2014 Girls and Women in Sports Leadership Conference Flyer

Kelly Stephens-Tysland is a 2004 and 2005 Naonal Champion, 2005 World Champion and 2006 Olympic Bronze Medalist in Women’s
Ice Hockey. Kelly has a Bachelor of Arts in Communicaon and is a Cerfied Strength and Condioning Specialist at Experience Momentum. She is also cerfied in Fellow of Applied Funconal Science and is a Licensed Massage Praconer. She was recruited by
the University of Minnesota where she was instrumental in leading her team to two naonal hockey championships. Just a6er graduaon Kelly was selected to be a member of the 2006 US Olympic Women's Ice Hockey Team, where she earned a bronze medal.
Special Features:
• Breakout sessions featuring panels of outstanding local sports and career women
• Special lunch me acvies
• Special closing speaker
• Outstanding give-aways and door prizes
• Lunch and snack provided
Conference Schedule
7:45-8:30 Registraon
8:50-9:20 Opening Address
9:30-10:05 Breakout Session
10:25-11:00 Breakout Session
11:10-11:45 Breakout Session
11:45-12:15 Lunch
12:15-1:00 Keynote Address
1:00-1:30 Door Prizes
Girls and Women in Sports Leadership Conference
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Registra!on Deadline: January 27rd, 2014 (Space is limited)
For further ques!ons contact, Dan Taylor at
[email protected] or 425-431-6584.
This event is sponsored by the WIAA and WSGBCA
2014 Girls and Women in Sports Conference Presenters
Adia Barnes, Sports Broadcasting, UW Asst. Basketball Coach
Amy Lefotu, Nurse, U. of Oregon and SPU Basketball and Track
Major Angela Gentry, US Army, PLU professor, HS Gymnast, Basketball
Angie McGuire, HS Athletic Director, WWU Basketball, HS Basketball
and Volleyball
Anna Neil, Occupational and Physical Therapy, PLU Track and Field, HS
Volleyball, Basketball and Track
Anna Rabel, Physical Educator, Basketball Official, HS Basketball
Anne Stewart, HS Librarian, Pomona College Cross Country and Track
Becky Lewis, Snohomish County Deputy, Mixed Martial Arts, Eastern Univ. Track and Field, HS Basketball and Track and Field
Beth Marriott, HS Activities Coordinator, EWU Cheerleading, HS Basketball, Cheer, Softball
Cindy Adsit, Assistant Executive Director WIAA, HS Basketball and Track and Field
Joan Bonvicini, Seattle University Women’s Basketball Coach, So. Conn. State Basketball, HS Basketball and Softball
JoAnn Sather, GNAC and Pac 12 Basketball Official, HS Basketball and Track and Field
Katy Wayman-White, Professional Bodybuilder, HS Track and Volleyball
Kayla Burt, EMT, UW Women’s Basketball, HS Softball, Soccer, Track and Field
Kelsey Nagel, Sr. Market Dev. Rep., Concur Tech., U. of Pacific Soccer, HS Soccer, Track and Field
Lindsey Wilson, Sports Psychologist, Iowa State Basketball, HS Basketball, Volleyball and Track
Lisa Marquart, Marketing Consultant, WSU Swimmer, HS Swimmer and Track and Field
Lori Henry, MS PE teacher, Former US Women’s World Cup Soccer Player
Margo Vetersneck, Flight Attendant, UCLA Swimmer, HS Swimmer
Marci McGillivray, OSAA Associate Director, HS Basketball, Volleyball, Softball
Molly Hunsinger, Owner, Crossfit Industrious, UPS Volleyball, HS Volleyball, Track and Tennis
Sally Dow, Healthcare Professional, PLU Soccer, Genetech, HS Soccer
Sarah Karlek, Microsoft Sales, NAIA Softball, HS Softball and Volleyball
Shanna Zolman, FCA Area Rep., Former WNBA player, U. of Tennessee Basketball, HS Volleyball
Shannon Lord, Executive asst. Costco Wholesale, Seattle Majestics Football Player, HS Track and Field
Susie Jarosch, Sports Agent, FCA Area Rep, WSU Basketball, Played Professional Basketball Overseas
Terri McMahan, Highline SD Athletic Director, WWU Volleyball, HS Tennis, Track, Volleyball
Tori Schneider, Seattle Firefighter, UCSB Soccer, HS Basketball and Soccer