Most recent minutes: Sept 2014

DATE: Sept 3, 2015
Chair: Kim Hesketh
Recorder: Courtney Hilderman
Regional members:
Anneke Gutter (Vancouver North shore, Sunshine Coast)
Yvette Jollet, (North Fraser)
Mike Hilliard (Vancouver/Richmond)
Kim Foster (Northern Health – Prince George)
Christine Therriault-Finke (Interior – East and West Kootenays)
Colleen Katsube (South Fraser),
Linda Sendall (South Island)
Carolyn Watt (North region - west)
Serena Rata (North Island) Regrets - Taryn Silver in replacement
Provincial reps:
Courtney Hilderman (PABC)
Anne Rankin (UBC)
Shirley Meaning (MCFD)
Diane Wickenheiser (Sunny Hill Health Centre)
Kim Hesketh (BCCH)
Review of Minutes from teleconference July 2015
Shirley Meaning, MCFD
Update to come
Courtney Hilderman, PABC
1. Rebecca (CEO) has successfully advocated for an incredible physiotherapy fee rate with MCFD for the
Post-Adoption Assistance Program at $190/hr. Please note that “Adoptive parents must apply to the Early
Intervention Therapy and School-Aged Therapy programs prior to requesting funding through PAA.
Waitlists for these programs are common and if after 12 months therapy has not begun, funding through
PAA may be available.”
Further from Rebecca: “We are now working on the Autism program and seeking clarification on why
some rehab equipment is accepted and others are not… I suspect this will be another long process, given
that they are in “policy review” at the moment.”
2. PABC continues to revise their “Find a Physio” service through their website.
3. PABC has launched “Case Corner”, a members-only forum for sharing experiences and expertise. The
first case features a paediatric client with cerebral palsy and autism. Join the conversation here:
PPCBC Meeting Minutes from Sept 3, 2015
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DATE: Sept 3, 2015
4. PABC and UBC met with the Ministries of Advanced Education and of Health on August 13, 2014 to
advocate for an increase in PT training seats at UBC. See this brief for more information on their
Anne Rankin, UBC
1. The MPT grads are out on their final placements prior to graduation. Graduation is occurring on
November 26 (a Wednesday) this year (it is usually on a Friday).
2. The PCE is being held the weekend of November 16 this year.
3. There are 83 students in the new MPT 1 cohort.
4. The MPT program is in process of setting up some teaching methods courses for faculty and
clinical faculty. PT’s on the clinical faculty list should receive an email regarding the courses.
5. I checked with Ingrid and all the placements required for the next few months are sorted. Huge
thanks to those who agreed to take students.
Kim Hesketh, BCCH
1. Construction is ongoing. Plan extra time for parking if you are coming to an appointment.
2. Hilda Perry is involved in a NMD respiratory study going. They are testing 3 different treatments aimed
at lung volume recruitment. If anyone knows of anyone [7 yo – adult] with any neuromuscular disease, at
any stage who would like to be a subject get them to contact Hilda Perry (604 875 2345 ext 5913) and
she will put them in touch with the study coordinator. They are running two more cohorts, one Sept 1517 and another Nov 3-5. The commitment would be 3 mornings in a row - one treatment plus pretreatment/post-treatment PFTs each day.
3. Hilda is also putting together a case series report looking at neurologically involved children who have
been put on upper airway drainage positioning +/or had feeds changed from G- to J-tube to see if that has
led to a reduction in admissions for resp issues. If any therapists know of any kids, can they send Hilda
the names. [email protected]
4 Kim Hesketh is presenting at the Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine Annual
Meeting on: The Frequency of AVN Following Reconstructive Hip Surgery in Children with Cerebral
Palsy: A Systematic Review.
Diane Wickenheiser, SHHC
Program evaluation changes and restructuring - changing the FTE in various programs
Check out the CHILD DEVELOPMENT & REHABILITATION website: for updates and links to new information:
Collaborative Goal Setting with Children and Families in Rehabilitation
Wheelchair Provision for Children & Adults with Neuromuscular Conditions in British Columbia
Hypotonia Wheel and Guide
and follow the Evidence Centre on Twitter!
PPCBC Meeting Minutes from Sept 3, 2015
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DATE: Sept 3, 2015
1. Review of council Terms of reference (previously deferred from last meeting):
Council approved changes made by Diane.
2. Hard to get connection/updates from community – how do we engage?
Article in Directions (ACTION: Courtney to start)
Kids in Motion conference: breakout sessions, poster, contact sign-up sheet (ACTION: Diane
and Kim to discuss with Kids in Motion Planning Committee)
Contacts for other councils? TherapyBC website (ACTION: Put website link at top of PPCBC
Update TherapyBC contact information (ACTION: Check your info. Send Diane an email of
changes needed and she will forward to Maureen.)
Ask more direct questions (ACTION: Kim to start list of possible update questions. Members
to contribute/think about for next meeting)
3. Group name? Currently different on various documents. Council members agreed on using Paediatric
Physiotherapy Council of BC (PPCBC) as consistent name. (ACTION: Kim will update and send out
revised documents. Members to pass on as required.)
4. Membership- updating contact list and bio (ACTION: If you haven’t yet, send Christine your bio
before the next meeting.)
5. Community Resource List Distributed in August – No questions or changes needed.
6. PABC website - PPCBC page: Courtney drafted paragraph – council discussed and made some
changes. Approved:
The Paediatric Physiotherapy Council of BC is comprised of physiotherapists from the public sector who
provide acute care, rehabilitation, early intervention and/or school age services to children from birth to 19
years of age. The council’s members represent both urban and rural regions across BC including:
Vancouver Coastal
Fraser (North and South)
Interior (Thompson/Okanagan, Kootenays)
Vancouver Island (North and South)
Provincial (PABC, UBC, MCFD, SHHC, BCCH)
The PPCBC connects physiotherapists across the province, acts as an advisory body to various
ministries, and provides advocacy on issues relevant to the development of services, policies, guidelines
and standards of physiotherapy care for children in BC. For more information, please read the minutes
below, or contact PPCBC co-chairs:
Kim Hesketh: [email protected]
Christine Therriault Finke: [email protected]
(ACTION: Courtney to forward to PABC for posting on website)
PPCBC Meeting Minutes from Sept 3, 2015
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DATE: Sept 3, 2015
1. Kids in Motion 2015 Paediatric Symposium
• Interesting topics from a PT perspective?
Conference will take place in Spring 2015
PT breakout session ideas:
• Trauma (e.g. medical procedures) in children and how it affects their lives and relationships with
therapists – Yvette will track down contacts.
• Group therapy opportunities – experiences, tips, organization, effectiveness, efficiency, etc.
• Therapy dosage
• Alternative therapies (e.g. Anat Baniel, Feldenkrais, etc.)
(ACTION: Kim and Diane to discuss with Kids in Motion Planning Committee)
2. Public school strike may be affecting school therapists. (ACTION: Members to ask constituents
about impact)
North Shore, Sunshine Coast, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton, Rep: Anneke Gutter
No changes.
Vancouver/Richmond, Rep: Mike Hilliard
No changes.
Kootenays, Rep: Christine Therriault-Finke
Thompson/Okanagan, Rep: No rep
North Fraser, Rep: Yvette Jollet
Ridge Meadows CDC - Maple Ridge - No update
School District Chilliwack (SD 33) – PT vacancy temporarily filled by Lauren Esterhuizen
Abbotsford Regional Hospital –No update
Fraser Valley Child Development Centre (FVCDC) – fully staffed
EIP – Anne Chin, Jennifer Lifford
SD 75- Jennifer Lifford
EIP – Jennifer Lifford, Sara Zboya, Yvette Jollet
SD 34 - Estera Hazlewood, Sara Zboya
Private schools – Robyn Holmgren
PPCBC Meeting Minutes from Sept 3, 2015
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DATE: Sept 3, 2015
EIP- Kim Cox, Robyn Holmgren, Pippa Hodge
SD 33 – Robyn Holmgren
Private schools – Robyn Holmgren
Fraser Cascades:
(Hope, Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs, Boston Bar)
EIP and SD - Kim Cox
The PT staff at FVCDC is currently mentoring 2 MPT students from UBC during their pediatric placement.
We are at the brochure design stage of a workshop
Seeing –Moving- Learning (Visual/ Vestibular course)
Presenter Kim Barthel, OT
March 6-7, 2015 in Abbotsford, BC
This workshop is designed for physiotherapists and occupational therapists treating a wide
variety of children and youth with developmental disabilities and neurological challenges. This
course will provide an understanding of interaction of visual and vestibular systems and their
impact upon movement and learning.
South Fraser, Rep: Colleen Katsube
No changes.
North Vancouver Island, Rep: Serena Rata (Taryn Silver)
No changes.
South Vancouver Island, Rep: Linda Sendall
No changes.
North Region, Reps: Kim Foster and Carolyn Watt
Vanderhoof will have no PT as of Aug 20 , and no funding for school-based PT. Funding for EIT is 30
hours per month.
Hilary C is retiring.
Jeanne Sinclair only OT for EIT and school-aged therapy.
School district has own SLP 1.0FTE starting this year, 0.5FTE for EIT
Interested in bringing a torticollis workshop to the North.
Prince George CDC currently interviewing for a 0.8FTE PT position.
Next Teleconference: Wed Nov 5: 3-4:30 pm
Chair: Christine
Minutes: North region - West
PPCBC Meeting Minutes from Sept 3, 2015
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DATE: Sept 3, 2015
PPCBC Meeting Minutes from Sept 3, 2015
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