Delta NCS System-I (Stimulator + Detector) $33,595

Delta NCS System
Complete System Includes:
 Stimulator (Axon-II) + Microvoltage Detector (PainDX)
Detects action potential amplitude
 Analysis Software (download to PC)
Achievable Graphs & Reports
 Disposable cost about $1 per patient
 3 Year Limited Warranty & Software Upgrades
 2 doctor’s 6 year certification**
 4 staff member’s certification
Delta NCS System
Waveform System
net cost $1,435***
Loaded with Waveform Software + Analysis/Report Generating Software
Laptop (programed to detect waveform) Foot-Pedal, cables and USB connectors
*** 1 Year Entire system warranty extension = $2100 value
1 Extra doctor and staff certification
= $600
Total Value Added $2700 Waveform Net Cost $1435
Cart sold separately – Call 800 766 0884
* These NIH trials evaluate treatment protocols using the Delta NCS System as the Gold Standard in detecting changes in
pain fiber function. National Institute of Health clinical trials requires additional onsite certifications.
** Certification: Purchase includes AASEM fees. Doctor pays AASEM dues and submits 12 graphs yearly.
Steps: a) Initial Certification: Doctor reads and fill-in the blanks (9 pages). He then watches the video and staff videos
him setting up a patient and testing three nerve sites.
b) 5 Year Certification: Doctor attends an AASEM workshop (includes 13 hrs. CME credit).
c) Staff members attend the same workshop to receive certificates of training.