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F. E . P e a c o c k M i d d l e S c h o o l
January, 2015
¡Hola! ¿Cómo están?
The Spanish program at Peacock Middle School provides students with an exposure and a foundation to the language.
Students at each grade level participate in a nine week Spanish language program along with a full-year of 8th grade
Spanish for identified students.
6th grade Spanish
Students are familiarized with the Spanish language
through an emphasis on grammar and vocabulary,
• Greet people at different times of the day
• Introduce yourself to others
• Respond to classroom directions
• Begin using numbers
• Tell Time
• Identify parts of the body
• Talk about objects in the classroom
• Ask questions about new words and phrases
• Talk about items related to the calendar
• Learn about the Aztec calendar
• Describe weather conditions
• Identify the seasons
• Compare weather in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
• Learn colors
7th and 8th grade Spanish
Students are provided a foundation in Spanish vocabulary,
grammar acquisition and conjugation of verbs, including:
• To talk about what you like and don’t like to do
• Describe yourself and other people
• Talk about classes you have
• Describe your classroom
• Ask and tell who is doing an action
• Talk about foods and beverages for breakfast, lunch,
and dinner
• Talk about locations in your community
• Talk about leisure activities
• Tell where you go
• Ask questions
• Describe families
• Talk about celebrations and parties
• Ask and tell ages
• Express possession
• Understand cultural perspectives on family and celebrations
• Talk about family celebrations
• Describe family members and friends
• Ask politely to have something brought to you
• Order a meal in a restaurant
By Vladimir Mathelier, Spanish Teacher
F.E. Peacock Middle School
Students design a poster to teach colors in
The Encore Department: Art, Band, Foreign Language, Music, Physical Education, and Technology
From Peacock’s gym to
the streets of Itasca
By Timothy Loest, Band Director
F.E. Peacock Middle School
On February 22, the F.E. Peacock Middle School bands will present a winter concert featuring a variety of compositions and
arrangements, including Modest Moussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, Percy Grainger’s Shepherd’s Hey, and Blood, Sweat and
Tears’ Spinning Wheel. The concert will feature all students in Peacock’s band program. Upcoming performances include:
February 22 – Sunday
Jazz, Concert, and Symphonic Bands
3:00 PM – Peacock
Warm-ups at 2:15
March 7 – Saturday
Jazz Band – IGSMA Contest
Half-Day Event
Gurrie Middle School, LaGrange
Time TBA
March 21 – Saturday
Symphonic Band – IGMSA Contest
Half-Day Event
Clarendon Hills Middle School
Time TBA
April 16– Wednesday
Concert and Symphonic Bands
6:30 PM – Peacock
Warm-ups at 6:00
April 22 – Wednesday
Concert and Symphonic Bands
7:00 PM – Peacock
Warm-ups at 6:15
May 25 – Monday
Concert and Symphonic Bands
Memorial Day Parade
9:30 AM – Franzen
Roll Call at 8:30-8:45
Warm-ups at 9:00
Orchard and Maple Dispersal
Music has the power to stir emotion, celebrate achievement, retell history, and express the diversity of human culture. This
year, nearly a third of Peacock students participate in band. These students rehearse weekly in preparation for a variety of
performances. Thank you for supporting District 10’s band program. Your partnership helps our students develop into
emotionally-mature, creative and caring human beings.
Music Boosters on the Internet http://www.itascamusic.com
The Encore Department: Art, Band, Foreign Language, Music, Physical Education, and Technology