2014 12 11 JOB DESCRIPTION Cloverdale Community Kitchen

Job title
Date Written
Hours Required
Cloverdale Community Kitchen
December, 2014
40 hours
General Job description
The Cloverdale Community Kitchen Director will manage and expand
the efforts of the Cloverdale Community Kitchen to address poverty
concerns in Cloverdale by embracing a social enterprising model.
The role will work to realize CCK’s full capacity to address food
concerns in our community and to provide a space where skills
training and meaningful transitional employment opportunities can be
created for the disadvantaged. The role will create a public,
networking hub for the cloverdale community to work together to
alleviate pvoerty.
Specific job responsibilities:
1. Lead and Coach CCK Team who oversee and direct CCK:
Building a cohesive community of volunteers and leaders are
key to the operation of the kitchen’s efforts.
2. Financial Management: Oversee the expenses and revenue
generated by the kitchen. Explore and develop revenue
generating opportunities with a future goal to making the
kitchen a self-sustaining operation through a social enterprising
3. Fundraising: Identify and apply for grants and be a key player
in the annual Coldest Night of the Year Walk—an annual
community fundraising effort that is presently a fundraiser to
raising funds to support the operations of the kitchen.
Responsibilities will include identifying alternate uses for the
kitchen, within its mandate, so that it is well used and a lifegiving resource to the community.
4. Assist or Lead Meal Preparations: Be generally available for
various meals prepared in the kitchen. Ensure that all kitchen
functions are done well and in keeping with general policies.
Familiarity with large-scale cooking and commercial kitchens is
required, though being a chef is not critical.
5. Define and maintain light-weight operational policies
ensuring that kitchen operations are effective and
compliant: Fraser Health standards, Guidelines for usage,
Maintenance, Insurance, First Aid, Safety and Risk Management,
Volunteer Training and Coordination, Inventory, Purchasing,
Safety etc..
6. Expand Programming: There are opportunities to increase the
reach and capacity of CCK. Exploration, thoughtful research,
and creative initiatives to address poverty will be vital to this
7. Networking with the Community: Be familiar with
community support resources and create an ongoing and
updated list of what is readily available. Attend and be involved
with community events (Blueberry Festival, Santa Clause
Parade, etc.) and associations (Chamber of Commerce,
Integrated Services Committee, etc.) to promote the efforts of
the CCK and to help the community.
8. Hands-on participation in the day-to-day church
activities. CCK is and will remain a core part of PCC’s mission
and there is a dynamic relationship between this effort and the
work of the church.
Working relationships
Who you are
responsible for
CCK volunteers and leaders
Who you are
responsible to
Executive Pastor
Who you work
closely with
Executive Pastor, CCK Leadership Team, CCK
Capacity required
The CCK director will be inspired and knowledgeable to not only
address the immediate needs of people but also address, over time,
the systemic causes of poverty in our community. This person will be
a capable leader able to collaborate with existing leaders and provide
thoughtful leadership and direction to a growing force of volunteers.
Will be a capable manager who is diligent and orderly so that
finances, food and supply inventories, and the operations of the
kitchen is done efficiently and effectively. Will embrace the mission,
vision, and distinctives of PCC. Will have some experienced capacity
that is able to help CCK move toward an expanding and social
enterprising model. Will be comfortable networking and speaking in
the Cloverdale business and organizational community.
Skills required
Well-developed communication skills to lead teams and
volunteers and, potentially, other employees
Capable writing skills to write policies, promotions to advance
CCK, and to pursue grant proposals
Proficient on Windows 7 or 8, Microsoft Office 2010, and online
tools (i.e. Chrome or IE browsers, Facebook, webpage, etc..)
Build and deliver effective employee and volunteer training
Know how to prepare healthy and good food in a commercial
kitchen or know how to work with skilled cooks in a commercial
Proven management skills related to basic bookkeeping,
recordkeeping, purchasing, and budget development.
Degrees or Credentials
Post-secondary degree (BA)
Food safe certified by Fraser Health (or able to attain)
First-Aid certified (or able to attain)
Basic accounting (desired)
Culinary diploma (desired)
Counseling/Social Work Diploma (optional)
 This position will be a staff position at Pacific Community Church
including benefits. The position will be dependent on the
revenues associated with the CCK.
Other comments
We are open to different, creative approaches that can fulfill the
intent of the position. The full time position can be adapted to fit
different employment arrangements. For instance, a team of
two people may want to combine efforts to accomplish the
This position results from a community wide engagement
process that ended in November 2014. We encourage applicants
to read through the consultation report as a way to understand
the role being filled (www.cloverdalecommunitykitchen.ca).
To apply for this position go to our website
(www.cloverdalecommunitykitchen.ca). Download the
employment application and complete. Send the completed
application along with a resume and a letter of introduction
describing why you are a good applicant for the job to the
Executive Pastor ([email protected]).
We will receive applications till Thursday January 15, 2015 with
the hope that the initial collection of applications provides a
suitable candidate. Applications will be reviewed by January 20
and we will indicate to you whether we are interested in talking
further. If a candidate is not found, we will continue receiving
applications until the best candidate is recruited. Ongoing
updates about the recruitment process will be posted on our
website (www.cloverdalecommunitykitchen.ca).