Religious attitudes and Differences 600 BCE to 600 CE

Religious attitudes and Differences
600 BCE to 600 CE
Key parts of the DBQ
• Must have an acceptable thesis
• Must address all of the documents and demonstrate
• Must support thesis with evidence from all the
• Must analyze point of view in at least three
• Must analyze the documents by grouping them in
three or more ways
• Must identify and explain the need for one other
type of document or source
The Prompt
• Analyze similarities and differences in
religious attitudes and traditions from 600
BCE to 600 CE. Identify an additional
document and explain how it would help
your analysis of religious attitudes and
• Analyze similarities and differences in
religious attitudes and traditions from 600
BCE to 600 CE.
• Must answer the question
• Must speak to similarities and differences
• For analytical thesis, must give reasons for
• Must identify the time period in the thesis
• Documents must be in at least three groups
• Use your groups to support your thesis
• With this prompt, would suggest groupings by
similarities and differences
• You may easily have more than three with this prompt
• Remember that documents can be used in multiple
• A group is comprised of at least two documents
• When referring to a document in your writing
start the sentence with the documents name and
end with document’s number in parenthesis
• Plato states ………………………………………………….(doc.4)
Point of view to remember
• Point of view explains why the person might
have a point of view on the topic or what
factors might shape the author’s point of view.
• Must explain why his/her characteristics might
lead to the point of view, or why the author’s
point of view might be affected by the intended
audience or his/her intention in writing the
• Include point of view when discussing the
document in your group paragraphs
Missing document
• Suggestion to place it right after your
opening paragraph so as not to forget it
Essay outline by paragraphs
Opening paragraph with thesis
Missing document paragraph
Group 1 paragraph supporting thesis
Group 2 paragraph supporting thesis
Group 3 paragraph supporting thesis
Restatement of thesis paragraph
Suggestions for possible groups
• Similarities in interest in the afterlife
• Differences in emphasis on the afterlife vs. emphasis on
human relations/societal order
• Differences in views of Supreme Being as one god,
multiple gods, or universal spirit
• Similarities in the concept of a human soul
• Differences in views of the afterlife
• Differences in views of relationships between humans
and Supreme Beings
• Differences in universalizing vs. ethnic religions
• Differences in views of the qualities that characterize
spiritual figures
• Similarities in seeing spiritual figures as having qualities
that are superhuman
Suggestions for missing document
• Document from a religious person who
describes reactions to another religion—to get
the perspective of someone who lived in the
time period but did not share the religious
belief described
• Document from an ordinary person—all
documents are from religious/philosophical
leaders or official sources
• Document from a civilization in the Americas to
better document the range of similarities or
differences among religious groups