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ZLCS Update
February 1, 2015
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The latest news about the people and ministries at Zion Lutheran Church & School
LCW is collecting
school backpacks and school supplies
for the Orphan Grain Train which will
be distributed to needy people within
our own Pacific Southwest District, New
Mexico, Mexico and beyond.
Suggested items includes new
backpacks, spiral notebooks,
composition notebooks, pencils, pens,
construction paper, colored pencils,
rulers, glue sticks, blunt scissors,
washable markers, protractors.
Monetary donations are also needed to
help with the transportation costs.
Boxes to receive your donated items
will be in the church social hall and
ZFC foyer during the month of
This year’s Lent
“Are We Like Them
or Are We Like Him?”
February 18 and continues through Wednesday, March 25
Soup Supper in the ZFC at 5:00 p.m.
Worship in the Church Sanctuary at 6:00 p.m.
February 18 – We focus on Judas under the theme:
Who Can You Trust Nowadays?
February 25 – We focus on Peter under the theme:
You Never Know Who’s Going to Let You Down!
March 4 – We focus on Caiaphas under the theme:
No One is Going To Take What I Have!
March 11 – We focus on Herod under the theme:
C’mon, Entertain Me!
March 18 – We focus on Pilate under the theme:
It’s Every Man for Himself!
March 25 – We focus on the Women who followed
Jesus under the theme:
Looking for a Few Good Men Women!
February Voters Meeting
Sunday, February 22 in the ZFC
9:15-10:15 am
Review of Current Budget
Discussion & Straw Poll regarding future ministry decisions.
We encourage all members to attend.
Your input is necessary and helpful as we seek God’s will and pray for His wisdom.
A Family of Faith… Sharing the love of Christ
Prayer List
To have your prayer concern listed here, please call the church office at 760-728-8288.
Thank You Lord for fellow believers & Zion’s family of faith
For our nation, all of our leaders, and the welfare of our people
For missionaries and for the Church throughout the world
For God to bless Lutheran schools, especially Zion Lutheran School
Those who are deployed and serving our country, especially:
Cliff Arend, grandson of Andy and Miriam Vanderlaan
Brian McMillan, son of Frank and Jan McMillan
Louis Konez, friend of Lorenz Parker
Those who grieving and in need of comfort, especially:
For Hertha Bula and Lucy Ceretto on the death of Hertha’s
sister and Lucy’s cousin, Hildegard Kavanagh
Those who are experiencing physical illness, injury, or disability,
Wally Fischer,
Doug Roberts, father of Phil Roberts
LaDorna Bunt, Zion member & wife of Rawn Bunt
Elizabeth Williams, Zion member & wife of Tom Williams
Dr. Richard Morledge, college friend of Dianne Catlin
Jan Douglas, Zion member, wife of JR Douglas, mom of
Susie Ellis
Malcom Parker, brother of Lorenz Parker
Eleanor Hauger, Zion member & mother of Glenn Kean
Haydee Vallarino, mother of Ana Carsey
Steve Berg, brother of Patrick Berg
Barbara Borden, Zion member & wife of Paul Borden
Anita Anderman, Zion member & mother of Jim Anderman
Lillian Hand, Zion member and mother of Brian Hand
Pam Boyle, Zion member & wife of Bill Boyle
Wayne and Esther Schoner, parents of CJ Greenwald
James and Hazel Hampton, parents of Charlene Soon
Mary Lou Farnsworth, mother of Jerry Ott
John Robertson, Zion member & husband of Karen
Betty Hall, Zion member and wife of Don Hall
Martin Stahl, Zion member & husband of Becky Stahl
Gloria McLeod, mother of Mike McLeod
Harry Solter, Zion member
Bonnie March, Zion member
Those living with cancer and undergoing treatment, especially:
Carol Birchall, mother-in-law of Susie Birchall
Carl Rios, uncle of Linda Barber
Martha Hernandez, friend of Tim & Rosie Redmond
Gabe Churchill, friend of Pat & Ann Marie Collins
Joann Smiley, mother of Jodie Peloquin
Charlene Streich, mother of Leo Streich
Lynn Bryant, mother-in-law of Becky Bryant (Demel)
Linda Ott, sister of Jerry Ott
Debbie Larkins, sister of Jerry Ott
Those who are awaiting, undergoing or recovering from surgery,
Sam Birchall, father-in-law of Susie Birchall
Jordan Worley, friend of Jalie Fransway
Becky Stahl, Zion member & wife of Martin Stahl
Dave, Joy, and Adam Foss, brother-in-law, sister, and
nephew of Steve and Cathy Leinhos
Jane Sacher, mother of Suzanne Longhurst
Those who are in need of employment or experiencing personal
difficulties, especially:
Charles and Edie Cook, parents of Cheryl Lindberg
Michelle Stevens and Hailey Gross, Zion members
Monday, March 9
Zion Lutheran Church is pleased to offer a
preventive health event. Life Line Screening,
a leading provider of community-based preventive health
screenings, will host their affordable, non-invasive
and painless health screenings on 3/9/2015.
Five screenings will be offered that scan for potential health
problems related to: blocked arteries which is a leading cause
of stroke; abdominal aortic aneurysms which can lead to a
ruptured aorta; hardening of the arteries in the legs which is a
strong predictor of heart disease; atrial fibrillation or irregular
heart beat which is closely tied to stroke risk; and a bone
density screening, for men and women, used to assess the risk
of osteoporosis.
Register for a Wellness Package which includes 4 vascular
tests and osteoporosis screening from $149 ($139 with our
member discount). All five screenings take 60-90 minutes to
In order to register for this event and to receive a $10
discount off any package priced above $129, please call 1888-653-6441 or visit www.lifelinescreening.com/
Zion Lutheran Church and School, Fallbrook, California
Suzanne Longhurst
Hertha Bula
Becky Oliver
Dana Taylor
support the FPRC by filling baby
bottles with coins, dollars, and/or
checks. Baby bottles are available
in the Church and ZFC
Information Booth. Bring your filled
baby bottles to the church or drop
them off at the Information Booth by
Sunday, February 15.
Monday, February 2
3:15-4:30 in the youth room
Innocent Pastime? Entertainment? Sin?
The discussion with 5th-8th graders will
be led by Pastor Mark Demel and Youth
Director Meghann Abeyta.
Snacks and drinks provided.
Worship Attendance
Sunday, January 25 - 202
Financial Update 1/25/15
General Fund
Weekly Need
$ 7,499
$ 10,000
$ 187
General Fund OfferingSix Months ending 12/31/14 $ 228,320
General Fund BudgetSix Months ending 12/31/14 $ 260,000
($ 31,680)
FPRC’s annual fundraising banquet will be held
Saturday, February 21, at 5:30 p.m. in the ZFC.
Guest speaker for the event will be Shawn
Carney, co-founder of 40 Days for Life.
40 Days for Life is 40 days of prayer and fasting,
around-the-clock peaceful vigils outside
abortion centers, and door-to-door outreach for an end to
Business attire. No charge to attend but reservations required.
For reservations contact Miriam Kirk at 760-451-9337.
Send a Val-o-gram to a church or school staff
member, student, or fellow Zion member. Val-ograms can also be purchased for family, friends,
neighbors, or even to take home to your sweetie!
Your message can include your choice of a sweet
treat for only $1. Stuffed animals, Valentine “gifts” and more
will also be on sale for $2 - $4 to accompany your Val-o-gram
Val-o-gram orders will be taken after services today
Church members will receive Val-o-grams on Sunday,
February 8. Preschool students on Monday, February 9, and
church/school staff & K-8 students on Thursday, February 12.
Zion Sixth Graders and Mrs. Soon thank you for your support
of their trip to Alpine Christian Outdoor Education Science
During this Lenten Season, join with your Zion Family in reaching out to
one friend, neighbor, or family member you know through your prayers.
Pray that he or she will trust in Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and
This commitment to pray for their eternal welfare can be remembered as
1 : 1 : 1.
● Pray especially for the 1 whose eternal welfare you care about every
day for 1 minute at 1 o’clock.
● If possible, invite your special 1 to Sunday worship, Lenten services,
Holy Week and Easter services.
● Pray that the Holy Spirit works so that your special 1 is WON for the
1 who died to save us all.
A Family of Faith… Sharing the love of Christ
Bible Studies
Sunday School Kindergarten-2nd grades - daycare room
3rd-6th grades - room 20
7th-8th grades - room 17
High School - room 17
Adult Bible Study - Pastor Mark Demel leads a study on The
Book of Romans at 9:30 a.m. in the Zion Fellowship
Men’s Weekly Breakfast Study - led by Pastor Demel on
Wednesdays at 6:30 a.m. at Denny’s Restaurant
Catlin Home Bible Study - Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. at
the home of Carl and Doreen Catlin
WOW (Women of the Word) Bible Study - Thursdays at
9:00 a.m. in the Church Social Hall
Kids For Christ (Kindergarten-2nd Grades): meets
on Wednesday, February 25 at 3:15 p.m.
RAD (3rd-6th Grades): Friday, February 27 Roller Derby
JYF (7th-8th Grades): Friday, February 27 Roller Derby
NOYZ (High School): Friday, February 6 - Lonely
Hearts Club Dinner and a Movie
Forest Home
High School - February 20th-22nd
All additional information can be found on the
Youth Board in the ZFC or by
contacting Meghann Abeyta
@ (951) 553-0644 or
[email protected]
Access the PODCAST on the www.zlcs.org sermon page
OR go directly to zionsermons.blogspot.com.
This Week at Zion
Sunday, 2/1
8:00 am
9:30 am
10:30 am
4th Sunday after the Epiphany
Traditional Worship (HC) (Sanctuary)
Sunday School & Adult Bible Study (ZFC)
Contemporary Worship (HC) (ZFC)
Monday, 2/2
3:15-4:30 pm
6:30-7:30 pm
CHAT (ZFC youth room)
Boy Scouts (ZFC)
Tuesday, 2/3
6:00-7:00 am
6:00-8:00 pm
PHIT Basketball (ZFC)
NOYZ (ZFC youth room)
Wednesday, 2/4
6:30-7:30 am
8:10-8:45 am
5:30-7:30 pm
Men’s Breakfast (Denny’s)
School Chapel (ZFC)
Confirmation (ZFC)
Thursday, 2/5
6:00-7:00 am
9:00-11:00 am
6:15-7:30 pm
7:00-8:00 pm
7:30-8:30 pm
PHIT Basketball (ZFC)
WOW Women’s Bible Study (Social Hall)
Adult Choir (Sanctuary)
AA meeting (room 20)
Praise Team (ZFC)
Friday, 2/6
6:00-10:00 pm
NOYZ Dinner & Movie (ZFC youth room)
Saturday, 2/7
8:00-10:00 am
Sunday, 2/8
8:00 am
9:30 am
10:30 am
PHIT Basketball (ZFC)
5th Sunday after the Epiphany
Mite Box Sunday
Scout Sunday
Traditional Worship (Sanctuary)
Sunday School & Adult Bible Study (ZFC)
Contemporary Worship (ZFC)
To give on-line, visit www.zlcs.org and locate the link to the
electronic giving page, or simply scan our QR code on your
smart phone and you will be directed to our website giving page!
Questions? Call Suzanne Longhurst at 760-723-3500.
Would you like Pastor or your Elder to visit you?
Check Pastor or Elder
on the communication slip!
Sign-up on our 2015 Flower Chart located in the
ZFC. The cost is $25 for each arrangement. Two
arrangements are available each Sunday.
Zion Lutheran Church and School, Fallbrook, California