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Flexiwet™ DST
Versatile wetting and leveling fluorosurfactant
Technical Information
•• Partially fluorinated surfactant blend,
designed to deliver both static and
dynamic surface tension reduction
•• Combines effective wetting, leveling,
anti-block and flow control
•• VOC formulation reducer for
eliminating or reducing the need for
solvents in a formulation system
•• Allows water-based coatings &
finishes to wet oil contaminated
•• Anionic surfactant for use with soft
water in non-acidic systems
•• Use Flexiwet DST to replace or
minimize traditional wetting, leveling
and defoamer additives to optimize
low-VOC architectural coatings
Flexiwet DST is a VOC-free and APEOfree fluorosurfactant blend designed
to work as the only surfactant in
systems where a balance of wetting,
leveling and emulsification is required.
Flexiwet DST has all the dramatic static
surface tension reducing capabilities
of a fluorosurfactant (22 dynes/cm at
0.1% actives) while at the same time
delivering excellent dynamic surface
tension reduction (35 dynes/cm in less
than 200 milliseconds at 0.1% actives.
•• Floor finishes and Polishes
•• Aqueous adhesives
•• Caulks and sealers
•• Paints, Coatings and Industrial finishes
•• Architectural coatings
•• Wood coatings and treatments
•• Inks and Graphic Arts
•• Cleaning and scale removal
•• Precision cleaning
Flexiwet DST provides a combination
of static and dynamic surface tension
reduction properties for applications
where the wetting properties must
develop instantly and yet reach the
lowest equilibrium surface tension
levels possible. Optimized for use in
coatings, Flexiwet DST is effective in
floor finish formulations where good
coverage (wetting into interstices in
the floor), coatings smoothness (rapid
leveling at the air interface) with good
re-wet characteristics in multi-coat
applications is required. In Precision
Cleaning applications, including wafer
polishing and metal cleaning, Flexiwet
DST increases cleaning efficiency
through effective wetting and spreading
of the polishing or cleaning solution
on low energy or oil contaminated
Typical Properties
Amber emulsion
Mild ammonia
Ionic character Anionic
Actives, %
pH (as is)
[email protected]°C
1.10±0.02 g/ml
Boiling Point
Flash point
None (aqueous)
Stable to freezing*
Shelf life
12 months
* Product may separate when thawed after
freezing; thaw/mix thoroughly before use.
Packaging and Handling
Flexiwet DST is available in:
55 gallon plastic drums (Net Wt. 440 lbs)
5 gallon plastic pails (Net Wt. 40 lbs)
Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet
(MSDS) for information on the safe use,
handling, and disposal of this product.
DOT Classification: Non-Regulated
Evaluate at a use rate of 0.005-0.1%
as supplied to improve wetting and
leveling in water-based cleaners, floor
finishes, waxes and polishes. Evaluate
at a use rate of 0.1-0.2% as supplied as
an additive in latex paints for imparting
anti-block and soil resistance properties.
Whether you’re looking for a replacement product or an ingredient for a specific
attribute, give us a call. We can provide assistance based upon your particular
formulation requirements and composition; please feel free to contact us.
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Flexiwet DST
Versatile wetting and leveling
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