Using this Handbook
This handbook has been designed to help you run a political campaign and understand the mechanisms of
the Lok Sabha electioneering system.
There are many technical and legal requirements when running for an election that a candidate and his/
her team need to adhere to. The Election Commission is the foremost body in India for this, and its rules
and regulations must be well understood and followed.
A political campaign involves several different aspects. Putting together a campaign team, volunteer
management, media and publicity, developing campaign strategies, and so forth.
This handbook attempts to document the knowledge and strategies within all these areas, as well as to
share the best practices of the various campaign teams from across the state.
Please treat it as your reference book of campaigning.
NOTE: Volunteer Zone
This handbook can be accessed from AAP website under Volunteer Zone tab:
Campaign Checklist
A. Understanding the Election
B. Election and Voter Information
C. Setting-Up Your Campaign
National/State Contacts
Campaign Team
Volunteer and Membership Management
Campaign Programs/Publicity
Do’s and Don’ts, EC permissions, FAQs
D. Publicity, Print and Social Media
E. Information Technology (IT)
F. Finance
Bank Accounts
Accounting Election Expenditure
Laws of Election
Legal Cell Guidelines
How to file for nomination
G. Legal
H. Election Day
Campaign Checklist
Understand you constituency demographic profile and political history
Consolidate member and volunteer donor data for your constituency
Identify your campaign structure and select people for specific roles
Get all legal permissions
Plan and conduct campaign activities
Pad yatra
Jan Sabha
Nukkadsabha/Local meetings
Metro-Bus campaign
Calling campaign
Plan publicity activities and materials
• Hoardings, banners, fliers
• Autorickshaw posters campaign
• Mobil Autorickshaw with loud speaker and CD
• Nightly projector shows
• Newspaper ads and inserts/hijacks
• Radio ads
Plan media and social media activities
• Press releases
• Facebook, Twitter,
• Google hangout
Open candidate bank account
Plan and execute Fundraising activities
File Nomination forms
Identify booth volunteers for all the booths
Plan and manage polling day activities
A. Understanding the Election Timeline
MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT: From the date of announcement up until the election, the Model Code of
Conduct is in place. This is the most important document explaining what you can and cannot do during an
election. It ensures that there are no corrupt practices, electoral offences, or voter malpractices.
ISSUE OF NOTIFICATION: Normally 25-28 days before the date of election. From this date onwards
candidates can file for nomination.
FILING FOR NOMINATION: From the date of the issue of the notification, candidates have one week to file
for nomination (if the 7th day is a public holiday, then it will be the subsequent working day).
SCRUTINY OF NOMINATION: The day after the last day of filing for nomination.
WITHDRAWAL OF CANDIDATURE: The two days followingscrutiny.
CAMPAIGN PERIOD: From filing for nomination until silent period.
SILENT PERIOD: All campaigning to end 48 hours before the date of election poll.
DATE OF ELECTION POLL: Polling dates can be found at the following link:
Note: Within Delhi, AAP is a registered and recognized state political party.
Outside of Delhi it is a registered but unrecognized political party.
B. Election and Voter Information
The following websites are essential in understanding the various aspects of the Lok Sabha election. It is
mandatory for all candidates and campaign teams to be familiar with these.
Election Commission of India (ECI):
Chief Electoral Office of your state
All election related information for your state can be obtained from the drop down menu at the following
On these websites you will find:
Important election dates
Election Laws and ECI documents
ECI Handbook for Candidates
Election Manifestos
Information for party registration and
candidate nomination
List of assembly and parliamentary
Candidates affidavits
List of FAQs for voters
Important forms to download
Training material on participation and
Telephone directory
Complaints forum
SOURCES OF VOTER DATAshould be available on the above websites
Electoral Roll:List of registered voters for your constituency that can be searched by district, assembly
constituency, and part.
Polling Station Maps:Google maps identifying polling stations by district, assembly constituency, and part.
Past Election Data:Has results of previous General Election and Assembly Election seats as both statistics
and maps.
Form 20:This maps the data of past election results as per each polling booth.
Chief Electoral Officer
District Election Officer
Returning Officer/ Asst. RO
Electoral Registration Officer/ Asst. ERO
Your RO will be your main point of contact for any election related work. Please see the list on the next
page to know the RO for your constituency.List of Returning Officer’s as per parliamentary constituency
can be found on each state electoral officer’s website
Contact Information
For bank related queries 8588833490, 8588833495, email:
[email protected],Click http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/contact-us to get
list of State Treasurers. If the issue is not resolved by the State Treasurer, contact:
8588833496. [email protected]
For information on central fund raising programme, contact: Rajeev Saraf:
9810006581; Arvind Jha: 9810491031
J&K, HP, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh: 8588833555
Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, MP, Lakshadweep, Pondicherry:
Assam, Bihar, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Andamans:
9643006215; Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand: 9643006209
Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa, Daman & Diu, Dadra Nagar Havel:
9643006214, Delhi: 9643006218,
email: [email protected]
For media queries contact your state media POC: For national media query you
can contact Princy: 8588833549
For member volunteer data for your constituency from National website, contact
your state IT admin. Click https://app.box.com/s/09tz6ac03h4zac73hwpg for list
of state IT Admin. If unable to contact state IT coordinator contact Gandharv:
Fund Raising
IT/Social Media
Publicity materials can be accessed at AAP National website at
Calling Campaign
To setup calling campaign for your constituency contact:
Rashmi Shrivastav: 9874971888 ;
Shreekanth Kocharlakota: [email protected]
Constituency Profiles
To get demographic profile data for your constituency contact: Ratan Singh
Rathore: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
National team has a dedicated individual for your state, available for any queries
for the central team in Delhi. Information on the communication coordinator for
your constituency will connect with you or your campaign manager.
State/Role Team Members Mobile No.
Team Members
Mobile No.
C. P.Office
Gujarat/Daman and Diu
Adil Khan
Ajay Pandey
Bharat Gupta
Jitendra/Man Singh
Manisha Pandey
Campaign Manager
Key Activities
To decide on campaign strategy and key events for the candidate
To source and manage volunteers
To manage the door-to-door campaign
To liaison with Head office on all issues of the campaign
To oversee the legal, publicity and social media teams
Election Agent
This person can be appointed to manage all functions on behalf of the candidate
To liaison with Returning officer on a daily basis
To seek permissions from police for holding events /rallies
To ensure submission of expenses to the Returning Officer
To verify publicity material with RO before print
To manage the candidate account in accordance with the election limit specified
To ensure expenses are auditable with proper records
To handle opening and operationalization of constituency and candidate bank
Identify a volunteer who can maintain income expenditure account as per the
Model code of conduct.
Personal Secretary
To filter calls to the candidate
To maintain and release the daily schedule of the candidate to the internal team
To ensure adherence to the Model Code of Conduct
To ensure time management of the candidate
To reply to all legal notices issued to the candidate with approval from head
counsel stationed at the head office
To ensure submission of the nomination form of the candidate
To ensure all activities adhere to the election laws and model code of conduct
To manage the Twitter, Facebook accounts of the candidateas well as outreach
campaigns such as IVR, Call Campaign, and bulk SMS campaign
To liaison with the head office in terms of ensuring coverage of all the social
media events
To maintain volunteers and members database/ software
General IT support
To manage all the print templates for the campaign
To seek approval from Head office before launching any new template/design
To negotiate rates with vendors regarding printing, designing and production.
Maintain audio files and campaign CDs.
To keep proper inventory of all publicity material and ensure advance ordering
for at least a week
To ensure all publicity material follows the Model Code of Conduct rules
Vendor management (identifying, dealing, paying, negotiating etc,)
Inventory distribution (supply of collaterals, materials, etc)
To source and manage funds through corporates and High Net Individuals (HNIs)
To plan fund-raising meetings and events with various groups and organizations
To build a network of financial supporters
To plan for crowd-sourcing of donations and other innovations in fund-raising
Manage donation drive at rallies/local events
To establish media relations with print and electronic media.
Maintain contact list of all media.
Writing and distributing campaign press release.
Ensuring media coverage for local events
Identifying spokesperson for TV channel.
Maintain database and contact details of all volunteers
Ensure calls/SMSs are made to all volunteers for all local events
Assign volunteers to task
Distribute volunteers to polling booths
Access volunteer member data for Lok Sabha from National website.
Makes calls to inform volunteers for all local events
Makes calls to potential volunteers for identifying booth agents
To coordinate the volunteers for campaign activities for each vidhansabha,
polling station and booth
Identifying two polling agents for each booth
Registration and training of booth agents
Preparation and distribution of booth agent kits
Making polling day arrangement for food, water, chair, table.
Ensuring presence of volunteers outside booth and getting out the vote on
election day
Plan and manage booth activities for all the polling stations in the Lok Sabha
Social Media and IT
Print and Publicity
Funds Manager
Media Coordinator
Calling Team
Vidhan Sabha, Polling
station and Booth
Field Coordinators
Lok Sabha Booth
Polling Booth Agent
Volunteer who sits at booth on election day must be a voter of that polling booth
Must be registered and trained
LS Constituency
Helpers (LSCH)
2 -3 individuals for each LS have been identified and trained by the Central
team in Delhi on key aspects of the LS campaign. Please connect with
them and utilize them in your campaign. Information about your LSCHis
being delivered to you over phone.
Sourcing volunteers/ members
List of volunteer opportunities identifying the key activities and the required time
All office walk-ins for membership or otherwise should be encouraged to volunteer
based on their backgrounds/ areas of expertise
Facebook and Twitter driven campaign for volunteer sourcing
Enrollment of members/volunteer online; List of all who opt for volunteering on the
AAP website will be provided by the Head Office. For obtaining member and volunteer
data for your LS from the Central website please contact your state IT Admin. Click
https://app.box.com/s/09tz6ac03h4zac73hwpg for list of state IT Admin.
Membership form included in ground campaign kit; AAP supporters encouraged to
become AAP representatives for their building/ society
Dedicated local SMS campaign on ongoing basis requesting volunteers
Run volunteer/membership drives at railways stations, bus depots, in trains, malls, etc.
Volunteer needs
Office Walk-Ins
Social Media
SMS Campaigns
Public Spaces
Volunteer roles
Time availability
Only Weekends
Possible roles
Door-to-door campaigning; padhyatras; rallys; call campaign; email responses; social
media; content/ creative writing; graphics content; building/ society representative
Ground campaign; IT/ data input; content/ creative writing; graphics content; building/
society representative; Constituency Support Manager; legal consultant
Core team roles; office operations
Door-to-Door Campaign and Booth Management
A door-to-door campaign is a powerful way of connecting with the voters, getting their
phone numbers for sending bulk SMSs and locating volunteers and potential booth
agents. 2-3 volunteers would visit each home and convince them to vote for AAP.
Voter list of your polling booth for this exercise can be obtained from
http://eci.nic.in/eci_main1/Linkto_erollpdf.aspx. Training for door to door can be
obtained from Volunteer Zone. http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/volunteer-zone
(Make an excel sheet for each Vidhan Sabha with the list of polling booths and polling
station addresses. Note the contact details of the Booth agents in the excel sheet.
Booth agents must have the voter id card of the same polling booth. Register every
volunteer you meet on field or in office as Booth agent as per their polling booths.
Booth management training can be found at volunteer zone.
Door to Door Kit for Volunteers
Kit items
Clipboard; pen; notepad; folder
Topis; (badges; stickers),
Voter lists, Membership forms; donation books; pamphlets, FAQ on AAP[all on
volunteer zone]; In last 2-3 days voter slips need to be distributed to the voters.
Events Planning
Candidate meeting
Stakeholders &
Community Alliances
Jan Sabhas
Buzz campaigns
Kindly ensure events are properly planned and there are proper permissions
in place 24 hours before the events are scheduled.
Ensure that the candidate meets at least 400-500 people per day individually.
Identify and meet local stakeholders. Stakeholders include activists/ social
workers/ resident welfare associations/ local trade associations/
shetkarisanghatnas. One dedicated person should be appointed for this.
It is a gathering of 200 or more people. Jansabhas could be addressed by star
campaigners or the candidate. Permission has to be taken from Election
Commission. Plan the Sabha a week before and inform volunteers about it
through calls, sms, auto announcements, pamphlets etc. Please make
arrangements for stage, sound system, water, security, traffic control,
counter for selling AAP merchandise, registering members and collecting
donation. Carry a photographer who can be capturing images to be
disseminate to Social media /press.
Padyatra with candidates and a supportive crowd should be taken out in
densely populated areas like slums or lower middle class colonies. Volunteers
can hold jhadus, flags, placards, play songs on loudspeaker, can shout slogans
& distribute pamphlets. Inform people through calls, auto announcements,
bulksms about the yatra. Permission has to be taken for holding the
padyatra. Plan the yatra atleast a week before. You have to submit a route
map of the yatra to the Election Commission.
For a road show ensure sound system is of good quality playing patriotic
songs/slogans ( audio files can be accessed at following link
Do advance publicity. Will need permission
Car/bike rally can be held with permission. Not more than 10 vehicles can be
used in a rally.
A group of volunteers can use musical instruments and sing patriotic songs at
market places, crowded areas.
Street plays are a good way of getting the AAP message across
In the final days before the election small groups of volunteers wearing AAP
topis can be sent to busy intersections and crowded market places to create
Metro/Bus Campaign
Publicity material:
Auto rickshaw
Promotion through Cell
Newspapers inserts /
Helpline Facility
Call Campaign
Bulk SMS facility
Twitter via SMS
Email/ SMS Responses
War room
a visible presence of AAP by distributing topis and flyers.
Small groups of volunteers can travel in metro or buses and distribute fliers
and wear AAP topis.
Advance planning and printing of all publicity material required so that the
planned events can go off smoothly
Hoardings are placed in strategic locations
Sympathizers of AAP should be encouraged to put up AAP banners in their
respective shops/ offices
Posters are put on autos, cars, bikes, doors, tea stalls etc
Pamphlets are distributed during door to door, rallies, events
Poster/Pamphlets must have printer’s name, address and no of copies details
since Model code of conduct is in place. Refer
http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/model-code-of-conduct-guidelines for
Model Code of Conduct
All banners and hoarding to be put up in Hindi/English/Local
languagedepending on the constituency elector’s profile. Ensure translator
available at all times.
Liaison with auto rickshaws and encourage them to put up the AAP banner.
Cost effective and high-impact strategy.
Loudspeakers can be put on Auto or cycle rickshaws to inform people about a
particular rally/sabha or appeal them to vote for AAP.
Small videos containing issues raised by AAP to be shared with members to
share with their friends and associates via Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
Design and download
To be pasted on the front page ( called ' hijack' by the newspaper vendors)
For Every constituency a dedicated number should beset up.
Publish only this number on your publicity material.
Every person who calls on this number should be diverted to 3 persons of the
candidate choice
If the call volume is high, then this can be shared with 4 or more people.
Campaign aimed to reach the voters of the constituency on phone
Conducted by all India and NRI volunteers who are unable to commit time to
the campaign full time or can work from home
Use the bulk SMS facility to connect with AAP members in your constituency.
You can take it from local vendor or contact Pinnacle Tele services. Dinesh:
Encourage volunteers/voters to subscribe to AAM AADMI party/Arvind
Kejriwal tweets.
All emails/ SMS’s received from citizens or voters should be promptly
responded to.
War room to be set up and daily morning meeting to be done to review the
effectiveness and completion of the various campaigns and strategies
Campaign Do’s and Don’ts under Model Code of Conduct
Can wear ‘Aam Aadmi’ caps, batches, scarfs/mufflers
Only those pamphlets/handbills/stickers/posters can be distributed which has Printer’s name,
address & no of copies printed. Take permission from Election Commission regarding the same
Can do door to door campaigning (with not more than 5 persons) without permission
Don’t distribute Aam Aadmi T-shirts, calendar, diary, key rings, saree, liquor, money, jhadu (broom)
Don’t use religious places & educational institutions for campaigning
No speech should hurt religious sentiments
Do not issue identity slips bearing your name or your symbol or the name of your party or
containing any exhortation to voters to vote for you or your party.
Don’t make any gift or offer or promise of gratification to any person to induce another to
stand, vote, withdraw from candidature or refrain from voting
Don’t make use of, or appeal to, religious symbols or national symbols
Don’t publish false or negative statements in regard to the personal character
A candidate can spend Rs.70 lakhs in the campaigning (except Rs.54 lakhs in all Union Territories,
Arunachal Pradesh, Goa and Sikkim)
There should be no religious place, educational institution, hospital or polling station in 200 meters
radius of the party office
A banner can be put at the party office of not more than 4*8 feet size
Booth Prabhari should be a resident and must have the voter id card of the same polling booth
No campaigning is allowed 48 hours (2 days) before the polling day.The party office must be made
defunct 48 hours before day of election
EC Permission Requirements under Model Code of Conduct
Public Meetings/ Ground Campaign
Holding rallies/jansabhas/padyatras/ public gatherings [permission from municipal corporation];
Use of loudspeakers/amplifiers/bhopu
Take permission for making announcements on autos/rickshaws
For use of car/bike/jeep/truck by the candidate and others. A maximum of 10 vehicles can be used in a
car/bike rally
Use of vehicles in any form by the candidate and others.No upper limit on number of vehicles but all must
be registered with the RTO and RO.
Putting stickers on auto rickshaws has been allowed by ECI. However, each auto/taxi driver bearing a
sticker on his vehicle needs to carry a copy of the ECI Order [can be found on the National website in the
LokSabha Campaign tabunder “Proformas for permission ” tab: http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/2014elections-proformas-guidelines-for-permissions]
Print and Digital publicity
All printing material has to contain:
a. Name and code of printer
b. Quantity of material printed and size (total no of copies mustn’t exceed 10,000)
c. Name and date of the event
In case of publishing, a declaration as to the identity of the publisher is to be sent to the printer signed by
publisher and attested by 2 persons personally known to him. Copy of the declaration and the document
should be sent by the printer to the CEO/District Magistrate as per location
As per the Code of Conduct, the printer has to submit four copies of the material printed to the EC/CEC
and receive a receipt prior to any printing [form formats on National party website http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/2014-elections-proformas-guidelines-for-permissions
Content for any TV ad, radio jingle or video shown on projector should be approved by the Election
Commission.Model Code of Conduct also coversall content on internet includingsocial media.
FAQs on Campaigning
[As sent in by various constituency teams in Feb-March 2014]
private spaces
Do we need permission
from EC/police to conduct
an interaction with private
societies or in private
For a meeting in private complex permissions from
Police or EC is not required. As per MCC, for a
meeting in a private building, we need the permission
or consent from the building owners / society /
association / company in charge of the building
It is desired that such permission / consent be
received and kept on record before hand.
How many vehicles can I use As per revised EC guidelines, there is no upper limit to
during campaigning
the number of vehicles used. However prior
permissions need to be obtained on the specific event
The candidate must display permit issued by
Returning Officer in original (not photocopy)
prominently on the windscreen of the Vehicle. The
permit must bear the number of the vehicle and
name of the candidate in whose favor it is issued.
Is wearing of special
accessories like cap, mask,
scarf etc.of a candidate
Yes, provided they are accounted for in the election
expenses of the candidate concerned. However
supply and distribution of main apparels like saree,
shirt, etc. by party/candidate is not permitted as it
may amount to bribery of voters.
external External modification of vehicles including fitting of
fitting/modification allowed loudspeaker thereon, would be subject to the
in the vehicles used
provisions of the Motor Vehicles Actas well as other
for campaigning?
Local Act/Rules. Vehicles with modifications and
special campaign vehicles like Video Rath etc. can be
used only after obtaining the requisite permission
from the RTO
Whether distribution of Yes, it amounts to bribing voters
printed "Stepney Covers" or
party/candidate or without
depicting it, is a violation
How many vehicles can I use The maximum number of vehicles that will be allowed
for filing of nominations
to come within the periphery of 100 mtrs of
Returning Officer’s office has been restricted to 3 .
Whether there are any Yes.The unofficial identity slip, on white paper, shall
guidelines for political
contain only the particulars of the voter i.e, name,
parties/candidates for issue serial number of voter, part no.in the electoral roll,
of unofficial identity slips to s.no. and name of polling Station and date of poll. It
should not contain the name of candidate, his
photograph and symbol.
Voter Slips
Election Booth
on social media
Is it necessary to obtain
written permission of the
authorities for setting up of
election booth?
How many persons can be
present at the nomination
How many persons are
allowed at the time of
scrutiny of nominations by
the Returning Officer?
Do we need to take EC
approval for posting ads on
reimbursed for out of
pocket expenses like snacks,
telephone & travel expenses
Maximum number of persons that will be allowed to
enter the office of Returning Officer has been limited
to 5 (including the candidate).
The candidate, his election agent, one Proposer and
one other person (who can be an advocate) duly
authorized in writing by the candidate, but no other
person, may attend at the time fixed for scrutiny of
nominations by Returning Officer
No, we do not need to take approval for posting ads
on Facebook /twitter. Unless it is a paid AD.
If paid ad, then there are guidelines to be followed
No official policy on this, however campaign
managers can reimburse after obtaining proper
signed vouchers for cash payments. Will count as part
of election expenses.
Publicity Templates
[ALL AVAILABLE ON THENational Website: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0vqY_pU1uEVmFRbF9vaXluRUE&usp=sharing]
1. Template types: Stickers, Banners, Posters, Leaflets, Streamers, T-shirts, Bags, Ponchos, Topis,
Invitation cards, Badges, Flags.Standardized elements: AAP Leader faces, AAP logo, Jhadoo,
color palette, layout
2. All material - of any size or shape - must ALWAYS incorporate basic AAP information - including
website, FB, helpline and local party office address.
3. When pictures are used, the two/three key persons must be of the same size. When a local
convener/face is added that can be smaller.
4. Banners should be only used for promoting the Party.Banners/Posters should be displayed at
places authorized by the responsible administration, after taking permission from respective
authorities.Banners containing birthday wishes, congratulatory wishes or any personal greetings
5. On religious occasions, festivals and other celebrations do not use photos of any persons from
the party. Make dignified simple banners that convey wishes to the citizens without using too
many religious emblems.
Vendors for publicity material
Publicity Material
Selection of vendors should be on cost basis. At least two vendors should be developed with a
turnaround time of 24 hours.
Where to get from
Sample poster
Sample pamphlet
Poster must have printer’s name, address and
no of copies details since Model code of
conduct is in place. Refer
http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/mcc for
Model Code of Conduct
Pamphlets must have printer’s name, address
and no of copies details since Model code of
conduct is in place. Refer
http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/mcc for
Model Code of Conduct
What to do
Put on Autos, cars, bikes,
doors, tea stalls etc
Give to all office visitors
and distribute during
different activities on
Permission for publicity material from the Chief Electoral Officer
As per the Election Model Code of Conduct, all printing material has to contain:
a) Name and code of printer
b) Quantity of material printed and size(total no of copies mustn’t exceed 10,000)
c) Name and date of the event
In case of publishing, a declaration as to the identity of the publisher is to be sent to the printer
signed by publisher and attested by 2 persons personally known to him. Copy of the declaration
and the document should be sent by the printer to the CEO/District Magistrate as per location
As per the Code of Conduct, the printer has to submit four copies of the material printed to the
EC/CEC and receive a receipt prior to any printing[form formats on National party website http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/2014-elections-proformas-guidelines-for-permissions]
Media Guidelines
All messages must adhere to party stand and philosophy, and must be consistent with those
expressed by party spokespersons
Mass Media deals will be done statewide or nationally e.g. Radio
Media such as cable, hoardings, and cinema can be negotiated locally
All press releases forwarded by the AAP State or National teams must be distributed to local
media in multiple languages
There is a list of officially appointed AAP spokespersons available on the national party website
Appearing on any national channel (Hindi/ English) requires approval from Delhi
Take Admin rights for FB & Twitter from State IT Admin. Put FB posts atleast four times a day. The posts
can be on different activities on ground, media articles about AAP. Some posts could also be shared from
National Aam Aadmi Party FB page. Volunteer handling Twitter should coordinate with the central twitter
team and help in AAP trends. Get an email id created for your Loksabha by the State IT Admin. Mails
should be checked and responded on a daily basis. Use this mail id for all official communications. For
getting your Loksabha/district activities updated on the State website, contact State IT Admins. Click
https://app.box.com/s/09tz6ac03h4zac73hwpg for list of state IT Admin
Medium covered under Social media definition:
There are broadly five different types of social media:
a) collaborative projects (for example, Wikipedia)
b) blogs and micro blogs (for example, Twitter)
c) content communities (for example, YouTube)
d) social networking sites (for example, Facebook)
e) virtual game-worlds (e.g., Apps)
Legal provisions relating to election campaigning apply to social media in the
same manner in which they apply to any other form of election campaigning using any
othermedia.Important points to remember:
A. Information to be given by candidates about their social media accounts.
B. Pre-Certification of Political Advertisements
C. Expenditure on campaigning through internet including social media
D. Application of Model Code of Conduct to content on internet including
social media.
For Detailed document of ECI guidelines please refer:
Do’s and Don’ts on Social Media
• Facebook and Twitter is a must for all candidates
Social Media Coordinator should maintain a template of all images of the candidate, which includes
mandatorily all the digital properties of AAP like Facebook account, Twitter account
Specific campaigns to be conducted to generate awareness in the constituency on the social media
accounts and encouraging people to join them.
Issues in the area should be discussed and party response should be provided on Twitter/Facebook
on a regular basis
Candidate should try and answer all the relevant questions raised by constituents through this
Party activities like agitations, protests, public meetings, flag marches, etc. should be publicized
before the event and photos should be shared after the event
Message from AAP senior members should be shared but abstain from using the word ‘leader’
Party policies like Swaraj, non-violence, non-communalism, public participation,etc. should be
shared and propagated
The party has been born out of an anti-corruption stance and thus we should always give space
to anti-corruption posts
Posts of main AAP page or FWAC page can be shared on local pages
• A post whose reliability and authenticity has not been established should not be shared
Self-promotion is very negative for the party. Comparison of any person with long time icons like
Bhagat Singh or Mahatma Gandhi should not be done from official pages or handles
One should not get involved in debates from official AAP IDs or on posts on pages
When not clear of party’s stand wait for national page to post on the issue or ask state/Loksabha
No derogatory messages or personal comments in any form should be posted
Election Laws around Electronic and Social Media Advertisements
Types of ads that qualify: Every registered/national and State political party and every contesting
candidate proposing to issue advertisements on television channels and/ or on cable network/social media
websites will have to apply to Election Commission of India/designated officer for pre-certification of all
political advertisements on electronic media before the publication.
What to submit: The prescribed form must be filled in and submitted to the RO of the constituency in case
the ads are by individual candidates, or else to the Chief Electoral Officer of State/Union Territory if by the
political party.
Two copies of the proposed advertisement in the electronic form along with a duly attested
Account for its expense: This shall include payments made to internet companies and websites for carrying
advertisements and also campaign related operational expenditure on making of creative development of
content, operational expenditure on salaries and wages paid to the team of workers employed by such
candidates and political parties to maintain their social media accounts, etc.
State team will provide the domain
Template must be consistent, inline with national/state website
No state and/or district local database of members/donors
Redirect to national donation link. No local payment gateway allowed.
Redirect to national members registration form. No local online registration form.
Use local content and events to keep your website updated.
The convention, ideology, vision to remain as is from national website.
Database Management
IT Coordinator tomanage volunteer and member data software [“Work121”].
Login permission for this will be provided to the IT coordinator by the State IT Admin.
Modes of communication
Bulk SMS; Emails;Broadcast (Whatsapp, calls, etc.)
Keep the communication decentralized for area specific activities
Have centralized communication team for District/ constituency activities
Headed by IT coordinator
Follow all TRAI regulation
Can send bulk SMS, voice calls, and OBD through ‘Work121’
Receiving calls
For Every constituency a dedicated number should be set up
Publish only this number on your publicity material
Every person who calls on this number should be diverted to 3 persons of the candidate choice
If the call volume is high, then this can be shared with 4 or more people
Details of all donation booklets must be entered on excel sheets and passed on to the State
Candidate should open his/her bank account no earlier than 15 prior to loksabha nomination.
Funds donated specifically to a particular constituency will be transferred to that account after
filling of nomination and provided the candidate has passed all the bank details to
[email protected]
Funds can be collected through cheque or cash deposited to the candidate’s account. Donations
can be made to the party account, if donor wants tax rebate and which would then be transferred
to the candidate’s account.
This account is to be opened no more than 15 days and no less than one day prior to filing for
The bank Account can be opened either in the name of the candidate or in the joint name with his
election agent. The bank account should not be opened in the joint name with any family member
of the candidate or any other person, if he/she is not the election agent of the candidate.
This account is NOT tax exempted; hence donations can be accepted into this account but no tax
exemption. The receipt will be issused to the donor in the name of Candidate and not in the Party’s
No transaction should be done with this account before filing of nomination.
The Election Commission keeps a track of the candidate’s campaign expenses through this
account.(from the date of nomination to the date of result declaration, both dates included)
The expenditure limit for Lok Sabha candidates for the 2014 elections is generally Rs.70 lakh but
may be different for certain constituencies. Please check with election commission about your limit.
This account may be opened at any bank convenient for the candidate.
Now only candidate bank account will be used to transfer funds donated specifically for the
constituency on national website.
FAQs on Bank Accounts
Account opening
Cash payments
All funds donated online of AAP National website
mentioning specifically to the constituency will be
transferred into the candidate account
All candidate accountscan be opened at the banks of
their choice.
Expenses only count from the day of filing for
nomination from the candidate account. As a practice
one should avoid using the constituency account for
incurring expenses.
How will the candidate
manage campaign expenses
prior to opening
Which is the bank to open
the candidate account
Is the expenses from the
constituency party account
included in the overall
expenses limit of the
candidate once Model Code
Any expense incurred from constituency account
of Conduct is announced
after Model Code of Conduct announcement but
prior to filing of nomination will not be included in
the candidate expense limit.
cash As far as possible all payments should be made
payments to meet our through an account pay check. Try and avoid all cash
payments no matter how small.
In cases where you absolutely have to pay cash, make
sure to take a pucca bill. In situations where you
cannot get a pucca bill, write down the
service/product details, name of recipient, address,
and his/her signature or thumbprint.
Foreign funding
Once nominations have been filed, no cash payment
above Rs.20,000 is allowed.
What are the norms to be 1. No Foreign funding of any sort is permitted
followed in case of Foreign
2. If an overseas citizen with an Indian passport would
like to make a donation then they should do it online
as there is a mechanism to keep record of passport
3. The AAP or candidate bank account details should
not be shared, and all donations should be taken by
cheque as far as possible.
Please find the following list of specimen books, registers, and documents are available on the National
website in the ‘Accounting tab’ under ‘Loksabha Campaign’:
Books of Account1. Cash book
2. Bank Book
3. Journal Book
4. Ledger
Register1. Fixed Assets Register
2. Fixed Assets Physical Verification Register
Specimen Documents1. Acknowledgement for Donation in Kind
2. Chadar Donation – Cash Counting Sheet
3. Donation receipt (Publicity Material)
4. Expenses Claim Sheet
5. Inter-unit Publicity Material Transfer memo
6. Specimen of Stamps
7. Specimen of Voucher(s)
Specimen Reporting Formats1. Form 24A (Rule 85B, Conduct of Election Rules, 1961)
2. Certificate form Contributor Company (under Section 293A of Companies Act)
Specimen Guidelines1. Donation Receipt - How to Fill
2. Fund Receipt Books - Management and Consequences of Mishandling
3. Swipe Machine – User Guideline
4. Exemption to donor under Income Tax Laws
Specimen Financial Statements (FS) 1. Annual FS Applicable to State Unit in the-Year of Formation
-Subsequent Year
2. Annual FS Applicable to District Unit in the- Year of Formation
-Subsequent Year
3. Quarterly FS
1) Whom can you take money from?
Donor shall be an Indian citizen either living in India or abroad (only NRIs with Valid Indian passport
– so OCIs/PIOs are not eligible). Only, people who hold Indian Citizenship can donate as per Indian
law. NOTE: People, who do not hold Indian Citizenship, can still contribute by working as volunteer
for the party.
Indian companies (and electoral trusts) can also donate funds provided they are not subsidiaries of
foreign companies – for electoral trusts please take a pre-approval
We cannot accept donation from NGOs
The donation given to AAP by way of cheque and online is exempt (100%) under Income Tax Act
1961, u/s 80GGB/80GGC
2) What are the precautions you should observe?
• We are accepting cash only upto Rs.10,000 (total within a financial year) and with a proper receipt
• For donations above Rs.20,000 PAN is a must.
• We should never give the account number to the donor.
> People may try to lure us by promising large sums in cash or get us into a discussion where they come
up with various devious / crooked schemes of donating – please avoid such discussions altogether.
Whatever funds we raise must be through transparent means and every sum would get reported.
Please be conscious that vested interest may even try doing a sting operation on us and hence we
should be very careful of what we say and what we do. Hence it’s best to stick to the standard and
simple principles AAP follows with respect to donation.
3) What are the modes of donation?
a. Cash (upto Rs.10,000 and backed by a proper receipt)
b. Cheque
c. Online donation: one can donate through a credit card, debit card or net-banking
Link for online donation:https://donate.aamaadmiparty.org/
d. Demand Draft (p.s. NEFT is not possible as it requires the account number)
e. Swipe Machine
f. Mobile Phones *
4) Types of receipts
a. Physical receipts
b. Online receipts
c. Mobile receipts – this has been recently launched. Please note that it works on Smartphones
only. A presentation on how to register and how to generate receipts will be emailed to you
separately. The presently is lengthy but very easy to read – would not take you no more than
10 minutes.
5) Fund-raising strategy
> It is important to have a dedicated team for fund-raising.
> Have one contact point in the team with whom the central teams can liaise with. Also provide for
runner-boys who can move around in public transport for cheque pick-ups
> Decide on a budget you are targeting – both for donation by way of funds and by way of kind (for
latter see point below)
> You need to adopt multiple strategies for raising funds:
• Prepaid fund-raisers meets with the candidate
o Plan for 2 such events per week.
o Instead of an elaborate dinner, this can be organized as “coffee with the candidate”
Crowd sourcing – door-to-door campaigns, volunteers with donation boxes on key intersections
& key market areas
o Identify & prepare a list of HNIs in your constituency – leading doctors, businessmen,
CAs, Sr. Corporate employees, celebrities
o Meet them individually through references or by simply calling up and taking an
I Fuel Swarajhttp://ifuelswaraj.org/
o Recruit sympathizers (who want to support but can’t give time) as IFS volunteers
Adopt a Constituency – a celebrity (a well known personality in your constituency) who is
willing to endorse AAP and / or the candidate can be asked to “Adopt the Constituency” – one
can expect his/her followers to contribute funds.
6) Donation in Kind
Prepare a budget of what all is needed for campaigning – cars, computers/laptops, printers, offices,
furniture etc – and put it up on notice boards, Facebook page etc. For all such donation receipts are
issued - there are separate receipt books available.
* Mode of donation through Mobile Phones
Airtel Money: Airtel subscribers can make a donation through Airtel Money. Load your account with
money, and then enter *400*3*6# and see a list of organizations you can donate money to. Select Aam
Aadmi Party, enter the amount you wish to donate and enter M Pin. Enter your name, city and mobile
number. Confirm that you are an Indian citizen and your donation will be made. You will receive a receipt
on Airtel Money itself, and you can use this transaction ID to track your donation on the Aam Aadmi Party
donation website http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/donation-list.
Vodafone M Pesa: Vodafone subscribers can make a donation through Vodafone M Pesa . Make sure you
have adequate balance in your m pesa account. In the main menu select Bill Payment and then Donation in
the sub menu. Under Donation, you will see the Aam Aadmi Party listed. Enter amount, enter m PIN and
give your name, city and mobile number. Also confirm that you are an Indian citizen. You will get a receipt
on m pesa regarding your donation to the aamAadmi Party, with a transaction number. You can use this
transaction number to view your donation on the AamAadm Party website
Refer http://www.aamaadmiparty.org/MCC for Model Code of Conduct. Identify volunteers with legal
background to form the legal team of your Loksabha Identify a volunteer who can correspond with the
Election Commission on a day-to-day basis.
Relevant Legislations
The Constitution of India, 1950
The Representation of the People Act, 1950
The Representation of the People Act, 1951
The Delimitation Act, 2002
The Election Commission (Conditions of Service of Election Commissioners and Transaction of
Business) Act, 1991
The Indian Penal Code, 1860 (Selected Relevant Provisions)
The Parliament (Prevention of Disqualification) Act, 1959
The Presidential and Vice-Presidential Elections Act, 1952
Legal Support to AAP Candidate: Legal support will not be provided to any AAP Candidate if he or she
disobeys any of the principles, guidelines, instructions, code of conduct or order issued by AAP in written
form or otherwise or the law of the land (“AAP Code”). Any breach of the AAP Code by any AAP Candidate
would invite immediate and strictest disciplinary action and would not be tolerated in more than [3]
Approval from State Legal Cell: Every AAP Candidate shall first communicate all comments or information
relating to any scam, crime, misconduct to the State Legal Cell for approval. No AAP Candidate shall make
any public statement or remark with respect to any criminal activity, scam, misconduct without first
seeking approval of the State Legal Cell. Every AAP Candidate shall seek prior approval from the State Legal
Cell with respect to the key campaign topics and poll agenda before making any public statement in that
Monitoring Volunteer Activity: Every AAP Candidate and his teams shall at all times maintain records with
respect to the details of the Volunteers working under them and constantly monitor the activities and
conduct of the Volunteers. Legal support will not be provided in case of arrest or protest if the committee
cannot identify their volunteers.
Naming AAP in legal matters: No AAP Candidate shall file any legal case in police station or court using
AAP name and the same can be filed only under their individual name.
Public Permission: After obtaining the relevant approval, a copy of any public protest, campaign,
hoardings, and other schedule shall be sent to the State office.
Citizen Grievance: All public complaints received shall be noted in writing with supporting documents in
a designated register / folder and sent to the AAP State Office. It can also be sent to the grievance to the
National Grievance/Dispute resolution Committee at [email protected] Complaints
regarding allegation of corruption, crime, moral turpitude can be sent with attached documentation of
proof to [email protected] and will be duly examined
Please visit your constituency's district collector's office and get contacts for the DEO and RO and the
person(s) in-charge for monitoring election expenditure and media permissions. Build a relationship with
them. These are the people whom you will be meeting and needing throughout the campaign period.
I. Set-up Candidate Bank Account:
Ensure candidate bank account has been opened (at least one day prior to date of filing nomination). Please open a
separate bank account (if not already done) exclusively for the purpose of election expenditure. This account should
be opened at least one day before the date on which the candidate files his nomination papers to keep a separate
and correct account of all expenditure incurred between the date on which he was nominated and the date of
declaration of the result of election, both dates inclusive. The bank Account can be opened either in the name of the
candidate or in the joint name with his election agent. The bank account should not be opened in the joint name
with any family member of the candidate or any other person, if he/she is not the election agent of the candidate.
II. Where to get the Forms:
There are 5 forms in total.
Forms 1, 2, 3 will be given by the RO. Forms 4 and 5 will be sent by the Delhi AAP office. Collect nomination forms
from RO office on day of issue of notification (see page 5)and make a photo copy of it. Try filling this photocopied
version first and scan and send to us for scrutiny. Please note, the nomination forms have to be collected from RO
office on this day only - they will not be available beforehand.
III. Filling in the forms:
1. Nomination
Papers (Form2A)
2. Affidavit papers
(Form 26)
3. Oath form
4. Form A
5. Form B
What is it?
Personal details;
‘broom’ symbol; 30
To fill in details
about your
criminal and
Form to attest
truth of
provided by
To request the
To say that
you are a
from Aam
Aadmi Party
(1) Nomination Papers - Form2A
Fill the Nomination Papers: Form 2a in consultation with your legal advisor and CA.
In Part3 of Form 2A, candidates must fill in (b)(ii) and write the symbol as ‘broom’ in preference and ensure NA
is ticked on the second, and third preference boxes
Please don't leave any column blank. You can strikethrough paras that are not applicable like Part I of
the form; score out options like Iam/am not, fill in NA or Nil as may be the case.
Please also remember that our name is "Aam Aadmi Party" and not "Aam Aadmi" , so in some blanks
it will become - Aam Aadmi Party party.
As Aam Aadmi Party is a registered and recognized party in the state of Delhi but a registered and
unrecognized party outside Delhi, you will need 10 proposers for each form. In case of proposers who
are illiterate persons, their thumb Impression has to be attested by the RO or an officer authorized by
Give Security Deposit: 25000/-. This can be given in cash (no check/draft accepted) at the RO office
It is mandatory for the proposers to sign beside their names. In case of proposers who are illiterate persons,
their thumb impression has to be attested by the RO or an officer authorized by ECI.
Each candidate is requested to submit 4 sets ofNomination Forms i.e. Form 2A(only Nomination Form, all
remaining four documents only 1 copy required) with different sets of proposers.As Aam Aadmi Party is a
registered and recognized party in the state of Delhi but a registered and unrecognized party outside Delhi, you will
need 10 proposers for each form. In case of proposers who are illiterate persons, their thumb Impression has to be
attested by the RO or an officer authorized by ECI.Each set will need 10 proposers for each form, hence there will
be 30 proposers in total. Only one deposit is required.
Nomination can be filed only by candidate or any of the proposers. Cannot be sent by post or filed
through any other person.
(Training Material => Content => Nomination)
It would be best to get the electoral certificate of each proposer to ensure that serial number and part number
is correct
All nomination forms and related documents can be typed written or should be filled in onlyin Blue Ink.SIGN
(2) Affidavit papers - Form 26
Prepare Affidavit: Form 26 - affidavit is sworn before the oath commissioner/first class magistrate/ Notary
Provide Oath/Affirmation at the time of filing
(3) Oath form
Will be given by RO
To be submitted at the time of taking the oath in front of the RO while submitting all other documents
(4) & (5)Form A and Form B
Both these will be sent by the Delhi AAP Executive to your candidate (via State Executive). These will be sent
in time for your nomination filing dates. The Delhi team will call your candidate and ask for the following
Candidate’s exact name as on electoral roll
Name of Father/Husband/Mother
Postal address
It is advised that candidates give an extract of their name from the electoral roll (mandatory if candidate is
an elector of a different constituency)
Please provide Copy of caste certificate from competent authority, if the candidate claims to belong to
Please note as per EC guidelines - The candidate is also required to submit the addresses and details of the
social media accounts including email ids that are being used by them for election campaigning to the
Election Commission, under Para 3 of the affidavit. (This may not be mentioned in para 3, but please
mention your social media accounts as well.
Please carry up to 5 candidate photographs
Give Security Deposit: 25000/-. This can be given in cash (no check/draft accepted) at the RO office only.
When you file your nomination, please take Certified Electoral Copy which is provided by RO
IV. Once you have filled in the forms:
Please scanand send a copy of all documents [email protected] scrutiny. We will revert toyouthe
same day
Nomination can be filed only by candidate or any of the proposers. Cannot be sent by post or filed through
any other person.
When you file your nomination, please take Certified Electoral Copy which is provided by RO
V. Once papers have been submitted:
Scrutiny of the nomination
Maximum 5 people to be present during scrutiny: Candidate, Election Agent, Proposer, and a fourth
person who should preferably be an advocate.
If objection rose during the scrutiny either by the RO or other candidates, argue it forcibly
No nomination shall be rejected on the frivolous ground; it shall only be rejected if the mistake is of
substantial one.
Appointment of Booth agents on each booth.Booth agents appointed shall be a voter of same
polling station.
Putting table outside the each polling station with the voter list obtained from the RO.
Setting up of one helpline for troubleshooting.
In case booth capturing or violence at a particular booth, give a written complaint to RO/
DEO/Sectoral Magistrate.
Candidate and his election agent are allowed to visit the polling booth.
Candidate and his election agent are allowed to use vehicle during the day of the poll with the prior
permission of RO.
Transportation of the voters is prohibited.
Please avoid any kind of slogan shouting and march/rally during the day of polling.
Other than the voters no one is allowed within 200 mtrs of the polling booth.
Appointment of the counting agent by filling the prescribed form before the RO
Maximum of 16 counting agents are allowed in each counting stations.
Candidate and his/ her election agents are allowed.
If the margin is less, immediately raise objection and recounting.