Efi Tziva is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Economic

Efi Tziva is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Economic
and Commercial Law at the Faculty of Law, at the Aristotle University
of Thessaloniki.
She received her bachelor’s degree from the Law School of the
above mentioned Faculty, in 1981, with the best degree (9/10). She also
holds a LLM in Private Law as well as a PhD in Commercial Law of the
same Law School, both with the best degree (10).
From 1982 she belongs to the scientific staff of the Department of
Commercial and Economics of the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle
University, where she teaches during the law studies Insurance Law,
Competition Law and Consumer Protection, Company Law, (compulsory
course), Law of Cooperatives, European Commercial Law, and Banking
Law to the post - graduate students.
Her publications are three books (monographs), with the respective
-"The rights in a cooperative society", (1997), and in second
edition in 2009.
- "E-commerce of drugs",(ed. 2007).
-“Medical Malpractice Insurance, The extent of insurance
coverage, “Occurrence” and “claims made” policy form.” (ed.2014).
- More than 20 published articles in Greek and English concerned
Insurance Law, Company Law, Competition Law, Protection of
Consumers rights, and in general Greek and European Commercial Law
such as:
“One man limited society”, “The registered office of the European
Cooperative Society”, “ The right to commission of the insurance
intermentaries”, “Drugs and internet”, “Insurance contracts online and
consumer protection under the European and Greek Law”, “The
protection of the insured in the e-health sector”, etc.
She also has participated as a speaker in many educational and
professional seminars and congresses in Greece and in other European
She is a member of the Hellenic Insurance Law Association, and
as an Attorney at Law she handled many cases of international trade
affairs in front of the competent judicial and extrajudicial authorities.
She is a proficient user of English, German, and Italian.
She carried out also researches in specific fields of Commercial
Law at many Universities and Institutes, such as: “Die Freie Universität
Berlin, Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaft”, “Der deutscher Verein für
Versicherungswissenschaft”, “Marburg Universität”, “ Institut für
Genossenschaftswesen Münster Universität”.