The Messenger ~ January 4, 2015

Rolla Church of Christ Leadership & Staff
All ladies are invited to join the
sewing group this Saturday,
February 7th, from 8am-noon,
in the Overflow Room.
Bring any project and join
the fun and fellowship.
Charlie Bruno
Jeff McKune
A/V & Finance: Joe Graber
Building: Jason Alexander
Campus: Lewis Wiles
Education & Special Needs: Walter Williams
Grounds & Transportation: John Wright
Missions: Terry Hopgood
New Construction: Curtis Baxter
Outreach: Paul Simon
Prime Timers/Widows: Derric Fane
Teens: Kenny Light
Visitors/New Members: Dub Erisman
The following items are
needed by Fair Haven:
Canned chicken
& green beans
Donated items can be placed in the box labeled
“Fair Haven” located outside Tanna’s office.
Clothing Room
Cathy Cassidy
2000 Farrar Dr.
Tuesday & Thursday
September ~ May
9:00 a.m. ~ 11:30 a.m.
Joshua Adams
[email protected]
Thursday & Saturday
8:30 a.m. ~ 11:00 a.m.
Worship Coordinator…....Dub Erisman
Song Leader…...............Daniel Haddock
Opening Prayer………....Mark McNeill
Communion Speaker…....Kelly Bracken
Scripture Reading……..…...Wes Parker
AM Speaker………...……Wade Bower
Shepherd’s Prayer…...…..Andy Cassidy
AV..………....…………..Jeff Cawlfield
Communion Prep…….....Tom Mitchell
PM Speaker………....…..Joshua Adams
Wade Bower
[email protected]
Tanna Roberts
[email protected]
Greeters ~ Feb. 8th
Curtis Baxter
Kim Bower
Don Riley
Moses & Laura Sumpter
Carrie & Hannah Wolfe
February Hostesses
Malcolm Parsley in S. Korea
Kim Voraritskul in Thailand
Mike Knappier
Manos de Amor Orphanage
Quito School of Biblical Studies (Ecuador)
Steve Ashcraft, West Africa
Jean Cantrell
Vicki Hopgood
Rolla Church of Christ
P.O. Box 291
1303 Nagogami Rd.
Rolla, MO 65402
Church of Christ on the Web
Sunday Bible Class.……….....9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship.………..…10:30 a.m.
Sunday Evening Worship…...5:00 p.m.
Wednesday Bible Study..……6:30 p.m.
Linda Collet
Sunday ~ February 8, 2015
Mike Kemnitzer
Loyd Waite
Church of Christ
Day School
Andy Cassidy
Jim Turner
The Messenger ~ February 1, 2015
Harold Brown
Wednesday ~ February 4th
Announcements & Devotional
Kwame Awuah-Offei
Wednesday ~ February 11th
Announcements & Devotional
Andy Cassidy
Russ Hammack
The Kemnitzers
Tom McDonald
Barbara Parker
Dan Vincent
Worship Coordinator...Terry Hopgood
Song Leader………..……..Jim Turner
Opening Prayer………….........Kwame
Communion Speaker……..Paul Simon
Communion Table..……...Young Men
Scripture Reading………....Kirk Davis
AM Speaker………...…...Wade Bower
Shepherd’s Prayer.…......Charlie Bruno
AV Technician…....…Daniel Haddock
Communion Prep…......Kirk Withouse
PM Speaker…...…Family Life Groups
Bus Drivers
Wed., Feb. 4th………….…Wes Parker
Sun., Feb. 8th.........……...Derrel Friend
Family Life Missions
Ken Kendall Ball in Scotland
Fishers of Men, Tim Wilkes
Ruel Eroma in the Philippines
The Trotters, Cambodia
Matt & Sarah Glawe: SIBI
Sunday, January 25, 2015
Bible Class...……………….....…221
AM Worship……….….…….…..295
PM Worship…………….…..…FLG
Wednesday Night…..…....…..…..165
Sunday, January 25, 2015
Monthly Contribution
Actual (Jan)………....…....$28,181.80
Budget (Jan)…………..…$28,072.00
If you asked many Americans what makes today special, they
would answer by informing you that it is Super Bowl Sunday. Millions
upon millions of people will gather around their TVs and watch the Seattle
Seahawks take on the New England Patriots. Both teams have worked
tirelessly to make it to the pinnacle of American Football. Both teams have
done all the right things (and a few wrong ones) to get the opportunity to
play for the Lombardi Trophy and be crowned the best football team in the
world. In the run up to the Super Bowl each team goes through a series of
press conferences to give the media and the fans an inside look at what goes
on behind the scenes. I usually don’t pay much attention to these, but one
stuck out to me this week that motivated this bulletin article. There is a
running back who plays for the Seahawks named Marshawn Lynch. Mr.
Lynch doesn’t do press conferences. He despises talking to the media and
holds a negative opinion of their role in sports. Over and over the National
Football League has fined him for refusing to show up to his mandatory
press conferences. Now that it is the week before the Super Bowl, the NFL
informed Mr. Lynch that they would fine him 500,000 dollars if he didn’t
show up and answer questions. With that new motivation Marshawn
decided to show up, but not in the way the NFL had hoped. For five
minutes he stood there and answered all the questions the exact same way.
Every time they asked him a question he responded by saying, “I’m just
here so I don’t get fined.” No matter the question, it was always the same
answer. It is absolutely miserable to have to be some where you don’t want
to be. Mr. Lynch went because he had to. It was a requirement, and he
didn’t want to face the consequences of not going. I remember a time in my
life years ago when this is why I showed up to Church. I didn’t go because I
wanted to be there; I went because I didn’t want to have to watch football
on Sunday afternoon with an angry wife giving me the silent treatment and
the evil eye every time she walked through the room. Then, over time, for
various reasons my perspective changed. Now the gathering of the saints is
something I greatly look forward to.
Hebrews 10:24–25 - 24And let us consider how to stir up one another to
love and good works, 25not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit
of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the
Day drawing near.
I want you to ask yourself this morning, why are you here? Is it
because you want to be, or because you have to be? The answer is far more
important than you might think.
“A Journey of Transformation:
Afraid of the Dark”
Visitors, we are blessed by your presence with us today and we hope you will give us a chance to visit with you
after services this morning. Information about our congregation can be found in the foyer.
A communication card will be passed out by our ushers at the beginning of the worship service. Visitors and
members are asked to complete the information and then pass it to the inner aisle. There is a place on the back to
share any prayer requests with our elders.
There is an attended nursery in room 9 of the education wing (across the hall from
the front kitchen) for children up to 3 years of age. The nursery at the rear of the
auditorium (entrance is to the right after you exit the auditorium) is also available as a
training room and has a separate room for nursing mothers.
For those who may be interested, we now
provide on-line giving capabilities on our
website using your computer or smartphone.
If you go to our website at,
you can click on the green “Online Giving”
button on the left of the web page to learn
more. We are using a company that follows
industry standard security methods.
We respectfully ask that
all cell phones and pagers
be turned off or put on
“Silent” prior to the start
of our worship.
Gluten free Communion bread is available by speaking to an usher prior to the start of services.
If you need any assistance during our worship service, please see an usher at the rear of the
The Adams FLG (College) will meet. Please  The Spring Banquet will be Sat., March 7th,
speak with Joshua for details.
starting at 5pm at the Havener Center.
The Alexander, Hartman, & Simon FLGs
Please sign up on the bulletin board in the
will meet in the Fellowship Hall immediately
foyer by Wednesday, February 18th, if you
following services this morning.
plan to attend.
The Erisman FLG will meet immediately
 Calendars to purchase at $10 a piece are
after the dismissal of our morning service in
available in the church office.
the home of Dub & Connie Erisman.
The Fane FLG will meet in the home of
Donna Rotar at 5:30pm.
Please sign up on the bulletin board in the
The Hopgood FLG will meet in the home
foyer by next Sunday (Feb. 8th) if you plan to
of Terry & Vicki Hopgood at 4pm.
attend this year’s progressive-style Sweetheart
The Kemnitzer FLG will meet at 1pm in the Dinner to be held on Saturday, February 14th.
home of Terrell & Katy Webb.
Contact Vickie Kemnitzer for details
Members of the McNeill & Williams FLGs
should speak with their leaders regarding
All youth group members are invited to the
The Wiles FLG will meet in the home of
home of Lewis & Liz Wiles on Saturday,
Lewis & Liz Wiles at 4:30pm.
February 7th, at 6 pm, for a devotional and
There will be a 5pm service at the building
singing night. Snacks will be provided.
for those not attending a Family Life Group. Please see Lewis or Liz for more information.
Day School is in need of a music teacher
on Tuesdays from 9:25am - 10:05am.
If you like to sing, enjoy children, and
have 40 minutes on Tuesdays, please
call or speak to Cathy Cassidy.
Children ages 3 through 1st grade wanting to participate in Children’s Bible Hour will be dismissed during the
singing of the song following communion. We ask that a parent be responsible for accompanying the
children to and from Bible Hour.
Please be considerate of our
handicapped members and anyone
arriving late by leaving seats available at
both ends of the last two regular pews
in the back of the auditorium.
Why use online giving?
 You are able to give to our general fund,
the building program, or the youth
mission trip.
 Receipts are automatically emailed to
you for acknowledgment and tax
Everyone is invited to join the singers at:
 You can easily generate reports of your
Rolla Manor Care tomorrow at 5:30pm
donation history, also useful at tax time.
The Rolla Apartments on Tuesday at 7:15pm
 You can setup automatically recurring
weekly or monthly donations – handy if
you travel.
There will be a brief meeting for all LTC
From your smartphone, you can also give
participants who are doing artwork of any
kind on Wednesday, Feb. 4th, at 6:15pm in the directly to our general fund by texting an
amount to give to the following phone
Overflow Room.
number: 573-203-4140, then following the
All Challenge and Pre-Convention Events
link that is texted back to you. Or, you can
need to be turned in by February 11th.
also scan the QR code below to go to the
Bible Bowl will meet at 5:30pm every
smartphone mobile giving app.
Chorus will practice every Wednesday night
following class dismissal.
Puppets (3-6 grade) will meet on Sundays after
morning services in the front kitchen.
Please notify Allison Bruno TODAY if you
plan to attend the convention.
Convention is April 3rd-4th in Kansas City.