February 15, 1999 - Cherokee County Schools

School District Unveils Conceptual Architectural
Rendering for New Administrative Building
This conceptual rendering shows the front of the School District’s new/replacement administrative
building, with the main entrance facing the corner of Main and Academy Streets in downtown Canton.
The community is getting its first look at a conceptual design for the Cherokee County
School District’s proposed new/replacement administrative building in downtown
As part of the due diligence work that the Cherokee County School Board requested in
preparation for its Feb. 5, 2015 School Board Meeting when the Board will vote on
proceeding with the new/replacement administrative building project, CCSD staff, with
KRH Architects, has finished a conceptual architectural rendering.
The conceptual rendering shows the front of the new/replacement administrative
building, with the main entrance facing the corner of Main and Academy Streets.
“The conceptual design, as I committed to Cherokee County Historical Society leaders
in November 2014, incorporates architectural details and design cues from the Building
A facade, with a focus on creating a building that both nods to downtown’s past and
looks to its future… much like the historic architecture-inspired buildings constructed in
recent years in downtown Canton,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank R. Petruzielo
Historic-inspired details of the design include:
The original white marble diamonds in the current facade of Building A are those
pictured in the facade of the new/replacement building design;
The original white marble steps in front of Building A will be transformed into
benches on either side of the main entrance in the new/replacement building
The red color of the brick in the new/replacement building design is the same
shade as those used in the current buildings (unfortunately, the original bricks
are not in reusable shape for construction purposes);
Artifacts that have been preserved, such as the original school bell from Building
B, will be incorporated into the exterior or interior design of the new/replacement
administrative building; and,
Landscaping, wrought-iron fencing, sidewalk patterns and other exterior details
surrounding the new/replacement administrative building will blend in with
downtown’s existing “streetscapes” design.
In addition to completing the rendering, CCSD staff also has gathered the following
economic development-related information:
In addition to 62 employees already on CCSD’s downtown Canton campus in Buildings
A and C, the new/replacement administrative building would allow the return of about 90
additional staff to the campus (including all of Financial Management now at Keeter
Road and non-classroom Special Education staff now at Buffington ES and at various
schools, as well as other support staff now at other offices and at various schools)… for
a total of about 152 employees. The new/replacement administrative building also
would expand professional development capacity, with an expected 50-100 employees
from throughout the County coming to the facility on a regular basis.
The new/replacement building design calls for 219 spaces (plus four handicapdesignated spaces) not including the large lot at the corner of Archer and West Marietta
Streets that CCSD currently allows the City of Canton to use for public parking at no
charge. Of those new spaces, there are 19 public spaces (plus two handicapdesignated spaces) along Academy Street that anyone – visitors to CCSD offices or to
other downtown Canton locations – would be permitted to use at no charge.
“As I have previously stated, while economic development is not our mission, we are the
No. 1 employer in the City of Canton and Cherokee County, and understand the impact
our departure from downtown Canton would have both in terms of the immediate loss of
patronage for businesses and in the significant negative impact on real estate,” Dr.
Petruzielo said.