40 Hour Advanced Criminal Investigations Utilizing Cellular

40 Hour Advanced Criminal Investigations
Utilizing Cellular Technologies
This is an advanced course that focuses on call detail record analytics, geolocation, and radio frequency
theory. This is a certification course that requires students to complete three scenarios after attending the
course. The students will submit the scenarios for review once they are completed and based on
measured performance standards, certification will be issued. Simply paying the course fee and attending
the course DOES NOT result in a certification being issued. It is anticipated some students will not
receive certification. The primary goal of this course is to give students the ability to analyze call detail
records with a purpose. There will be a significant portion of the course dedicated to geolocation,
allowing users to locate cellular devices in both real-time and historical applications. Radio frequency
theory will be taught to prepare students for required testimony as an expert in this field. All cellular
networks and VoIP formats will be covered in depth. Students will learn how to analyze call detail
records that will further their investigations.
Class size will be strictly limited to 30 students. This is critical to maintain an appropriate
instructor/student ratio. There will be two instructors for this course. Due to the amount of work required
to review student's case submissions after the course, we will not be increasing the class size.
What is the certification? This course prepares students to testify as an expert in court. Through the
techniques taught, students will have the ability to create expert reports and presentations for court. More
importantly, students will be shown how to create experiments to test their theories and conclusions for
court. In the event the court will not recognize the student's qualifications as an expert, ZetX will provide
an expert to review the case and testify if needed. There will be a series of 40 hour certifications
throughout the United States and Canada. This course is the only standardized certification available to
law enforcement.
The course is a hands on workshop that will require students to bring a laptop and work through cases
throughout the course. The last day will cover courtroom testimony and cross examination techniques.
Once the initial course is complete, students will receive their cases for the certification process. There is
a 6 month limit to completing the cases and submitting them for review. Students will then be required to
submit one case per year for a peer review to maintain certification.
This course has been developed by Sy Ray. Sy was the owner and operator of Phoenix Training Council,
a recognized provider of professional law enforcement training. In 2014, Phoenix Training Council
became ZetX. Sy has extensive knowledge in this field, is a recognized court expert, and has completed
hundreds of case studies and field experiments to support the techniques that will be taught. During his
career, Sy has instructed 1000's of students throughout the United States and Canada. He has worked
cases and provided detailed consulting in this field throughout the United States, Canada, and
Afghanistan. ZetX is a newly formed corporation that will continue to provide the excellent training
standards that Phoenix Training Council was known for, in addition to offering a complete solution for
call detail analysis, tracking and officer safety though our web-based applications.
Thank you for your interest in this class. Before registering, we recommend you understand the commitment it will take to
complete this course and the scenarios provided after the course for certification. Not only is this the only certification of its kind
offered, we have every intention of making it the most respected and coveted certification of its kind. Given this, understand
students will be required to work diligently through the cases in the class and the three post course certification scenarios.
Students can expect a minimum of an additional 40 hours worth of work to complete the required scenarios after the course is
over. The process will be challenging. If you are willing to take on this challenge, we welcome you and look forward to seeing
you in class. You can find the registration training page at www.ZetX.com.