INMM-UIT Workshop

 University of Ibn Tofail
INMM-University of Ibn Tofail Student Chapter Workshop
Workshop Information Sheet
Date : 14:00 – 17:00, September 17, 2014
Title : Nuclear Security for the next Generation : Ensuring Continuity of Knowledge
Speakers : Dr. Jason Harris (Idaho State University, USA), Dr. James Larkin (University of
Switwatersrand, South Africa), Dr. Oum Keltoum Hakam & Dr. Abdelmajid Choukri
(University of Ibn Tofail, Morocco) and Students of INMM-UIT Chapter (Taha Laghouazi,
Assia Lasfar & Youness El Fassi)
Coordinator : Dr. Oum Keltoum Hakam, INMM-UIT Student Chapter Advisor
Objectives of the Workshop :
The international community has highlighted the importance of human Capital against the threats to
nuclear security in many international events. The goal is to train a new generation of experts who can
help to improve global nuclear security.
This workshop is addressed to students, educators and young professionals in Africa to disseminate a
nuclear security culture, to encourage young professionals to go for a career in nuclear security, to
exchange of experiences with international speakers, to present the various opportunities available and
to facilitate networking among academia and nuclear professionals around the world.
This event is also an opportunity for the three students Assia Lasfar, Taha Laghouazi, and Youness El
Fassi from INMM-UIT to share their experience gained in the United States of America with their
peers. Thanks to the Department of State Partnership for Nuclear Security (PNS) and CRDF-Global
that Assia, Taha and Youness benefited from a Nuclear Security Table Top Exercise at Oak Ridge
National Laboratory (Knoxville, Tennessee) and attended the 55th Annual Meeting of INMM in
Atlanta, Georgia in July 2014.
AFRIRPA04, September 13-17, 2014, Rabat-Morocco,
AFRIRPA04, September 13-17, 2014, Rabat-Morocco,