Midstream Educational Support Services (MESS) comprises the therapeutic services of
Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists,
Audiologists, Visual Therapy and remedial help. These professionals are located at the
offices of Midstream Educational Support Services at the Bondev Office Park in Midstream.
Midstream Educational Support Services (MESS) bestaan uit ‘n span dinamiese terapeute
wat daarna streef om deurentyd op die voorpunt van die nuutste kennis en tegnologie in
hul onderskeie professies te wees en sodoende die beste moontlike diens aan Midstream
se kinders te kan lewer.
In die era waarin ons leef word daar verskeie eise aan ons kinders gestel. Baie kinders kan
met gemak aan hierdie eise voldoen, maar daar is al hoe meer kinders vir wie dit nie so
maklik is nie. Dit is van die allergrootste belang om enige area wat nie voldoende
ontwikkel is nie, betyds aan te spreek, aangesien die gaping tussen ‘n kind met ‘n
probleem en ‘n kind daarsonder net groter en groter word indien die probleem nie gou
genoeg aangespreek word nie.
Wie behoort te besluit of jou kind enige terapeutiese insette benodig? Jou kind se
onderwyseres kan ‘n waardevolle inset lewer, maar geen formele of informele evaluering
is beter as ‘n ouer se intuïsie nie. Indien jy as ouer dus self twyfel in jou hart ervaar oor jou
kind se vordering, is dit altyd beter om professionele advies in te win.
Remedial education is academic intervention designed to help underachieving students
reach expected skills and competency levels equal to that of their peers. Most
commonly, remedial education comes up in the context of intermediary phase education
(Grade 4 – 9) and aims to provide students with basic skills that were not acquired during
early education.
Our goal is to provide students with the environment and experience they need to help
them achieve their academic potential. Students are evaluated / assessed in order to
obtain a baseline of their existing skill levels, and from this information, an individualised
education plan is then formulated to suit the specific needs and requirements of each
student. Generally speaking, students require either one, or a combination of the
following services:
Language Enrichment:
In this learning area, we focus on spelling and phonic skills, basic reading
comprehension, and expanding on emotional comprehension. These skills form the
foundation of language use and become crucially important during later academic
development – especially for other language-based learning areas like Geography or
Numeracy Development:
Based on our experience, we have come to understand that students underachieve
in Math-related subjects as a result of a combination of skills that were not fully
developed. The reasons for this can range from sensory / motor skill underdevelopment, lack of self-esteem, or it can be as simple as a few basic concepts that
are lacking. Numeracy development therefore follows a hands-on approach. The
curriculum followed by the school is used as a guideline – our focus is on the practical
application and interpretation of the concepts learned in class.
Test Preparation:
Weekly test preparation is essential to every student’s academic achievement. We
have found that students under-achieve in tests, despite having spent adequate time
preparing and studying. Upon analysing their test results, and reviewing their notes,
students often find that their interpretation of the questions in the test itself was
incorrect, and that it is not necessarily due to not knowing the content of the study
material. With this in mind, we present weekly test preparation sessions. The prescribed
material for each subject is discussed, and then interpreted from a question-format
perspective, after which it is structured and summarized accordingly. It is a practical
approach to planning, structuring summaries / notes, and studying for tests and exams.
Natasha Hinsbeeck. (C) 084 291 3174 (E) [email protected]