Executive MBA - MBA, Supply Chain Management, SCM, ETH Zurich

Executive MBA
Supply Chain Management
The ETH Executive MBA program offers a comprehensive education
of General Management, combined with focused training in Supply
Chain Management.
A unique MBA Program
with a focus on Supply Chain Management
Our MBA program was launched in 2003.
Since then, it has prepared students to
become effective business leaders in today’s
challenging world. They must be able to act
wisely and forcefully in the global arena. The
field studies in Asia, Russia and USA serve
this purpose.
Our MBA program bears the “Executive” label
because it is designed for senior managers
and experienced professionals. With
approximately 25 students, our classes are
kept small to better meet individual needs
and to maximize the teaching impact.
A high degree of diversity in nationality,
gender, age, profession, and industry sector
also contributes to an inspiring classroom
Our MBA program is organized for part-time
study, allowing students to continue working
in their jobs.
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Prof. Dr. Stephan Wagner
Academic Director, Executive MBA
Chair of Logistics Management
Department of Management, Technology, and
ETH Zurich
Key Features
General management
with focus on Supply Chain Management
18-month part-time program
Study trips to Asia, Russia and USA
Company visits to leading firms and VIP Talks to
meet industry leaders
Unique blend of academic and industrial expertise
EPAS re-accredited in 2013
Benefits for Students
Our students will benefit from our Executive MBA in many
Competencies to manage global supply chains
Premium business network
Qualify for an executive role
Develop leadership skills
EMBA from a top-ranked university
Benefits for Employers
Companies that sponsor a high potential employee for our
Executive MBA program make a profitable investment in
their human capital.
Reward, motivate and retain high performers
Take advantage of best practices in international
Expand the professional network of their top talents
Return on investment with company-related
case studies and a Master Thesis which solves a
business problem
Typical Class Profile
Total number: 25 students
Average age: 35 years
Average work experience: 9 years
Program Structure
Start of course
September every year
Study trips
China, Japan, Russia, USA
12 months course
6 months Master Thesis
CHF 65’000
CHF 60’000 (for early application)
Timing of Module
Thursday to Sunday, twice a month
Application Starts
Main location
Application Deadline
End of April (Feb for early application)
General Management
5 months
Supply Chain Management
5 months
Admission Requirements
• University master degree or
bachelor with excellent marks
and additional qualifications
• 5 years work experience
• Proficient in business English
(no test required)
Global Economy
2 months
Master Thesis
6 months
Understanding the
global economy and
its institutions, trends and
Applying what you have
learned to a business case:
sell your solution to your
sponsoring company
Leadership in action: VIP talks by business leaders
Live cases on site: visit European companies and their operations
Getting the big picture:
speaking the CEO’s language
SC Design & Process
Working with the law
SC Plan
Decision-making and
organizational principles
SC Source
Operating to serve markets
Designing an organisation for
business performance
Speaking the CFO's language:
financial insight for
Managing innovation and
technology for profitable growth
SC Make
SC Control
SC Deliver, Return &
Visiting und studying
Russia (the closest BRIC)
Visiting and studying USA
Visiting and studying Asia
Illustrate SC processes
in action: study industry
Using information technology to
support strategy and processes
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CH 8092 Zurich
[email protected]
+ 41 44 632 28 53
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