capital and debt.
Income properties, commercial properties,
hotels, residential and luxury real estates.
Alternative real value investments such as
fine art (classical modern art from 18501970), antiques, farm- and forestland,
wineries, horse breeding (dressage and
racing horses), patents, licenses.
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Direct Investments
Our specialization are high income direct
investments in Switzerland and in growth and
frontier markets ,following an opportunistic
We look for the following:
Minimum ROE p.a.:
6% for real estates as long term investment
15% for real estate as development projects
20% for Wind- and Solar park development
30% for consumer goods (production &
40% for commodity production & trading
Positive cash-flows as of year 3 after
investment closing
Low economic risk through high margins
and high consumer demand businesses
Full payback of investment within 5 years
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Markets and Industries
We take an active role as shareholder and
executive board member in all our investments.
Were work closely in cooperation or joint
ventures with strong local partners. Our
geographical focus is in the following regions:
Switzerland and EU
Gulf region: Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi
Arabia, Iraq, Kurdistan, Iran
Africa: Sub-Sahara and Madagascar
CIS / CEE: Russia, Poland, Serbia, Turkey
Central Asia: Tajikstan, Mongolia, Indonesia
Our activities includes the following industries:
Natural Resources
Renewables Wind & Solar park construction
Food & Beverage production & distribution
of own Mineral Water & Champagne
Banking & Insurance Brokerage
Consumer Goods
IT / Technology
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Our Investments
Mercurius Resources Ltd., UK
Investing in Africa, Madagascar and MiddleEast, Iraq- Kurdistan
Gold, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Silver, Diamonds,
Crude Oil - with projects in Ghana, Burkina
Faso, Guinea, Morocco, Cameroun, Gabon,
Zambia, Côte d’Ivoire, Botswana, Lesotho,
Iraq-Kurdistan, Iran and Cacao in
Madagascar and Côte d’Ivoire
Social responsible project development in
exploration and production (fair trade)
Revenues of CHF 1’500 Mio. expected in
2017, ROE > 50%
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Our Investments
Aquawell Group AG, Switzerland
High mineral water quality and output of 6l
-18l/sec, report from
Distribution agreements in place (China &
Middle East). Former Nestlé Water sales
team to execute distribution in the U.S. of
our premium brand "St. John's Mineral
Plant in Kosjeric (Serbia) under construction
Start of production 2015
Revenues of CHF 25 Mio. in 2017
ROI > 40%
Last financing round realized in 2013
IFRS book value CHF 9 Mio.
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Our Investments
visaVento Holding AG, Switzerland
Swiss Holding with Wind- and Solarfarms in
Poland, Project Portfolio over 410 MW
Production costs of 4 cent per kWh (60%
lower than in Germany and 80% lower than
in Switzerland), ROE above 25%
Experienced management team has
planned, built, operated and sold over 64
MW-Windfarms in Poland
117 MW fully permitted and ready to build
Strong partnerships with key-players in the
energy market (Rating AA – AAA) as buyers
in place
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François Wiget
President of the Board of Directors / CEO
François Wiget covers 25 years of experience in
asset management as portfolio manager and in
investment banking as FOREX trader and senior
corporate finance banker. He worked for 16 years
as an executive in the corporate banking world,
followed by engagements as founder of and
adviser to finance and energy related companies.
His special subjects are private equity, M&A and
real estate transactions.
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Contact Information
ATF Group AG
Seefeldstrasse 124
CH-8008 Zurich
Phone +41 43 243 82 01
Fax +41 43 243 82 06
[email protected]
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Lettenstrasse 9
CH-6343 Rotkreuz/ZG