Welcome to the Financial Aid Info

Welcome to the Financial Aid
Info-Session at Cosumnes River
College. As you go through this
presentation, you will gain a
greater understanding of the
financial aid policies, procedures,
and timelines.
File FAFSA Online
Electronic File is downloaded for processing
E-mail or Letter is sent to you
Log on to “My CRC Aid”, download, print, and
submit all required documents to our office
File review and award process takes at least 6-8 weeks
from the date you submit all required documents
LRCCD OneCard is requested after you have completed
your on-line Info Session for CRC
Receive LRCCD OneCard in 7-10 business days after
we request a card for you
Activate your LRCCD OneCard
Select one of the following options to receive your
1. Open an OneAccount
2. Direct Deposit to your checking account
3. Paper Check
Additional documents are requested for your file if applicable
Award Notification sent when file has been
If you are eligible for financial aid, the college
will disburse funds to Higher One within
approximately 10 days from the date your award
notification was sent to you
Higher One processes funds via option
you selected when you activated your
Important facts about the Los Rios Gmail
• Los Rios Community College District provides its
students with an e-mail service called Gmail.
• Financial Aid will contact you through this email (Gmail)
• Note that although you may already have your own
Google or other Gmail accounts, the only way you will
be able to receive official Los Rios messages are through
your Los Rios Gmail account.
Set up your Gmail account at: https://apps.losrios.edu
1. Check your status on-line at My CRC Aid.
2. Visit our Financial Aid Office with a valid
government issued picture ID or Los Rios Student
Access Card.
 We DO NOT release personal information or your
file status over the phone.
Go to www.crc.losrios.edu.
Click on the “Support Services” heading.
Scroll down and click on the “Financial Aid” subheading.
Click on “My CRC Aid” logo or click the link located on the left
side of the screen.
5. Under the login box, click on the “First Time User” link.
6. Enter student ID number without the W.
7. Follow directions to create security questions, answers, and a
pin number.
 BOG Fee Waiver – waive enrollment fee
charges for the entire academic year
(Summer, Fall, and Spring).
 BOG applications are available online at:
 You may also submit a paper BOG Fee
Waiver application to our Financial Aid
 The BOG Fee Waiver must be completed every year during
registration for the upcoming Summer and/ or Fall terms.
 BOG Fee Waivers are for California residents and AB540
 BOG Fee Waivers does not require repayment.
 There are three ways to qualify for a BOG. For more
information, please go to:
 If you have paid your enrollment fees and now qualify for a
BOG, you must complete a Fee Refund Application with the
Business Office (Casher Window)or apply for a refund through
your eServices account before the last day of instruction for the
semester in which you are requesting a refund.
 You are limited to 12 (fulltime) semesters of
Pell Grant eligibility (subject to legislative
 Plan your program of study accordingly to
enable successful completion within this time
Students must complete their FAFSA and submit the GPA
verification form to the California Student Aid Commission.
There are 2 deadlines for applying for the Cal Grant; March 2nd
and September 2nd. The September 2nd deadline is only for
students enrolled at a community college. For more
information about Cal Grants go to: http://www.calgrants.org/
 If you are awarded a Cal Grant, our office will
download your grant information from CA Student
Aid Commission.
 We will verify your eligibility and award the Cal
Grant when your financial aid file is completed and
when the CA Budget is approved/passed.
You must also meet the following requirements:
 Be Federally eligible
 Be enrolled at least half-time in an eligible program at CRC
 Have remaining unmet financial need
Federal Work Study is a program that allows you to
work on campus, gain experience and get paid for it.
You can complete a request at the Financial Aid office after you
have received your award notice. FWS is awarded on first come
first serve basis until funds run out.
You must also meet the following requirements:
 Be Federally eligible
 Be enrolled at least half-time in an eligible program at CRC
 Be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP)
 Have remaining unmet financial need above and beyond
grant eligibility
Note: FWS students should
obtain a copy of the FWS
student handbook which is
available at the CRC
Financial Aid Website.
 Students who are under 22 years old and are
or were in foster care after the age of 16
may inquire at the financial aid office about
additional grants and other opportunities on
 For information about the Chafee grant for
current or former foster youth, please visit
the following website:
Federal Direct Student Loans will be considered only after
you have received an award notification and all grant
eligibility has been determined.
You must also meet the following requirements:
 Be Federally eligible
 Be enrolled at least half-time in an eligible program at
 Be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP)
 Have remaining unmet financial need above and beyond
grant eligibility
 For steps to apply for a loan, click on the link below:
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is:
 Maintaining a minimum of 2.0 (college)
Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) and
 Completing 75% of units attempted
 Having not completed a degree, attempted 72
or more units , or attempted more than 150% of
the units required for a certificate program.
Depending on your academic performance, you will fall
into one of two academic standings:
• Good Standing: Maintaining SAP. You are eligible to receive financial aid at CRC.
• Dismissed: Not maintaining SAP. You are not eligible to receive further
financial aid at CRC.
Maintain Progress - Complete at least 75% of units attempted :
Progress Percentage Calculation
(Total Units With “W”, “I”, “F”, “NC” and “NP”)
(Total Units Attempted)
Must Be 25%
or less*
* Subtract this unsuccessful completion rate from 100% for the successful completion
rate .
2. Maintain Minimum of 2.0 cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) =
Grade “C” or Better :
Grade Point Average Calculation
(Total Grade Point Earned)____
(Total Units Attempted)
Must Be 2.00 or Better
Pace – Meet maximum Time Period or Unit Total toward program completion :
Completion of degree, certificate program or 150% of program length,
whichever occurs first.
Students who have been determined no longer
eligible to receive aid due to unsatisfactory
academic progress may be offered the opportunity
to appeal. Your appeal must address the reasons
for each incident/term in which you did not
maintain satisfactory academic progress and your
plan to meet SAP during the current and future
• Students who have been determined no longer
eligible because they have completed a degree
(including a foreign degree), attempted 72 or more
units, or have attempted more than 150% of the
units required for a certificate program (attempted
units include completed units from other colleges)
may be offered the opportunity to appeal.
• Students who have attempted 120 units are not
eligible for financial aid at CRC and cannot submit
an appeal (May apply for a BOG Fee Waiver Only, if
If you are male, between the ages of 18 through 25 and living in
the United States, you must register with Selective Service.
 You may register at any U.S. Post Office
 You may also register online at
Men 26 and Older can no longer register with selective
• You must complete a Selective Service Exemption
Request form with CRC.
• You will be asked to submit:
• Documentation and/or a Status Information
Letter from Selective Service
For more information on men 26 and older, go to:
Submit official transcripts for all other colleges
attended outside the Los Rios Community
College District to the CRC Admissions and
Records Office.
 You must declare an eligible Educational Goal with the Admissions
 An undecided Educational Goal is not eligible for financial aid.
 Some certificate programs offered at CRC are not eligible for
financial aid. For a list of ineligible certificate programs go to:
Transfer to 4-Year after AA/AS
Transfer to 4-Year w/o AA/AS
Earn AA/AS Degree w/o Transfer
Earn A Voc Degree w/o Transfer
Earn A Vocational Certificate
Students who enroll in a program of
study after July 1, 2012 must have a:
• High school diploma
• Passed High School Proficiency Exam
* Students who are already enrolled under the ATB or 6
units college coursework provisions will retain
 Processor for the U.S. Department of
Education selects files for verification
 CRC Financial Aid Office may select a file for
 Files may be selected for verification at any
 Repayment is required for any over awarded
or ineligible portion of FA received as a
result of the verification process
 Keep a current mailing and e-mail
address at all times with the
Admissions Office and the
Financial Aid Office
 Any mailing or e-mail address
discrepancies must be corrected
 Activate your Gmail account
 Financial Aid and Admissions Office
 Driver’s License/ID
 Social Security Card
 Immigration Cards/Papers (DHS)
 You cannot receive financial aid from two or
more schools during the same time/period.
 If you have listed multiple schools on your
FAFSA, you will want to make sure to contact
the schools you will not be attending and close
your file to prevent them from claiming the
funds you will need at CRC.
 If you are paid at multiple schools you will be
billed. Your account will be forwarded to the
US Department of Education or a State Agency
for collection.
You must complete a Consortium Request Form if you want us
to consider funding courses taken at another Los Rios
Community College District (LRCCD) campus (SCC, FLC, or
ARC). You will not be automatically funded for courses taken
outside of CRC. The following requirements must be met:
 The classes must be required for your educational program of
study at CRC.
 The request form must be certified and signed by a CRC
academic counselor.
 The request form must be submitted by the deadline listed for
each term.
 You may complete the Consortium for waitlisted classes,
however you will not be funded until you are enrolled in active
Disbursements are based on the
number of units for which you are
currently attending and/or
completed with an earned letter
Late starting courses will not be
funded until they have started.
Waitlisted courses will not be
Fall and Spring Enrollment Status:
Full-time status (FullX)
Three -quarter time status (3/4X)
Half-time status (1/2X)
Less than half-time status (<1/2X)
12.00 or more units
9.00 — 11.99 units
6.00 — 8.99 units
0.01 — 5.99 units
Example: Award Proration based on enrollment status for a semester.
$ 1000
$ 500
3/ 4 - X
$ 250
1/ 2 - X
Unless otherwise noted, initial awards are based
on full-time enrollment and will be adjusted to
actual enrollment prior to the second
You may be eligible to receive a Pell Grant in
the summer semester. Pell Grants are awarded
based on your enrollment status in each
semester of an academic year.
Summer Enrollment Status
6.0 or more units
4.5 – 5.99 units
3.0 – 4.49 units
Less Than 1/2-Time
Less Than 3.0 units
A summer award depends on whether or not you were
enrolled full-time or part-time in the fall and spring
Example #1
Award Received
Already Received Maximum Awards
No Remaining Eligibility for Summer
Example #2
Award Received
Three Quarter-Time
May be Eligible for Summer if Enrolled
• On the scheduled Recalculation Date for each
term, your financial aid eligibility will be redetermined based on units you are enrolled as
of that date.
If you have reduced your
enrollment, your award will be recalculated to
determine what percentage you must pay back
to the financial aid program(s).
increases will likewise be calculated for
enrollment increases, if applicable.
• Courses added
after the recalculation date
will not be counted or increase your financial
Example: You received a 1/2X award and
you dropped below 6 units as of the
Recalculation Date. You will be required to
repay an amount based on the following
Pell Grant (1/2X award received)
Pell Grant (less than 1/2X award)
Repayment owed to Pell Grant
- 350.00
$ 650.00
Completing the semester with
only “F”, “W”, “I” “NC” and
“NP” grades will be evaluated.
You may be billed for the
unearned portion of financial
aid received.
• We may require you to verify any information provided on
the FAFSA to resolve conflicting information.
• If we find that you failed to disclosed information, the
processing of your file will be delayed until you submit the
required documentation.
• If you purposely give false or misleading information, while
applying for financial aid, disciplinary action will be taken.
• You are responsible for completing and submitting all
information for your financial aid file by the published
deadlines for each term. For a list of Financial Aid
Deadlines, go to:
Cosumnes River College has a
variety of support services available
to assist students with career
decision-making, problem
resolution, and goal achievement.
We encourage you to visit the
following website for more
information on programs and
services that are available to assist
you as you pursue your academic
Here is a list of a few of the many
programs and services offered at
Labs (Computer, Accounting,
Reading/Writing Center)
Transfer Services
Tutoring Center
Veterans Services
• Log on to “My CRC Aid”, provide the date you completed
the Info-Session under the “Apply On-line” tab. Make sure
to use the mm/dd/yyyy format.
• Click the “Submit” button after you have entered the
• Completing the Info-Session serves as your intent to
receive Financial Aid from Cosumnes River College. You
agree to follow the CRC financial aid polices, procedures,
and timelines. You also acknowledge and understand your
responsibilities as a CRC financial aid student.