Acute Medical Assessment Unit Dept., MRH,
The AMAU department is located on the First Floor (Level B) of MRH Mullingar.
Profile of Services:
AMAU is a 6 Bedded Unit that treat Patient’s with Acute Medical problems which are
not immediately life threatening.
The bulk of the AMAU referrals came from Emergency Dept., (ED)
from 11:00-17:00. There is also direct GP access to the unit.
Medical cover is provided by SHOs & Medical Registrars backed up by the on-call
Medical Consultant Physician. We have dedicated slots in Cardiology, Respiratory &
XRay with priority reporting on deliver of diagnostic tests to accelerate diagnosis &
treatment. The aim is to discharge most patients but a small percentage do require
Hours of Business:
Monday to Friday: 08.30 hours to 20.00 hours inclusive
Excluding Bank Holidays
Contact Details:
Nursing Lead AMAU:
Ms Martina O’Toole
Telephone: 044 93 94370/9394371
[email protected]
Clinical Lead AMAU:
Dr Mark Sheehy
Telephone: 044 9340221
[email protected]
Effective from April 2014