Department of Business
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Prof. Dr. Thomas Steger
SYLLABUS - Practical Course Accompanying the Lecture
“Human Resource Management” - WS 2014/2015
(Last updated: October 24, 2014)
Christina Beisiegel, M.Sc. ([email protected])
Dipl.-Soz. Madeleine Dietrich ([email protected])
Thomas Maul ([email protected]) (until December 2014)
Andreas Goldhofer ([email protected]) (starting January 2015)
David Trisl ([email protected])
Course documents
Supplementary course documents can be viewed on the department's home page and,
starting mid-October, also in GRIPS.
Enrollment into groups
The enrollment into groups is binding and is done via LSF.
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Monday, 6 - 8 pm
Monday, 6 - 8 pm
Tuesday, 8 - 10 am
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Tuesday, 6 - 8 pm
H 26
CH 12.0.19
W 114
W 114
H 20
13 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014
14 Oct 2014
Course objective and contents
Part A:
This practical course will deepen the topics covered in the lecture. Students will discuss
scientific texts and work on case studies. The course aims at teaching the academic
foundations of human resources work and at strengthening competencies with respect to
reading, understanding, presenting and discussing academic texts.
Part B:
In addition, key aspects of general academic work will be taught in the practical course.
Guidelines for academic work (e.g. literature research, formatting aspects of the final
thesis etc.) will be compiled in team work and will provide the basis for writing an
academic miniature thesis.
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Coursework & course grade
This practical course includes coursework assignments given during the semester
("semesterbegleitende Leistungen", abbreviated as "SBL"), whose grades account for 50%
of the overall grade for the course “Human Resource Management”. The remaining 50%
are based on the exam written at the end of the semester, which includes contents from
the lecture and the practical course. The coursework assignments during the semester are
(weighting of the grade in parenthesis):
Part A: (30% of the SBL grade)
Æ Text facilitation including (10%):
• Facilitating a discussion about a given academic text, possibly providing further
information on specific aspects contained in the text
• Audience involvement and creativity are desired
• Time available for text facilitation: 30 minutes
• Team work
Æ Case study preparation & presentation (10%):
• Introducing and applying a case study on the topic of the facilitated text
• Audience involvement and creativity are desired
• Time available for case study presentation: 30 minutes
• Team work
Æ Course participation (10%):
• Evaluation according to quality and variety of class contributions
• Individual evaluation of each student
Part B: (20% of the SBL grade)
Æ Contribution to the guidelines for academic work:
• Preparation and presentation of an assigned topic from the area of academic work
• Prerequisite for having the academic miniature thesis count
• Time available for the presentation of the contribution to the guidelines:
15 minutes
• Team work
Æ Preparation of an academic miniature thesis (20%):
• Writing an academic miniature thesis on a topic covered in the practical course,
following the methods and techniques for academic work (simulation of Bachelor's
• Submission of the printed thesis at the department, room RW(L) 3.09, in addition
to emailing it to the instructor - deadline: February 26, 2015
• Length: 5 pages of plain text plus tables, list of references, appendix, etc.
• Team work
Syllabus | Practical course accompanying the lecture “Human Resource Management” | WS 2014/15 | Page 2
Additional information
• At least two days prior to the practical course, email the following materials to the
respective instructor and to the tutor Thomas Maul:
Presentation of text facilitation
Handout for text facilitation
Presentation of case study
Handout for case study
Case study text
Presentation of contribution to the guidelines
Handout for contribution to the guidelines
At least one day prior to the practical course, documents 2, 4, 5 and 7 will be
added to GRIPS. The other documents will be added after the practical course
session has taken place.
• Reading the base text and the case study text prior to the practical course is
required to actively participate in the course.
• For the presentation, a laptop can be provided upon request. To use this service,
please contact your instructor in a timely manner.
• When communicating via email with your instructor or with the tutors, please
always use your student email address provided by the university.
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