BOARD MEETING 7-3-14 Treasure report Jarvis motion to

Treasure report ... Jarvis motion to approve Mick 2nd
Tower help/scales/pit steward/flagging/concession stand/track/mowing-THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO
Moscore update. Mick suggests we put it on QMA classified ads.
Trash... Is to be picked up by Wednesday. However it hasn’t been picked up till Thursdays. Jr called to
clarify pick up date waiting for a call back
2014 track rules updated.
Region race.. 160 cars... Mike feels it went very well and thanks everyone for helping to make it a
Bunker Hill regional race... As of now if track is not complete the race will be held at Lincoln.
Hall of fame sign in 1-2
Scholarship cars 2 have been returned so far and have been reissued to new scholarship applicants.
THQMA shirts – The ladies sold almost 1/2 of the shirts ordered at the regional race.
Trophies/awards 3weeks worth that have not been sponsored. Jeremy has one coming from O'Reilly
$150/week... Several those have not paid for their night. Mike will contact them for their payments
Website/social media. Jamie is working on the site and it is coming along. Mike will go over points to
get them corrected and put back on the site.
THQMA GROUNDS projects 2014... Mower is being worked on at complete. If need be Travis will bring
over a mower to use until fixed.
Door for tower has arrived. Jarvis will install the new door
Hydrite... Mick still getting weekly phone calls. There is property on Springhill however there are homes
around the area and when we visited the property we ran into some resistance. Mike feels that Hydrite
needs to step in to help find us property that will work for relocation of the track. Mick suggested we
also ask the Mayor to come to the next board meeting to help us find the property that meets the
criteria for the relocation of our track.
Jr wants to discontinue coming to board meeting because we vote on things and decide to do it one way
and then come race time it's done differently. One example is Courtesy laps are we giving them or not...
It was decided 5 cars or less in a class will get 2 courtesy laps plus the 1 to go. Another incident if Gas
caps if they come off during a race it's a DQ. We need to make sure we are aware of the rules and are
2nd example is the board voted to change the sign in times back to 3-4. Reason being it is affecting the
concession stand profits which help pay for our end of the year banquet. When it was announced to the
members at the handlers meeting there were a few members who didn’t not want to change so it was
not changed. 3rd example BOD voted to have a work night on Wednesday when it was announced at the
handlers meeting it was changed to Thursday night after we voted on it to be Wednesday due to many
members getting ready for Taylorville regional. Mike Frey stated he would step down if we feel he isn't
doing the correct job. It was said that we need to stick together, back the president as a board and
make it a team effort to get THQMA back on track.
It was also suggested there be a head judge that is experienced in the rules to help eliminate the unfair
calls and to help teach new members the correct way to make calls. We as a board need to be firm on
our decisions. Starting next week 7-12-14 with the time change for sign ins. We will announce it at the
handler meeting this Saturday regarding the time change. We also will explain why the change is
Outline... there has been some confusion on Who makes the call.BOD decided it will be the Race
director who will make the outline call because it cannot be seen from the judging stand.
Judges list and corner working sheet will be filled before races can start. We will not start racing until
this sheet is fill. BOD feels that on the bigger faster classes the judges stand needs to have experienced
members who know the rules.
We need to make changes... We are in danger of losing members due to the inconsistency in judging.
As well as the starting of the races. Charging, pushing and rough driving will not be tolerated. If
Flagman/or judges see pushing is happening the ones doing the pushing will go to the tail. We as a
board have to stand up and back up the decisions that are made.
Starting 7/12 sign in will go back to 3-4
Grand’s committee will be put together soon. If interested please let Mike know.
Banquet committee - Date? Idle Creek.
Animal motor needs to go back to National.
Arrive and Drive committee need to be put together and start getting information out to the public.
Need to make sure kids are supervised and not unattended. Having issues with children getting into
other members trailers and helping themselves to things that are not theirs. ALSO NO KIDS UNDER 16
ANYTIME THERE ARE DRIVERS/HANDLERS PRACTICING. Please understand if anything was to happen
this could result in THQMA losing our privilege to race and our insurance.
2 more regionals left scoreboard needs to be hauled by someone.
Motion to adjourn meeting maid by Jarvis and 2nd by mike/ Yogi.