Cloud storage EMC Networker datasheet

Data sheet
EMC NetWorker with Colt
Cloud Storage
Benefits at a glance
Offsite backup
vaulting for EMC
AES 256-bit RSA
Colt Cloud Storage in
Local Countries
Multiple storage
policies available to
control the location
and copies of the
This data sheet will help you
understand the benefits of combing
EMC NetWorker with the Colt Cloud
Storage offerings to benefit
yourselves and your customers.
Colt Cloud Storage
Colt Cloud Storage is powered by
the industry proven EMC Atmos
platform. Colt have a unique and
wide footprint in Europe with the
platform currently available in Colt’s
own datacentres in the following
Multiple storage policies are
available allowing you to select the
location of the data you want to store
and the number of copies of that
data stored.
EMC Cloud Backup Option
The Cloud Backup Option enables
EMC NetWorker to use the EMC
Atmos powered Colt Cloud Storage
as a backup target for offsite
vaulting. The Cloud Backup option is
a perfect choice for those who are
looking for an alternative or
complement to tapes. Used in
conjunction with on-premises disk,
quick restores are always available,
and easy cloning to the cloud
eliminated the costs of tape
management. Leveraging AES 256bit RSA encryption, you can rest
assured knowing any data sent
offsite is secure. Bandwidth throttling
ensures that the customer has
control of the network bandwidth
used for backup at any given time.
Customer Benefits
Cloud Storage with datacentres in
their local country.
Customers know exactly where their
data is and how many copies of that
data there are.
Reduced TCO compared to offsite
tape disaster recovery solutions.
Ensures that customer data is
always available for a restore no
matter what happens.
Reseller Benefits
With this solution you can bring your
customers the highest quality data
management, using enterprise-class
tools and services.
This maximises your value-add to
your customers, whilst guaranteeing
you a rich, stable and dependable
Enables cross sell opportunities with
other Cloud Infrastructure Services.
Solution Overview
Here is a high level diagram of how the solution fits together. The Colt Cloud Storage could be in one or more of the
countries mentioned in a previous section:
About Colt
Colt is Europe’s leading information delivery platform, enabling its customers to deliver, share, process and store their
vital business information. An established leader in delivering integrated computing and network services to major
organisations, midsized businesses and wholesale customers, Colt operates a 21-country, 35,000km network that
includes metropolitan area networks in 39 major European cities with direct fibre connections into 18,000 buildings and
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