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Gathering of the
Multitudes (GOM)
Calling all ZM, CGL, ACGL, Ministry Leaders!
Join the SPO team as they share the
2015 plan for Covenant EFC today!
Time: 2.30pm
Venue: BPJ Sanctuary
Please inform your ZM or DM if you cannot attend.
Domestic Helpers’
Appreciation Dinner
Bless your domestic helpers by sponsoring them
at our Domestic Helpers’ Appreciation Dinner.
Gospel message, testimonies, and performances
are especially prepared for them on this evening.
Date: 9 Nov (Sun)
Time: 6pm – 8.30pm
Venue: Yunnan Garden Restaurant
Theme: Home Away from Home
Fee: $30 per seat
One-way transport to the venue
from BPJ and WDL Centres will be provided.
Pick up time is 5.15 pm sharp.
All nationalities are welcome.
Tickets are now available at the foyer!
Registration ends on 26 Oct. Employers can volunteer to serve. For more information, visit the booth at the foyer
or email Corrie at [email protected].
IDT 2015
Are you baffled by why you or others stall in your
discipleship journey? Ever wondered how to
identify the root issues and what to do about it?
Join us for a spiritual pilgrimage,
sign up for IDT 2015 today!
Details and application form are on our
church website. For enquiries, email
[email protected] or visit Info Counter today.
Alpha: Why and
how do I pray?
Venue: YMCA Orchard
Dates: 22 Oct (Wed)
Time: 7pm - 9.30pm
Dinner is included.
Registration is free! Register at the venue
on the date itself or pre-register online
at http://mhub.cc/s/2959 .
For enquiries email [email protected].
KidzCamp Registration
Calling all Pr 1 – Pr 6 children! Register with a
pre-believing friend to enjoy a three-day funfilled event in character development activities,
team building games, creative crafts, and prizes.
Volunteers are needed too.
Sign up at the foyer today!
Event Dates: 27 – 29 Nov (Thu - Sat)
Time: 8.30am – 5pm
Venue: WDL Centre
Free transport from BPJ Centre will be provided.
Camp Fee: S$20.00
Children’s registration ends on 2 Nov.
Prayer & Praise
To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an
uprising against the disorder of this world.- Karl Barth
God wants to change our world and He often
does it in answer to our prayers! Get your CGs
ready and hear the testimonies of those who
shine for the Lord in their workplace. Bring your
children ages 7-12 along so they can also learn
to pray at the concurrent children’s segment.
Date: 31 Oct (Fri)
Time: 8pm
Venue: WDL Centre
See you there!
ACKCentre: 2 Kallang Avenue, #10-26, CT HUB, Singapore 339407
WOODLANDS 19 October 2014
SERVICE LEADER Ps Edmund Wong • worship leader Jonathan Chi
Memory Verse
No one has
ever seen God;
if we love
one another,
God abides in us
and his love is
perfected in us.
1 John 4:12 (ESV)
Extending Our Borders
Ps Andy Lew, SE Asia Regional Coordinator and Home Missions Thrust Leader
It’s exciting times in Covenant Missions!
Since we had our Missions Week, God has
been expanding our partnerships within and
beyond our church.
training, disaster relief, children’s ministry,
and medical ministry. About 80 to 90
youths are planning to take part in their first
missions trip through ONE80. Pray that we
can send more trips in 2015 through the
God is bringing more partners with a vision
for discipleship. This year’s IDMC was
Most importantly, we are closer to reaching
participated by 209 missions delegates
our vision of sending 50 Covenant EFC
which is the largest number of missions
missionaries by 2015. Many will be bidelegates so far. Many of these delegates
vocational missionaries - actively serving
came early to participate in our IDMC 101
in missions while remaining in their
and Roots and Wings training sessions,
current vocation. We are pleased that
translated into Bahasa Indonesia and
21 Covenanters have completed the
Vietnamese. We also signed a
Bi-Vocational Training and have
Memorandum of Understanding
begun their missions practicum
(MOU) with GKI-Anugerah in
It is about the
in 5 Thrusts. Additional 48
Bandung during our fifth
simple step of obedience
Covenanters signed up for
Missions Partner Dinner.
to be involved in the Great
Commission, to recognize
Bi-Vocational Training after
With our strategic partner
that God is at work in the
the Missions Week and
Reach Global, we held
world and is calling us
have begun training last 8
a retreat in Singapore
to work with Him,
rather than for Him.
wherein our partner sent 12
missionaries to plan with our
As two short-term trippers
three regional coordinators.
God is also granting more open doors to
“It is not about what we think we are able
love the internationals at our doorstep. The
to do for God. It is about the simple step
Alpha course was conducted in Japanese for
of obedience to be involved in the Great
the first time! Twelve families and twelve
Commission, to recognise that God is at
students in Covenant EFC committed to
work in the world and is calling us to work
befriend 39 new NTU students from China in
with Him, rather than for Him.”
partnership with Fellowship of Evangelical
Students (FES),
“I can hope and place my confidence in
Him that one day I will see the harvest and
More Covenanters are taking part in shortworship the great multitude of people from
term missions. About 200 Covenanters
every tribe.”
have been to China, Philippines, Indonesia,
Thailand, and Malaysia. They took part
May God continue to extend His glory to the
in the overseas Breakthrough Weekend,
Last Week’s Sermon Summary
This Week’s Sermon Outline
Scripture: 2 JOHN 7-13 • Sermon: REV TAN KAY KIONG
True Love
The Apostle John wrote to warn various congregations about deceivers who have gone out claiming to be
Christians. In the first part of his letter, he reminds them that everything must be based on true love.
Two Urgent Ways to Overcome Deception:
Main Points
A. Be Spiritually ____________________. (2 John 7-8)
“watch yourselves …”
A. Our Love Must be Anchored in Truth (vv. 1-3)
1. When John says he loves the church “in truth” (v. 1a) – he’s saying that true love must be anchored in truth.
2. The danger many face is trying to run from truth. We do so through addictions to gaming, pornography, alcohol,
etc. There is a less obvious form which is addiction to social media. It is hard for us to be in anchored in truth if
we have more Facebook time than face time with God in His word.
B. Our Love Must be Attested by Obedience (vv. 4-6)
1. John writes that love is defined by obedience to commands (v. 6a). But it’s not merely obeying commands.
Because then it may end up with us being “religious” rather than in a living relationship with the living GOD.
2. Indeed, John writes in vv. 5b and 6b that the command of GOD is that we love one another. That is the very
basis of true love – for one another – that attests to the reality of Jesus Christ (Jn 13:34 – 35).
B. Be Steadfastly _____________________. (2 John 9-13)
“whoever abides in the teaching…”
GOD’s love is true love because it is based on truth and He acted to secure our freedom to truly love.
Next Week’s Sermon Speakers
26 October - Ps Matthew Lo (BPJ) and Ps Edmund Wong (WDL)
For more details, please go to www.cefc.org.sg.
WDL Centre