vijayanagar sri kris university gar sri krishnadevaraya

Jnana Sagara Campus,Vinayaka Nagar
Cantonment, Bellary 583104
Tel : 08392-242703, 242873
Fax : 08392- 242806
Email : [email protected]
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Vice Chancellor (Acting) : Prof. Shivaprasad K.H.
Registrar : Dr. Katepaga Vijaykumar
Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University (VSKU) is a State University Established
by the Government of Karnataka under the Karnataka State Universities Act 2000. It is a
affiliating university with about 100 affiliated colleges offering both undergraduate
post graduate programs. The university covers the districts of Bellary and Koppal.
The region under the jurisdiction of the university is considered economically and
educationally backward compared to national and state average. Hence the university
endeavors to embark on innovative means of higher education in order to make it both
qualitative and affordable.
VSKU has two post graduate campuses. The main campus, "Jnana
Jnana Sagara"
Sagara is located at
Vinayaka Nagar, Bellary. The campus is spread over an area of about 100 acres, houses
all the key administrative departments of the university as well as 14 post graduate
The second campus "Jnana
Jnana Sarovara
Sarovara"" is located at Nandihalli in Sandur Taluka of Bellary
District. This lush green campus
campus has 10 post graduate courses with adequate hostel
facilities both to boys and girls as well as accommodation to faculty.