Localization of Properties service is requested by Citizen to locate and identify the
measurements of the property. Citizen would provide Survey number/s for which localization is
required and Mandal Surveyor would provide those detail post the Survey.
Category Type: B
User Charges: ` 35
Service Charges: ` 1250
Service Level Agreement: 30 Working days
Documents Required: 1. Application *
2. Affidavit/Notary stating that the applicant is owner of the land*
* denotes Mandatory
Procedure for Applying:
Operator clicks on Revenue Department services to go to Revenue Department services.
In Revenue Department Services Select ““Localization of Properties (HYD)”” Service like shown in the below
After selecting the “Localization
Localization of Properties (HYD)
(HYD)” Service in the Revenue Department Services, the below
screen will be displayed.
Now operator enters all the Applicant Details and Applicant Address such as Applicant name, Land register
holder Name, Manner in which rights acquired over the land, Door No, Locality/Land mark, District, Mandal,
Village/Ward, Pin Code, Ration Card Number, Aadhar No, Mobile, Phone and Email.. Like shown in the below
Please note that based on the customer request, the delivery option (either through Manual or Speed Post - Local or
Speed Post - Non Local at the Franchisee) has to be selected. The courier charge
s for Postal (Local) is Rs. 33/33/ and
for Postal Non Local is Rs. 46/-.
Now operator enters all Property details such as Premises number, Property District & property mandal.
mandal Like
shown in the below screen.
Now Operator select Premises Number or Land Mark in Land Boundaries.Based on selection , operator enters
land details. Like Shown in the below Screen.
Note: - If operator selects Premises number, then enter Premises number.
Note: - If operator selects land mark, then enter all details.
Operator collects the necessary supporting documents as indicated in the service page and scans the same
documents and uploads into the system, like shown in the below screen.
Please note that all the mandatory fields have to be entered, otherwise request will not be accepted by the system.
After entering all mandatory fields and uploading the necessary supporting documents, Operator Clicks on
“Show Payment” button like shown in the below screen.
After Clicking on “Show Payment” button it will g
o to Conform Payment. Like shown in the below Screen.
Here charges are displayed based on Delivery option. Like shown in the below Screen.
Operator collects the amount from the customer and submits the request By Clicking on “Conform Payment”
utton, like shown in the below screen.
♦ On confirmation the receipt will be generated as shown below along with the Certificate Delivery Date
Please note that in case if you do not have sufficient balance with your service provider (SCA), system will not accept
the request.
On submission, the request will go to respective Tahsildar Work flow for further processing.
Once the request is approved by Tahsildar, then Endorsement will be dispatched through courier to the
customer’s address if Delivery Type is Speed Post Local/Non Local.
If Delivery Type Is KIOSK,, then citizen collect the Endorsement from franchisee where he/she applied for
the Certificate.
Note: - Here Endorsement contain Speed Post Number and Speed Post Date.
Note: - Once the request is approved by Tahsildar then he will prepare LOC certificate and send to Citizen through