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126th In-stall-ment
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All You Need is Love
Well, no – that’s really not ALLyou need. Surely you’ve heard the old
sentimental saying: “Do what you love. Love what you do.” We try to convey that
message in Career Services because it can make for a much happier work life, but
it can be extremely difficult to marry your work with love and your love with
work. It’s tricky business – work is, after all, WORK!
In honor of the heart-filled month of February, we’d like to give you a few little
love notes to consider, while you work toward loving your work (or your college
major). Looking to your values, your skills/abilities, your interests is, of course,
very important. We can always share those lists of “top jobs” – highest paying or
most openings or best future (and we often do!). But here are a few questions to
ask yourself especially if you are struggling with finding a good career match.
If you could change one thing about our world, what would it be?
What is one topic you could talk about with some authority?
What is one thing that makes you angry enough to take action?
Do you generally prefer to lead or follow?
If you could only play one game, would it be solitaire or Go Fish?
What pattern in your life are you sick of repeating? Most proud of?
What do you choose to do when there’s “nothing to do”
Once you’ve answered each one honestly, see if a pattern or two emerges. If so,
there may be a trail there to follow in your search for the love of your work life.
Meet with a Career Counselor and explore your answers!
February 2015
Ask the Wiz
The Wizard of Work answers your
career questions and concerns!
Dear Wiz: Oh be still my heart,
it’s February and I’m still single. I
think it’s time for me to find a
workplace that gives me a better
chance of nabbing a date This
graveyard shift is killing me,
though the pay differential is
great. Is adjusting to a new work
schedule really so difficult?
Dear Night Howl: We will
assume you work 11 pm to 7 am.
Adjusting to the same work on a
different schedule is not quite as
difficult as adjusting to different
work on a different schedule.
These types of work changes may
or may not have a positive impact
on your single life however. Some
researchers say it can take up to 3
years to adjust to new shifts. If
you give a hoot, think b4 u shift!
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Boxes of Chocolates
Our February puzzler brings us back to the funny little valentine boxes that
represent a common saying or phrase.You just need to decipher them! Congrats to
our December winners Taylor Morris & Jacob Heddings and our January winners,
the dynamic trio, aka Cooley & the Gang. Let’s see if we can get a new winner
this month? Get your answers quickly to [email protected] & enjoy a
It’s a Date!
Looking for the perfect match? Set your calendar for a very special date coming to
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Job and Career Fair on the La Plata campus from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Details later!
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