A La Carte Menu - Bollywood Masala

Samosa (2 pieces) $9.9
Parcels of our flaky pastry stuffed with a potato and nut
mix; served with our tamarind and mint chutney (v, n)
Bollywood Aloo Chat $9.9
A spicy mix of potatoes, chick peas and crispy pastry – reminiscent of Indian street
food; drizzled with tamarind and mint chutney and a touch of yoghurt (v, n)
Vegetable Pakoras (4 pieces) $9.9
Vegetable fritters; served with mint chutney (v)
Entrées From The Tandoor
(Indian Clay Oven)
Tandoori Taster $15.9
Healthy option for one: mix of chicken tikka, nariyal dhania murg tikka, lamb cutlet,
stuffed mushrooms, served with mint chutney (n)
Kudrati Kebab $11.9
Stuffed mushrooms with a chickpea mix; served with a tangy dip (v)
Paneer Shashlik $12.9
Our home-made Indian soft cheese cooked in the tandoor with capsicum, Spanish onions
and tomatoes; served with mint chutney (v)
Nariyal Dhania Murg Tikka $12.9
Tender chicken pieces marinated in a combination of coconut and coriander; served
with mint chutney
Murg Tikka $11.9
Tender chicken pieces in a traditional tandoori marinade; served with mint chutney
Tandoori Murg (half) $12.9 (full) $19.9
Tandoori spring chicken; served with mint chutney
Prices include 10% GST. 2% Surcharge on AMEX
BYO bottled wine only. Corkage: $3.50 per person
Dear customers - we keep your interests at heart in providing you with the best ingredients and freshly cooked
meals – therefore your patience is appreciated during busy times. We can cater to most dietary requirements, so
please advise us in advance
We endeavour to cater to most palates, therefore our food is generally mild-medium hot. Some dishes can be made milder
or hotter. V=vegetarian; n=contains nuts
Barrah Kebab (2 pieces) $11.9
Succulent tandoori lamb cutlets; served with mint chutney
Seekh Kebab $12.9
Skewer rolled minced lamb mixed with fresh herbs and spices; served with mint chutney
Nimbu Macchi Tikka $15.9
An innovative combination of Barramundi fillets marinated in a paste of Kaffir lime
leaves and lemon grass, finished with Indian spices; served with a lime dip
Tandoori Jhinga (6 pieces) $14.9
Tandoori king prawns; served with mint chutney
Mirchi Jhinga (6 pieces) $15.9
Chilli king prawns; served with mint chutney
Entrée Platters
Entrée platter for two (non–vegetarian) $26.9
A variety of fish, chicken and lamb dishes from the tandoor (n)
Entrée platter for two (vegetarian) $24.9
A variety of samosas, vegetable pakoras, paneer shashlik and kudrati kebabs (n)
Mixed platter for two $25.9
A variety of chicken and prawn dishes, kudrati kebab and vegetable pakoras (n)
Classic Dishes
(For those who want something familiar)
Chooza Khas Makhni $21.5
Butter chicken – an all time favourite
Murg Tikka Masala $21.5
Chicken tikka combined with a masala of onion and tomatoes
Rogan Josh $21.5
Lean diced lamb in a classic curry base
Bakri Gosht $23.5
Tender goat meat (on-the-bone) curry
Korma (Lamb/Chicken/Beef) $21.5
Tender boneless meat simmered in a mild cashewnut gravy (n)
Vindaloo (Chicken/Beef) $21.5
Tender pieces of meat cooked in a vindaloo curry
Saagwallah (Chicken/Lamb) $21.5
Tender meat pieces cooked in a spicy spinach sauce
Jalfrezi (Lamb/Prawn) $21.5/$24.5
Tender boneless lamb/prawn pieces tossed with capsicum and onions in a traditional
curry base
Regional Dishes
(Regional specialties that we love)
Murg Tariwala $21.5
From Punjab in North India
A homestyle spring chicken (on the bone) curry
Dum Ka Murg $22.5
From Lucknow in North India
A slow (dum) cooked chicken dish prepared in a cashewnut and yoghurt base (n)
Madras Curry (Lamb/Beef) $21.5
From Madras in South India
Tender boneless meat curry with a touch of coconut
Malabari Jhinga $24.5
From the Malabar Coast in South India
King prawns cooked in a tomato and onion sauce, enhanced with mustard seeds,
curry leaves, coconut milk and a touch of cashewnuts (n)
Meen Mollie $24.5
From Kerala in South India
Barramundi fillets cooked in coconut milk infused with south Indian spices
Goan Fish Curry $24.5
From Goa on the West Coast of India
Barramundi fillets combined with whole spices in a tangy vinegar base
Bollywood Specialties
(Some of our main attractions by people’s choice)
Bollywood Leg of Lamb $25.5
Our most popular signature dish (n)
An off-the-bone ‘melt in the mouth’ Mughlai style combination of marinated leg of
lamb, pan-cooked in a thick yoghurt-based sauce with a touch of rum and finished with
Bollywood special herbs and home-ground spices
Bollywood Murg Laajawaab (Stuffed Tandoori Spatchcock) $25.5
Succulent spatchcock cooked in the tandoor, served on a bed of saffron rice, dried
fruit, paneer and covered in a light tangy gravy (n)
Bollywood Masala Squid (Stuffed Squid) $25.5
Squid stuffed with a combination of barramundi and a masala of onions, tomatoes and
home-ground spices, cooked in the tandoor, and served with the Chef’s special gravy
Beef Hara Masala $21.5
Our chefs have prepared a beef curry based in fresh coriander, mint and spinach
Jhinga Laziz $22.5
Our own delicious combination of honey and prawns in a mild curry
Tandoori Rack of Lamb $25.5
Our innovative new dish - marinated lamb rack cooked in a traditional clay
oven and drizzled with a rich gravy of onions and cashewnuts, finished with
green cardamom and crushed pepper
Malai Kofta $19.5
Our home-made paneer cheese combined with potatoes and dried fruit into a dumpling (Kofta)
and cooked in a rich tomato and cashew nut and cream-based sauce (n)
Achari Baingan $17.5
A delicious spicy combination of eggplant cooked in special pickle (Achari) spices
Palak Paneer $19.5
A popular combination of our home-made paneer cheese in a spinach base
Nizami Kadai $19.5
Seasonal vegetables in a coconut milk base, tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds
Aloo Gobi $17.5
An uncomplicated combination of potatoes and cauliflower florets
Subzi Jalfrezi $17.5
A combination of seasonal vegetables cooked in a traditional curry base
Paneer Butter Masala $19.5
Our home-made paneer cheese in an onion and tomato masala
Bombay Aloo $14.5/$9.5 (side dish)
Potatoes tossed in cumin seeds and spices, finished with tamarind chutney
Daal Bollywood $17.5
‘Heaven in a bucket’ (Canberra Times)
A slow cooked combination of black lentils and red kidney beans enriched with cream
Daal Tadka $15.5
Yellow lentils to which is added a ‘tadka’ of sautéed onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes
Chawal (Rice)
(We use Basmati rice)
Plain Rice $3.3
Jeera (Cumin Seed) Rice $3.9
Matar (Pea) Rice $3.9
Exotic Saffron Rice (we use real saffron!) $3.9
Chicken/Lamb Biryani $21.5
Chicken or lamb combined with rice and fragrant herbs and spices; served with Raita
Vegetable Biryani $18.5
Vegetables combined with rice and fragrant herbs and spices; served with Raita
Tandoori Flat Breads
(Our breads are made fresh to order)
Tandoori Roti (wholemeal bread) $3.0 Plain Naan $3.0
Butter Naan $3.2
Lahsuni (Garlic) Naan $3.5
Cheese Naan $4.0
Sundried Tomato Naan $4.0 Laccha (layered flaky) Paratha $3.9
Kashmiri Naan (a sweeter naan stuffed with nuts, glaced cherries and coconut) $4.5 (n)
Peshawari Naan (stuffed with a mix of spices, dried fruit and nuts) $4.5 (n)
Aloo (stuffed potato) Paratha $4.5
Hot and Cold Beverages
Chai (Indian Masala Tea) $3.5
Traditional Indian beverage of white tea infused with aromatic spices
Mango Lassi $6.9
Our popular version of the traditional mango lassi prepared with dahi (Indian style
yoghurt) made in-house
Strawberry Lassi $6.9
A strawberry flavoured sweet lassi
Rose Lassi $6.9
A rose flavoured sweet lassi
Sweet Lassi $6.5 Simple but sweet
Cucumber Raita (made with our in-house Indian yoghurt) $3.9
Garden Fresh Salad $5.9
Mint/Tamarind Chutney $2.5
Sweet Mango Chutney $2.5
Lime Pickle $2.5
Mango Pickle $2.5
Basket of Pappadams served with Mint Chutney (4 pieces) $3.9
Chef's Table Tasting Menu
A menu tailored to your needs by our chef
Three courses @$50 pp
Four entrees
Four mains