POL - Colin Thain

Colin Thain
Norm Operator
Colin Thain completed OPITO’s
POL Level 3 Petroleum Processing
Processing Technology modules
modules with the aim of expanding
his knowledge of the offshore oil
and gas industry and furthering his
his career prospects.
‘I decided to change career when
I turned 30 and I chose the oil and
gas industry for the vast career
opportunities and scope for
progression. The added benefits
like time at home also appealed to
‘I heard about POL through my
brother and work colleagues. I’m
hoping to make the transition from
Norm Operator to Production
Technician/Operator and believe
that the POL modules have given
me valuable insight into what the
operator role entails and how the
the whole offshore process
the whole offshore
process operates.’
‘OPITO gave me excellent support
and were very helpful with any
questions I had. They also gave me
me the opportunity to speak to
someone in the industry who
helped me gather information on a
a particular module.
‘The entire course was very well
presented and explained. OPITO
were very helpful in offering
assistance, from sitting exams to
any specific questions I had about
each module. I found it a very
valuable course and hope that it
will lead to future employment
as a process operator enabling me
to progress in that field.’
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information on POL
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