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Issue 5/2014
Monash careers update
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Open Day
harmacy and Pharmaceutical
Business and Economics
Information Technology
rt Design & Architecture
edicine, Nursing and Health
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Important dates
for 2014
Year 10 Independence Day
Thursday, 3 July
Year 11 Inspiration Day
Wednesday, 9 July
Open Day is a chance for your students to speak to Monash staff and
current students about courses and university life. This is also an
opportunity to see the campuses, facilities, clubs, support services
on campus accommodation and get a feel for life at Monash.
Saturday, 2 August 10am – 4pm
Berwick and Peninsula campuses
Sunday 3, August 10am – 4pm
Caulfield and Clayton campuses
Parkville campus will have an Open House on Sunday 17 August.
For more information, visit the Open Day website
Brilliant begins now
Open Day
Saturday, 2 and Sunday, 3 August
Extension information evening
(for study in 2015)
Wednesday, 15 October
Monash Information Evenings
Monash is running a number of
regional information evenings for
students and parents.
Mark your diary for these 2014 dates:
14 August
Each evening covers:
25 August
The VTAC application and selection process
27 August
Course offerings
2 September
Scholarships and fees
SEAS and the Monash Guarantee
9 September
Sessions commence at 6.30pm
For more information and to register, please visit
Upcoming events
Year 10 Independence Day
At Monash Seminar
Students have the chance to explore their future study
options at Year 10 Independence Day.
Throughout the day, students will participate in fun
and interactive sessions aimed at investigating current
passions and discovering new interests, as well as
building skills that can assist in the successful
navigation of the senior years of secondary school.
The At Monash Seminar Series provides an
opportunity for students, parents and secondary
school teachers to gain an insight into courses and
careers in a broad range of fields across the faculties
and campuses of Monash University.
Date: Thursday, 3 July
Time: 11am – 3.30pm ( light lunch provided )
Location: Clayton campus
Each seminar is unique to the faculty or discipline but
all will include an overview of the area, current student
and graduate perspectives and ample time to pick up
course information and ask individual questions of the
speakers and faculty representatives.
Places are strictly limited. For more information about
the day and to register, visit:
Seminar times for June
Thursday, 26 June
Business and Economics
Wednesday, 16 July
Year 11 Inspiration Day
Students looking for that spark of motivation are invited
to attend Year 11 Inspiration Day.
Taking place at Monash Caulfield, students will experience
a global university campus, and discover how the course
they choose can make a difference to their life – and the
lives of others.
Seminars commence at 6.30pm and finish at 8pm.
To register, visit
Date: Wednesday, 9 July
Time: 11am – 3.30pm ( light lunch provided )
Location: Caulfield campus
Places are limited. For more information about the day
and to register, visit:
Faculty updates
Faculty of Education High
Achievers Evening
The Faculty of Education recently
celebrated the achievements of 36
high-achieving VCE students who
achieved an ATAR of 90 and above,
and commenced an undergraduate
education course in Semester 1, 2014.
The students and their families
celebrated their achievements with
Professor John Loughran (Dean,
Faculty of Education) on Thursday,
1 May at the Faculty of Education
High Achievers Evening.
The evening also included two
guest speakers – fourth year
education student Julia Robertson,
and second year education student
Jimmy Rizos. Both Julia and Jimmy
are high achieving students, so it
was great for first year students to
hear such positive and inspiring
stories about their education studies
and school placement experiences.
Aidan Stewart attended the evening.
He received an ATAR above 90 in
2013 and is now studying the
Bachelor of Education (Special
Education) at Berwick. “I have a
passion for working with children
and providing additional care for those
who need it in their development
as students”, Aidan explained. Aidan
continued about his experiences in
the Faculty of Education. “I have
found the Faculty of Education to be
supportive during my transition into
university life and experienced in the
knowledge and skills being passed
onto myself and my peers”.
The Faculty of Education at Monash
is looking forward to welcoming
students in 2015 into the new
Bachelor of Education (Honours)
course. Information about the
course can be viewed at
Professional Development
for teachers
The Faculty of Education Dean’s
Lecture Series links the broader
community with thought leaders
and internationally renowned
experts. It includes a series of
thought-provoking lectures that
discuss and debate key issues
in education.
The Dean’s Lecture Series is a
free event and open to the public.
Complimentary light refreshments
will be served from 6pm and the
lectures commence at 6:30pm.
Register your interest to attend at
*Letter of attendance for professional
development purposes can be provided
upon request*
Upcoming lectures
Health and Physical Education and
the Australian Curriculum: Full of
holes; Full of potential? – Professor Dawn Penney
Tuesday, 24 June
Building A, Level 4, Room A4.41
Peninsula campus
Monash Science Stories
Monash Science is home to
teaching and research at the
forefront of its field – the work of
its people changes lives, shapes
our conversations and provides
new ways to view and understand
our world. Their work – exploring
the ways atoms behave,
understanding the inside of stars,
conserving waterways, cultivating
cures for disease, studying
behaviour – doesn’t just take
place in a lab or the class room.
Monash Science Stories is a
digital platform devoted to
portraying via words and video,
the rich tapestry of human stories
that form the heart of the Monash
University Science community.
If your students love discovery
and asking questions they may be
interested to find out more about
a science degree from Monash
could take them. New stories will
be added to this site throughout
the year.
Please visit
Progressive Sexuality Education:
The Conceits of Secularism – Associate Professor Mary Rasmussen
Tuesday, 26 August
Building 6, Level 1, Room 173
Clayton campus
Science Stories website
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science
Students and their parents can discover our courses, tour
the facilities, meet staff and students, speak to groundbreaking researchers and join in on the fun activities from
the number-one ranked university for pharmacy in the Asia
Pacific region.
Parkville campus Open House
The Parkville campus (home to the Faculty of Pharmacy
and Pharmaceutical Sciences) will hold an ‘Open House’
on Sunday, 17 August from 10am – 3pm. Pharmacy and
Pharmaceutical Sciences will also be represented on Open
Day at the Clayton campus on Sunday, 3 August.
For more information, visit
or call 03 9903 9594.
Business and Economics
Bachelor of Business Administration
A degree in business administration gives students
the skills needed to operate effectively in business
and economics, or marketing. These majors have been
selected for their strong employment outcomes for graduates.
So whether students plan to manage their own projects,
run their own business, or work in a large corporation,
the Bachelor of Business Administration provides a solid
grounding in all aspects of business management
and strategy.
The Bachelor of Business Administration at Monash offers
the opportunity to gain a business qualification from a
world-class university, without the required Year 12 maths
prerequisites of other business courses.
Students in this program experience the same benefits
as other Monash business students, including internships,
overseas study options and access to excellent facilities
and teaching staff.
As part of the program, students are given the opportunity to
study an extended major in one of three key business areas,
giving them additional knowledge in their chosen field of
specialisation. Available majors include accounting, finance
for more information or call Sandra Laurence on
03 9904 7095 or email [email protected]
Monash Art Design &
Concrete – showing at Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA)
Computer Games Boot Camp
(CGBC) 2014
Concrete: a solid state, a
construction material, something
which is known or true.
MUMA’s second exhibition for 2014,
Concrete brings together the work
of sixteen artists, both Australian
and international. The exhibition
explores the concrete, or the solid
and its counter: change, the flow
of time. As we prepare to mark the
centenary of the First World War,
the exhibition considers the impact
of time upon built and monumental
form, reading between materiality
and emotion, form and memory.
Monuments reflect a desire for
commemoration, truth, honour and
justice. Equally, they may function to
consolidate political power and
national identity. Works in the
exhibition locate the monumental
in relation to longer cycles of
construction, displacement and
erasure; archaeology, geology and
paleontology; the shifting politics
of memory and ways to describe
a history of place.
We look forward to welcoming you
and your students to MUMA.
Exhibition date: 3 May – 5 July
Location: Ground Floor, Building F,
Caulfield campus
For more information, visit
or call 03 9905 4217
MUMA is open: Tuesday – Friday
10am – 5pm; Saturday 12 – 5pm
This seven day event is for
students in years 9 to 12, and
gives them an opportunity to
experience everything connected
to computer games and
information technology.
Students learn from experienced
industry professionals, talk to
like-minded individuals and
can expand their networks by
participating in workshops,
tournaments, presentations
and activities.
If your students are interested in
multimedia, designing or playing
games, or looking towards a
career in IT, this event is for them!
Date: Saturday, 5 July – Friday, 11 July
Location: Clayton campus
For more information and to
register, visit the website:
Igor Grubic, Monument (work in progress) 2014, video still.
3D Oculus Rift device
Course updates
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Interviews for interstate and New
Zealand applicants will be held on
28 and 29 January 2015.
The UMAT and ISAT are not
required for entry for 2015 and
beyond for the Bachelor of
Physiotherapy (Honours)Interview
is still a requirement and will be
offered based on applicants’
academic record. Interviews will
be conducted in January 2015.
Graduate Entry MBBS
From 2017, at least 50 of the 75
places available into the Graduate
Entry MBBS, will be reserved for
students who have completed the
Monash University Bachelor of
Biomedical Science. Generally, only
students who start a first year
undergraduate biomedical science
degree at Monash University will be
considered eligible for entry via the
direct pathway into Graduate Entry
Medicine at Monash University.
Bachelor of Radiography and
Medical Imaging (Honours)
An interview has been introduced as
an extra requirement for entry into
the Bachelor of Radiography and
Medical Imaging (Honours).
Applicants will be invited to attend
an interview in January based on their
academic performance. Interviews
will be held over 6 – 9 January, 2015
and will involve 4 MMI (Multiple Mini
Interview) stations.
Bachelor of Nursing
(Community Health)
The Berwick campus will no longer
have an intake for the Bachelor of
Nursing (Community Health) tag
and will become the Bachelor of
Nursing from 2015. Applicants
should be aware that if looking for
the Berwick course when applying
through VTAC, that it will be listed
under Monash University’s Bachelor
of Nursing together with the Clayton
and Peninsula campus programs.
Direct Entry MBBS
Monash University is the only
Victorian university that offers Year
12 students who aspire to become
a doctor the option of applying directly
to the Bachelor of Medicine and
Bachelor of Surgery (Honours)
(MBBS) program from school.
The Direct Entry MBBS, offered at
the Clayton campus, has 242 places
for domestic students and a further
65 places for international students.
Interviews for onshore international
students will be held on 21 and 24
November 2014. Interviews for
Victorian domestic applicants
including IB students will be held
from 6 to 9 January 2015.
The remaining 25 places in this
program will be open to students
who have completed the following Monash University degrees:
Bachelor of Biomedical Science
(including double degrees)
n Bachelor of Pharmacy
n Bachelor of Physiotherapy
n Bachelor of Science (Dependent on
the completion of designated units)
Applicants who have undertaken
the above, clearly defined degrees
will not be required to undertake the
Discontinued courses
The following courses will not be
offered from 2015:
Bachelor of Nursing and
Bachelor of Emergency Health
(Peninsula campus). Students
can alternatively study a Bachelor
of Nursing followed by a Master
of Emergency Health, OR a
Bachelor of Emergency Health
(Paramedic) followed by
a Master of Nursing Practice.
Bachelor of Health Science and
Bachelor of Business (Caulfield
For more information regarding any
of the above, please see the flyer
attached to the careers update
email or visit
to download the flyer.
Monash University Onshore
Student Recruitment:
Jodie Altan
Associate Director, Onshore
03 9903 4751
Helen O’Keeffe
Manager, Schools Recruitment
03 9903 4762 / 0439 315 909
Andrea Wintrip
Manager, Programs and
High Achieving Students
03 9903 4810
Adinus Kohnesheen
Student Recruitment Coordinator
03 9903 4758 / 0409 397 653
Ainsley O’Connell
Student Recruitment Coordinator
03 9903 4755 / 0409 663 352
Maxine Day
Student Recruitment Coordinator
(Student and Teacher Engagement)
03 9903 1404 / 0408 460 681
Melissa New
Student Recruitment Coordinator
03 9903 4282 / 0439 760 971
Rachel Ung
Student Recruitment Coordinator
03 9903 4752 / 0419 100 183
Maneesh Prakash
Student Recruitment Officer
03 9903 4737 / 0408 436 847
Daniela Praborini
Monash Extension Program Officer
03 9903 4756
All information contained in this document is
current at time of publication. Monash University
reserves the right to alter this information at any
time – please check the Monash University
website for updates ( Published
June 2014.
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