Preparatory Study Courses

Application Procedures for the Studienkolleg
(Preparatory Study Courses)
You can apply for the Studienkolleg (preparatory study courses)
• if you do not yet meet the requirements to apply directly for entry at the university
• if you can prove your proficiency in German at B2 level (recommendable: C1)
• if you intend to take up a degree course in Regensburg after having completed the preparatory
study courses
All Bavarian universities share the Studienkolleg in Munich:
1. Guidance Phase
Counselling: Do you meet the requirements to apply for the Studienkolleg?
Which steps do you have to take for a successful application?
For information and support please contact Ms Elli Wunderlich
2. Submitting Your Application
You must apply for the Studienkolleg at the university where you would like to study after you
have completed the Studienkolleg! (i.e. Please apply at Universität Regensburg in order to attend the
Munich Studienkolleg)
You will have to submit the following documents at the university:
3. Application for admission:
(for question 10.1. please tick „JA“ - yes)
4. Academic documents (certified copies, certified translations, for all languages other than English
and French)
School leaving certificate
If applicable: university entrance exam
If applicable: Certificates of study (Transcript of Records, diplomas)
5. Proof of your proficiency in German at B2 level (recommendable: C1)
6. copy of your passport
7. Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia: APS certificate
Please send your application papers to the following address:
Universität Regensburg, Studentenkanzlei, Universitätsstr. 31, 93053 Regensburg, Germany
Or hand them in to Mrs. Wunderlich, International Office, Verwaltungsgebäude, room 0.12,
Mo/Wed/Fr. 9.30-11.30 a.m.
Deadlines for applications:
Winter semester: 15 July, summer semester 15 January
3. If your application has been successful:
You will receive your notification of acceptance including all dates for the entry tests, the enrolment and
the start of the course by the end of July (winter semester) or the end of January (summer semester)
4. Passing the German entry test: Winter semester: September, summer semester: February)
5. Start of lessons at the Studienkolleg:
Winter semester: mid-September, summer semester: end of February
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