Gulf Daily News Wednesday, 28th January 2015
This can be one of the most potent times for some while, as far as your ingenuity is concerned.
You’re rarely backwards in coming forward in terms of bright new trends, but there’s another side
of you that can be rigidly adhered to what you know. Now is a time to truly embrace novel new
approaches and attitudes.
There’s been something of a dichotomy recently for you, Pisces. Your career may have stuttered
under the weight of expectations, even those of someone you’ve been dealing with, and with
Mercury twisting backwards in your sector of secrets, you may have felt isolated. Now a major
breakthrough is entirely possible.
Mercury continues to twist backwards, but it is forging a fantastic alliance to Uranus. And it’s possible that something you had looked at before but then discounted could actually start to come
back into play. Futuristic ideas of any kind can do particularly well. Equally, some new and exciting
friends could enter your orbit.
Someone you haven’t heard from in a long time could get in touch, completely unexpectedly and
you can be delighted to hear from them. This might not be someone in a social context as they
could be linked to your work. However, they may have some exciting news for you. Even an old job
application can come alive again.
Your ruler Mercury is influenced brilliantly by Uranus. Any kind of futuristic idea, technology or
people who have a real appetite for ground-breaking approaches, can stoke your curiosity. The
chance to go on a last-minute journey somewhere is also possible. This could be part of a group of
friends, or with one special one.
The Moon is emphasising the need for co-operation today, and if you can, try to keep everybody in
the loop with your plans. If you’ve been waiting for news on a property matter, a financial payout
or some kind of legacy, and there’s been a delay, a flash of insight could well throw up a way in
which you can tackle this.
However you’re feeling today Leo, the chances are it’ll be more difficult to disguise it from other
people. The good news is that with Uranus combining with Mercury, a fresh insight into a relationship issue suggests that your mood can actually be upward. A frank exchange of opinions may also
be possible today.
If you’ve found yourself changing your domestic routines somewhat – good for you. After all
change is as good as a rest. But you may not limit yourself to just this one area of life, because a
fresh innovative approach could be applied to your work and even finances, so even if it seems
daunting, do be open to this.
Someone may have seriously frustrated you in the romantic context, and proved to be rather unreliable or changeable of late. However, this needn’t pan out in a negative way and the surprises
today could be entirely positive, even pleasant. You might also find yourself having a complete
change of mind about one person.
The more you can listen to other people, the better your relationships with them will be. There can
be a tendency at the moment to be rather subjective about your closest ties. The bigger picture
is that now there’s an opportunity to look at yourself, and how you interact with others, in a new
Your mind can be a font of creativity. This may see you coming up with fantastic ideas, and even
if there’s something you’ve been grappling with which is proving hard to solve, now you could
have some kind of breakthrough. You may also find yourself being fascinated by anyone with the
confidence to be truly different.
Take a look around your abode Capricorn. Are there items in it that you no longer use? If so, this
would be the ideal time to de-clutter. Creating more space in your home environment, could also
go side by side with some kind of reorganisation. With some lateral thinking, you can improve the
flow of energy in your home.
Column spot on!
refers to the article by Anwar AbdulTdo..?”HIS
rahman “Where now after Charlie Heb(GDN, January 22).
I always read with great
interest Mr Abdulrahman’s
articles, and I would like to
say that he is always spot
on with his views,
and so he is again
with this very new
Please allow me to express my opinion in my
own simple words.
The world order is
out of balance. We are living in a non-caring
society, and, therefore, when man runs out of
words, he picks up a gun.
However, I do not agree with killing people
for any given reason, and France (Charlie
Hebdo) should think twice before publishing
offensive cartoons.
It is a dangerous mix, and has nothing to do
with freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of Press.
Mobiles worry
OBILE phone masts are everywhere in
Bahrain. They have to pay a fee to place
the mast in an area if it is granted, which
communications companies easily bypass by
placing them on top of houses and buildings
or in gardens paying a monthly fee of BD500
(that was offered to me). It is considered
private property.
However, in many cases, they are placed
without consulting or
informing the neighPublished letters are not
necessarily the views of the bours who might not
want such a dangerous
Editor. Readers wishing to
monstrosity near their
make a complaint through
the GDN should provide full
In Bahrain many are
details of the complaint
placed in clusters –
together with their contact masts of three different
telephone numbers.
companies placed in a
mere 100sqm in residential areas.
People living close to mobile phone masts
(base stations) frequently report symptoms
of electromagnetic hypersensitivity such as
dizziness, headaches, skin conditions and
allergies, the mechanisms of which are only
just beginning to be understood.
There is also growing anecdotal evidence
for cancer clusters forming around them.
However, we are regularly told by the mobile
phone industry that these base stations are
safe because their microwave radiation falls
off rapidly with distance and is far too low to
generate significant heat.
Microwaves have the power to burn human
tissue and the eye is particularly susceptible.
The US Food and Drug Administration
warns that you shouldn’t stand directly
against your microwave while it’s heating
your food. It’s especially important that children follow this rule since their bodies absorb
TODAY is Wednesday, January 28, the 28th day of
2015. There are 337 days left in the year. Highlights in
history on this date:
1561 - Persecution of Huegenots in France is suspended by Edict of Orleans.
1689 - Britain’s parliament declares that James II has
abdicated; Germany’s Baron Melas devastates the Palatinate.
1846 - East India Company troops defeat Sikhs at Aliwal in India.
1871 - Paris surrenders to Germany in Franco-Prussian
1885 - British relief force reaches Khartoum, and Sudan is evacuated.
1909 - UN control in Cuba is ended.
1932 - Japanese troops occupy Shanghai in China.
1945 - First UN truck convoy travels, reopening Burma
Road in the Second World War.
1949 - The UN Security Council adopts a resolution to
establish a cease-fire in Indonesia, then known as the
Dutch East Indies.
1961 - Rwanda provisional government proclaims
1962 - UN unmanned spacecraft, Ranger III, fails to hit
moon and passes it at distance of 35,200km.
n Supporters of Pakistan’s political party
Jama’at-e-Islami hold signs during a protest
against Charlie Hebdo in Karachi
radiation more easily than adults.
One short-term study found significant and
disturbing changes in the blood of individuals
consuming microwaved milk and vegetables.
Eight volunteers ate various combinations of
the same foods cooked in different ways.
All foods that were processed through
the microwave ovens caused changes in the
blood of the volunteers. Haemoglobin levels
decreased and over all white cell levels and
cholesterol levels increased. Lymphocytes
A scientific test that can be done by
children, take two plants and water one with
microwaved water that is cooled down, the
other with kettle boiled and cooled down water. Each time the result is the same. The plant
watered with microwaved water dies.
Do scientists know everything about mobile phones and health?
No, and research is continuing.
Mobile phones have only been widely used
for about 20 years, so it is not possible to be
so certain about the safety of long-term use.
More research on the effects of mobile
phones on children is also needed, as they are
1964 - Riots break out in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.
1983 - Labour group Solidarity’s underground leaders
call on Poland’s factory workers to prepare for nationwide general strike as “the only way to break down the
existing dictatorship.”
1986 - Space shuttle Challenger explodes moments
after liftoff from Cape Canaveral, Florida, killing all seven crew members.
1990 - Life in Azerbaijani capital of Baku returns to
normal as Armenian and Azerbaijani separatists withdraw from border regions.
1991 - Soviet troops seize and shut down two Lithuanian customs posts.
1992 - Leadership of National Liberation Front, which
won Algeria’s independence and ruled for three decades, resigns.
1993 - France’s ambassador to Zaire is killed by a stray
bullet as soldiers riot and loot shops and foreigners’
homes in Kinshasa.
1994 - Three Italian journalists are killed by a mortar
shell in Mostar, Bosnia.
1995 - In the bloodiest day in Egypt’s Islamic insurgency, police shoot to death 14 suspected militants, and
extremists kill two policemen and two civilians.