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National History Day
Leadership and Legacy
Welcome to National History Day 2015! We are excited for another engaging year in history!
After-School Workshops
1. The workshop days are Mondays and Thursdays. The workshops are critical for understanding the NHD process and all new
students are highly encouraged to attend.
2. We understand some students are on sports teams/ the marching band and may not be able to attend. These students
should make special arrangements to meet regularly with one of the teachers to ensure steady progress is being made.
3. Required Fall Workshops:
Group Skills Workshop: All students that are working with a group.
Capitol Building Field Trip Workshop: All students that are attending the field trip.
4. There is no activity bus during the first semester this year. Transportation home must be provided.
Parent Pick –Up
The after school workshops end at 4:30. Please be prompt with picking up your child by 4:30. The teacher volunteer their time with
the NHD program and by 4:30 have put in over a 9-hour day. We love our jobs and especially love the NHD program, but we’re tired
by 4:30 and have family commitments to attend to. If you are unable to pick up your child by 4:30, please be courteous and make
arrangements for transportation for your child. We understand that traffic out of Charlottesville can be tricky at times. Please plan
for this as you are making arrangements to pick up your child. We appreciate your cooperation!
The schedule for the year is attached. Please note that these dates are subject to change as necessary. At this time we do not know
the exact date for the state competition. We will announce the date as soon as we know. The date of the competition could impact
the final due dates.
In order to simplify money collecting for the small items, we ask for a program fee of $20. This includes a Greene County NHD tshirt, a binder, a copy of the rulebook, money for the field trip/registration to JMU, and research support materials.
Student Organization
While we understand that middle school students can be experts at disorganization, it is important for students to keep their NHD
materials organized. NHD is an ideal time to encourage academic organization. Each student will receive a binder that contains the
research directions. The binder should be brought to the after school workshops. On other days it should be kept at home for
research. Please help your child to keep all materials organized and up to date. It is also important that the students turn forms and
work in on time. Due to a schedule change during our school day, we have less time to remind and gather NHD materials from
students. All NHD students will need to be responsible for meeting deadlines without requiring repeated copies of papers.
National History Website
Permission Form
In order to streamline our paperwork, we have included several permission forms on the attached sheet. Please read all of the
sections and have your child turn it in to his or her social studies teacher by Wed. September 6. See note above about organization!
Student Information and Parent Permission Form
Student Name
Homeroom Teacher
Social Studies Teacher
Dragon Time Teacher
If you are taking a class during DT, please list that here: _____________________________________
If this class doesn’t meet every day, please circle the day you have this class: Green
Parent email (Please print VERY neatly! Mistakes in email are usually made when we can’t read the handwriting.)
Student T-shirt size
T-shirts are
Student t-shirt:
adult sizes.
ADULT small
ADULT medium
ADULT large
ADULT X-large
Other: _____________________ (Add $2.00 for XXL+)
Media Release Form
Please sign the media release form on back.
After-School Workshops
Please check all that apply:
Workshop attendance
 My child has permission to stay after school for NHD.
o My child will attend the workshops on
Thursdays  Circle one!
Parent Pickup:
 I will pick my child up by 4:30.
 My child will be picked up on a regular basis by ____________________________.
 My child will attend after school care at the Primary School.
Parent Signature _______________________________________________________________________