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June 2014
Volume 14, Issue 6
Relay For Life - Heart of the Basin
THIS! Friday, 6pm - Saturday, 10am
Othello High School Field
In This Issue
This year ’s Relay for Life will be about being together and making
a presence for our cancer patients, families and friends.
Relay For Life
Angelica Lauriano
Celebrates 14 Years at
Podiatry Now Offere
Congrats Grads!
Employee of the Mo
Nurse Teams of the Mo
DIME Award - June
Supporting One
of Our Own
HR Corner
Special Dates
The purpose of Columbia Basin Health Association is to provide equal access to quality health care to
all persons regardless of age, sex, color, ethnicity, national origin, or the ability to pay.
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Relay For Life: Heart of the Basin
Friday, 6pm - Saturday, 10am
Bring your family and tents and camp out with us!
Dinner will be from 7-8pm with games to follow. CBHA will provide water & coolers.
Take a look at what we have planned!
Potluck bbq!
We’ll barbecue your meat, just
bring your favorite sides to share
with others!
Smores by the fire pit
Ladder Ball &
Quarter Back Touchdown
There will be a sign up sheet at the
booth to register to play.
Sno Cones
starting at $1
Angelica Lauriano Celebrates 14 Years at CBHA!
Angelica’s supervisor, Leo Gaeta, says she has grown with the company. She agrees. Angelica
started as a maternity support services case manager in 2000. She worked at that position
while she was getting her bachelor’s degree. She continued on in that capacity for one more
year until she obtained her masters degree in social work. She has worked as a Behavioral
Health Services Specialist ever since.
Over the years Angelica has witnessed lots of changes at all the clinics. “Our management
is constantly striving to improve patient care,” she said. “We are always looking for ways to
expand our patient services. There has been so much change within the MSS department,
everyday is a rewarding challenge.” Angelica stated valuing the commitment to CBHA’s mission
statement on day-to-day work. Over the years she has learned that the “only constant is change”.
Angelica describes herself as a woman who “loves my job”. It is very rewarding for her to witness good outcomes in
the lives of her patients – both physically and mentally. “It is very stressful for families these days,” she said. “Parents are
under pressure to work which leaves less time for their children. The cultural values of growing children often conflict
with those of their parents.” Angelica enjoys the challenge of helping families work through these difficult issues. “It is
very rewarding to see people emerge stronger with an improved quality of life.”
Angelica and her husband, John, are busy raising three sons – ages 10, 8 and 5. “My two older boys are soccer fanatics,”
she said. “They play soccer, follow it on television/radio and can’t wait for the World Cup!” Their dream is to one day play
soccer for Mexico. They recently informed Angelica that they would like to become Mexican citizens so they could play
soccer there! She also tries to support her husband in his dream of building a cattle ranch. “We obtained, and are trying
to train, a couple of border collies to help herd cattle; we also have a couple of horses and close to fifty cows.” Angelica
is a runner. In addition, she does yoga for relaxation.
Keeping Healthy Those Who Feed The World
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podiatry now offered at cbha
Brian Freeman, DPM, was born and raised in Basin City. “I am very familiar with the
Connell, Mattawa and Othello areas,” he said. Dr. Freeman was encouraged to pursue a
career in podiatry by his father who had a friend who was a podiatrist. “I did look into it
and was fascinated by the complexity of the human foot,” he said. “I also like the wide
variety in the types of patients that we see in the clinic treating patients and in the
operating room fixing deformities and traumatic injuries.”
Dr. Freeman received his Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) from Ohio College
of Podiatric Medicine; he did his residency at the Foot & Ankle Medicine, Surgery
and Reconstruction Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Freeman explained that
podiatrists treat all disorders of the foot and ankle, both surgical and non-surgical as well as diabetic foot
conditions and skin conditions of the foot and ankle.
Dr. Freeman works full-time at the Kadlec Foot and Ankle Clinic in Richland. He will be taking a day from his
schedule there to see patients in Othello one day a month. “I’m excited to see patients in Othello,” he said. “My
brother, James, as well as my father live here; I went to high school in Connell.” He will begin seeing patients in July.
Spare time is spent with his wife and five children. He enjoys gardening, woodworking and wake boarding.
Congratulations Graduates!!
Kristin Renae Wolfs
John William Bunch
Eleazar Pruneda III
Parent: Rebecca Wolfs
Graduating from: Othello High School
Future Plans: William O. Douglas Honors
College at CWU to pursue English
Parent: Randel S. Bunch
Graduating from: Othello High School
Future Plans: Seattle Pacific University
Parents: Janie Leal & Eleazar Pruneda
Graduating from: Othello High School
Future Plans: Air Force & Boeing
Benjamin “Bubba”Ruiz III
Martin A “Marty” Garza
Parent: Linda Snyder
Graduating from: Othello High School
Future Plans: WSU to pursue a degree in Crop
Field Management & Ag Business
Parent: Mike Garza
Graduating from: Othello High School
Future Plans: EWU to pursue Criminal Justice
Keestan Andersen
Caleb Stanley
Parent: Janelle Andersen
Graduating from:: Othello High School
Future Plans: BYU provo fall semester and BYU-I
winter/spring block.
Parent: Carrie Anthony
Graduating from: Lind Ritzville High School
Future Plans: Community College then transfer to
EWU to pursue Computer Technology/Schience
Emily Claire Miguel
Parent: Maribel Miguel
Graduating from: Othello High School
Future Plans: The Art Institute of Seattle to pursue
Culinary Art Management
Alec Lauriano
Parent: Flavia Lauriano
Graduating from: Othello High School
Future Plans: CBC then transfer to EWU to pursue
Social Work and become a counselor
To be a model of excellence in patient satisfaction in community and migrant health care and a
community leader in initiating and developing collaborrative relationships.
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Short WorkBio:
Employee of the Month of May
delma bauer
Delma has worked at CBHA since June, 1997. She was a nursing assistant at that time; she
became a certified health care assistant four years ago and is currently in the in-house
MA-C program. She finishes that program in January, 2015 and will take the state exam at
that time. “One of my favorite things about working at CBHA is that we constantly have the
opportunity to learn new things…new software, procedures and techniques,” she said.
Why She Won:
Delma was overwhelmed to learn she had been chosen as EOTM for May. This is the third time she has been chosen and she
“wasn’t expecting it again”. However, her supervisor, Kathy Whitney, said she was the ideal one to be picked. “Delma works
mainly in Connell; however, she offers great support to staff at other sites when she rotates to other clinics,” Kathy said. “She
works hard to make sure her provider is on schedule. She is always professional and helpful; she makes the patients feel
comfortable and relaxed when they come in for their appointments.” Kathy said Delma is excelling in the MA-C program; she
is willing to share ideas on how to help the next group of apprentices for the MA-C program.
The Scoop:
Delma is quick to say that the most exciting thing in her life right now is new grandson, Alekzander, who was born May 15th.
“My husband, Larry, and I now have five grandchildren – three boys and two girls,” she said. “Our youngest child graduated
from high school recently.” Delma continues to be very involved in family and church activities. She still crochets and her
most recent creation, a baby blanket, was made for Baby Alekzander.
Totally Ridiculous Questions:
What is the very, very best thing
about being a grandmother?
Grand Parent Love is so special,
the very best thing is that I can
spoil and enjoy them, and when
they start getting too noisy I get to
return them to their parents!!!
Do you plan to watch any of
the World Cup? If so, who is
your favorite team?
What is your new “must have” item
of clothing for summer?
Little bit of this, a little bit of that!!
dime award recipient
Well if Mexico makes it, Mexico. If not
anybody but Brazil, because that’s
who my son-in-law goes for!! And yes I
will probably watch it with my family.
Nurse Teams of the Month
The DIME award is a staff nominated
recognition award for the
Finance Department.
DIME stands for Driven Individual
Modeling Excellence.
Veronica Cesar
Vanessa Morelos,
Zahra Maldonado and
Karina Marroquin
Debbie Hamm, Patty
Martinez, Janie Leal
and Coral Guzman
To be a model of excellence in patient satisfaction in community and migrant health care and a
community leader in initiating and developing collaborrative relationships.
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2014 Healthy Futures Scholarship Winners!
Diana Campos from Othello High School
Carly Gearheart from Othello High School
Mackenze Mosbrucker from Connell High School
Supporting One of Our Own
CBHA staff at Mattawa recently held a potluck/celebration for a special little boy – Sebastian, son of
Guadalupe Martinez who works in our dental department at Mattawa. No, it wasn’t his birthday but it
was a party nonetheless. The occasion? Sebastian had just received his first wheelchair and he was
so excited at the prospect of more mobility. Sebastian has a condition known as Schizencephaly. He
seemed fine at birth; however his mother became concerned when she noticed he was not moving as
much as other infants and she brought him in to see Miguel Blas-Matus. Subsequent visits to Children’s
Hospital confirmed the diagnosis. Sebastian is three years old now; he is a smart little boy who delights
in the things he can do and doesn’t focus on what he can’t do.
Nieves and Valerie Gomez and Alex Torres organized Sebastian’s party in May which is the national
awareness month for Schizencephaly. In true CBHA fashion, staff came out in force to support
Guadalupe and Sebastian with great food. Sebastian was the recipient of much good will and gifts. He
was delighted with his party as his happy smile shows.
To be a model of excellence in patient satisfaction in community and migrant health care and a
community leader in initiating and developing collaborrative relationships.
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HR Corner
Employee Absence Line
Need to notify your supervisor that you won’t be in today?
❶ Call 488-5250 x 1234 (or any clinic direct line) for the employee absence voicemail.
❷ Leave a message very clearly stating your name, department, phone number, and
reason for absence.
❸ Complete any specific departmental call-in procedures as determined by your
supervisor (if applicable)
Need to leave work early due to illness or emergency?
❶ Speak with your supervisor regarding your need to leave early. Once your supervisor
has been notified and your departure has been approved proceed to step 2.
❷ Call 488-5250 x 1234 (or any clinic direct line) for the employee absence voicemail
❸ Leave a message very clearly stating your name, department, phone number, and
reason for absence.
❹ DO NOT FORGET to clock out before you leave the facility!
Cheryl Gutierrez
Antelia Cantu
Barbara Mies
Modesta Vivar
Veronica Idrogo
Alicia Munoz
Kyle Hogaboam
Richard Bunch
Rojelio Rodriguez
Kevin Hardiek
Shannon Springer
Abraham Martinez
Jonathan Madera
Abigail Suarez
Sidney Puentes
Jon Krupa
Isaac King
Daisy Munguia
Marilyn Eidahl
Alejandra Porfirio
Cyntha DeVictoria
Raul Mendoza
Aleta Cheek
Flag Day
Father’s Day
First Day of Summer
Independence Day