Leathams chose Microsoft Dynamics GP due to its - m

Fine foods supplier sees major benefits from m-hance
Dynamics GP installation
A rapidly growing business and an increasing demand for up to date information and more
software functionaility across all company departments prompted Leathams to change to a
new IT solution from food distribution specialists, m-hance
The client
Leathams Limited is an independent company specialising in
the supply of fine foods to the foodservice, retail and manufacturing sectors in the UK and Eire. The company has 170
employees operating from three locations. Nearly 80% of sales
are derived from Leathams’ own national brands.
The issue
Leathams’ existing UNIX based system was struggling to keep
pace with the business’s growth and development. In
particular, It could not provide required improvements in
functionality, particularly with data access and information
supply, telesales, pricing and logistics.
The solution
A Microsoft Dynamics based system was installed with the
help of Food distribution specialist, m-hance. With over 20
years’ experience in the Food sector, m-hance was able to
supply a range of food specific add-on modules and a wealth
of highly relevant implementation and support experience.
Leathams’ choice also meant that they were using core software from Microsoft that had a long term future with a clear
commitment to ongoing R&D investment. The new solution’s
high level of integration with Microsoft Office products, which
were already in wide use internally, was also crucial to
Douglas Dunbar, Financial Director, Leathams Limited is very
satisfied with the outcome: “With the new system installed,
turnover has increased by 78% whilst our staff levels have
remained pretty much the same. There is also a widespread
acceptance in the business that we are significantly more
efficient and certainly better informed.
For more information, please contact m-hance:
t+44(0)161 406 2300 e:[email protected]
The benefits
•Significant sales growth due to improved telesales
especially quick access to information for cross selling, up
selling and targeted promotion activity.
•Improved Vehicle Loading & Journey Planning
“The bottom line is we are using the delivery fleet more
efficiently and also providing our customers with a better service”, says Tony Sherlock, Leathams’ Warehousing and Transport Manager.
•Reduced debtor days
Enhanced credit management software has meant a reduction
in debtor days and early identification of potentially problem
•More informed decision-makers
All users, subject to security permissions are now empowered
to access the data they need to do their jobs effectively. “With
the old system, simple reports could take hours to produce
and the average user could never dream of generating ad hoc
queries and reports - it was always an IT function. Now with a
small amount of training, users easily can do this themselves
and take decisions with the help of quicker, more
comprehensive information”, says Roland Moorcraft, IT
Manager, Leathams Limited.
•Overall productivity improvements across the company
from better, more extensive functionality, improved integration
and faster information supply