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March 2014 Newsletter
Y4 Greek Experience
On Monday 24th February Year 4
enjoyed a marvellous Greek Day. The
amazing Time Zone Company arrived at
school and then swiftly transported
Year 4 back to the lives of the Ancient
Classes 9 and 10 were set the challenge
to make their own interpretation of the
argument between the Aetheans and
Spartans as to who should lead the
battle against the mighty Persians.
After a closely fought debate, the
Spartans were given the role of leading
the Greek Army into battle.
N ext , Year 4 wr o te m es s ag e s
translating Ancient Greek into English
and then attempted to translate English
into Greek. (English to Ancient Greek
was much, much harder!)
After that they had a fabulous time
working with beeswax tablets. Here’s
how they worked—a stylus which is a bit
like a needle, was used to scratch
letters and numbers into the soft
beeswax tablet. The children used the
P.E County Finals
stylus and tablet to write sentences
in Ancient Greek. They erased their
writing with the end of their stylus.
This did make the tablet a little
rough to write on.
Year 4 also found time to play Greek
games. Here are just a few: quoit
throwing (we learned to throw the
quoit in a new way), a game a bit like
bowling (just with sticks) and 5 in a
row which was very popular.
All in all it was a great day and a
brilliant start to the term!
Report by Sophie A.
Our Greek Warriors in action.
On Monday 24th February 2014, 29
children from Year 5 and 6 went to
the Sports Hall Athletics
tournament at KLV. There were a
variety of track and field events and
everyone had to take part in at least
one. Barton were competing against
nine other schools in the county to
try and win the finals and be number
They showed great determination
and resilience during the day
putting in lots of effort in events
that they were not strong in.
Barton completed their events
cheering each other on, even though
they were not always at the top.
(Well done to all the children involved. Coming
third is a fantastic achievement and let us not
forget, we are still the top school in Kettering.)
At the end of the day Barton came
in third place and returned to
school with bronze medals hanging
from the children’s necks. They
now have a new challenge for next
year! Report by representatives from Y5/6.
Barton Seagrave Primary School
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Newsletter Date:
7th March
Bits and Pieces
☺ Please be aware that
if a leave of absence
authorisation you may
be referred to the
E d u c a t i o n a l
Entitlement Service.
This may result in a
Fixed Penalty Notice
☺ A polite reminder to
all dog owners that
dogs should not be
brought onto our site
nor should they be
left tied to our gates
you for your cooperation.
Our telephone number is:
01536 722793
Fax: 01536 726671
If you want to e-mail us the address is:
[email protected]
World Book Day
Y2 Sing In
Children and staff had a fabulous day celebrating a
day of reading and books. The morning started with
a whole school assembly where we got the chance to
see everyone’s costumes. All the staff were really
impressed with the efforts the children had gone to
with their costumes. (Thank you parents!)
Earlier this week our Year 2 children went along to
Millbrook Infant school to take part in an inter-school
‘Sing In’ activity. As well as ourselves there were
children from Havelock Infants, Loddington Primary,
Meadowside Primary, Kettering Park Infants and
Millbrook Infants to name but a few.
The children taking part had to learn a variety of
songs which they then had to perform to each other.
Our children performed magnificently and rose to the
occasion, singing our selection of songs with
confidence and enthusiasm.
It was also lovely to hear how well our children
represented our school during the morning. We are
always proud of how well our children conduct
themselves when attending events outside of school
and it is nice when members of the public notice this
as well.
My thanks go to all the staff involved in organising the
event and supporting the children with learning their
Well done everyone!
During the day our children worked through a range
of activities, all linked to World Book Day. These
involved paired reading, music and movement, art,
character description and describing imaginary
creatures. Much fun was had by all and learning
soared! The children also enjoyed working with
different teachers across the school and being in
mixed groups. World Book Day 2014 has certainly
been a day to remember; great activities, lots of
fun, memories that will last and, most importantly,
fantastic learning. We look forward to next year!
School Meals
If you haven’t already done so please could you let
us know your plans for your child’s lunch provision
next year.
It is important for us to know how many children in
Reception and Year 1 will be taking up the Government offer of a free school meal. If you have a
child in KS2 next year we would also like to know
whether or not you will be purchasing a meal for
them. The information that you provide will be
analysed and used to support our case for extra
funding to Northamptonshire County Council. An
electronic copy of the form is attached with hard
copies available from the office. Thank you for you
Diary Dates!
Wednesday 12th March: Glee Club travel to Wembley
Arena for the Voice in a Million concert.
Friday 21st March: PTA Movie Mob-details to follow.
Wednesday 26th March: Full Governing Body meeting
Friday 28th March: PTA Easter Café, 3pm-4pm
Wednesday 7th—9th May: Y4 residential to Manor
Monday 12th-Friday 16th May: Year 6 SAT’s Week
Monday 19th May: Whole School Arts Week
Thursday 22nd May: EUROPEAN ELECTIONS,
Tuesday 3rd June: After school art gallery for parents.
Wednesday 11th June: Class Photos, details to follow.
Issue 11
Spot your favourite book character!
Term Dates for 2014
Spring 2014 Closes: Friday 4th April
Summer 2014 Opens: Wednesday 23rd April
Closes: Friday 23rd May
Opens: Monday 2nd June
Closes: Wednesday 23rd July
Autumn 2014 Opens: Monday 8th September
Closes: Friday 24th October
Opens: Monday 3rd November
Closes: Friday 19th December
Spring 2015 Opens: Tuesday 6th January
Closes: Friday 13th February
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Barton Seagrave Primary-School Dinners from September 2014
I am likely to sign up for my Infant child/ren (current Years R and 1) to have Free School Meals in
September 2014.
No [
If yes, how many children do you have in the Infants? …………………………………
I am likely to purchase meals (regularly or occasionally) for a child/ren in KS2.
No [
If yes, how many older children would be involved? …………………………………
Comments (and name if you wish):
Thank you for your help with this matter.
Points to note:
There is not a cash alternative so if you decide that you do not want to take this offer up you cannot have the
money instead.
We may not be able to operate the current flexible system between packed lunch and hot dinner. Should you
decide not to join and later change your mind, we would need notice for your child to join the scheme. (This is
because of the ordering of food, staffing etc)