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*Student Council &
Bridges Program
*Booster Club
*Mrs. Robert’s Crafts
*Riddle Answers and
*Ribs For Sale
*New Riddles
Passionate in promoting educational success and individual excellence.
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Student council recently donated $400 to
the Bridges Program. The Bridges Program
gives items that are necessary to live, to
people who cannot purchase them themselves. The student council voted on the
amount of money that was to be donated. They earned the money from various fund raisers and concession. Good
job student council! By: Eli Russell
Booster Club still has some items left to sell! They
currently have two royal blue Under Armour
hoodies. They have a medium and a large for $38
each. They also have one black Under Armour
jacket left for
$60. All three
items have
the Fairview
logo on them.
Contact Mrs.
Brunson if you
are interested
in buying any
of the items.
*8th Grade Memories
Mrs. Roberts’s class has been making winter
crafts. The class has made bird seed snowmen
and other winter themed crafts recently. The
students enjoyed themselves very much.
*B-Team Tournament
*St. Jude Donations
Last week’s Riddle Answers and Winners!
#1) Why is it so easy to weigh fish? BECAUSE THEY COME WITH THEIR OWN
*1/26 PTO Meeting at
4:00 in Cafeteria
Winners: Shelby Coursey, Ethan Kissinger, Heaven Adier, Sophia Sydow,
Kelsey McKinney, Landon Goure, Jacob Ruhland, Callie Sturgeon, Kuter
Riley, Madison Sisco, Makenzy Powell, Sy Stewart, Madison Ledbetter, Chloe
Sanders, Madison Rost, !and Kenny ?!
*2/3 Pee-Wee Basketball at Junction
#2) You’re in a room with 3 monkeys. One has a banana, one has a stick,
and one has nothing. Which primate in the room is the smartest? YOU ARE!
*2/6 Volleyball game
at Junction Hill
Winners: Heaven Adier, Sophia Sydow, Kelsey McKinney, Landon Goure,
Jacob Ruhland, Callie Sturgeon, Kuter Riley, Madison Sisco, Makenzy Powell,
Sy Stewart, Mariam Zeidan, Jakoby Hansmann, Kennedy Bergman, Chloe
Sanders, Madison Rost, Kiersten Mahan, and Jade Barry!
*2/6 PTO Sweetheart
Carnival 5:00-7:00 pm
If your name is listed above, please come see Mrs. Brunson for a small
prize! :)
*2/10 Pee-Wee Basketball at Richards
*2/13 No School due
to Teacher In-Service
*2/16 No School—
President’s Day!
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*Cotton Bowl Story
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*Where’s Waldo
*Lunch Menu
Where’s Waldo?
Congratulations to Savannah Housley for locating Waldo this
Ribs smoked by Smoke ‘N Hillbillies BBQ are
available for sale. You must pre-order by February 4, 2015. Half rack of ribs is $10 and a full rack
is $20. Pick up on February 14 @ AG Building by
West Plains High School Football Stadium from
10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Contact Jason Swope, 417-293
-4695, Christy Ramseur, 417-293-5803, or Casey
Parker, 417-505-9324.
#1) I have no life but I can die. What
am I?
#2) You can break me without touching me. What could I be?
Drop your guesses in the black basket
in Mrs. Brunson’s room by Wednesday
at 3:00 pm.
By: Kaitlynn Young
The day of the game. Everybody was buzzing!. Dad and I had gone to a pregame party in the penthouse of the Aria hotel, and let me tell you, it was the
worst mistake I ever made. There were no kids and all I could do was sit there
and look out the window at the beautiful nuclear power plant. After 2 grueling
minutes, we finally left. I didn’t know this, but apparently my dad invited his
entire crew. He had rented a greyhound bus and we all piled in. When I stepped
on to the bus, I looked behind me at all of dad’s friends and was nearly blinded
by the sun’s reflection off their bald spots. I immediately thought,
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH! My eyes!” and realized my dad was middle-aged.
Getting back on the bus, I blinked out the spots in my eyes from the light and
took my seat. The entire trip took probably 30 minutes to get there, and when
we finally got to AT&T Stadium, half of the men were asleep. We got into the
stadium and I was wildly impressed. The décor, the technology, the ESCALATORS. We had to go up, like, 3 of them, and I knew that this was the motorized
stairway to heaven. We got to our seats and the game began. We started out
pretty good, but near the 2nd quarter we started sucking, and at that moment, I
realized that our neighbor is actually a banshee with a bullhorn on steroids. Our
popcorn actually got blown off the top. He was so loud, that he drowned out the
loudspeaker. Eventually, we won and most of the stadium was incredibly happy,
minus the OSU fans. We headed out and hailed a cab, because we could not find
our bus. We were about halfway home whenever we realized that someone was
missing: my dad. His phone was dead, he had no money, and no friends had
stayed behind. The adults in our car were too happy to be any help, so we just
decided to head on to our hotel and hope for the best. The next morning, we
packed up and got ready to leave. Luckily, dad did make it home, but he refused
to tell us how, so how he got home is a mystery to us. The flight home was an
absolute nightmare. I thought I had an entire row to myself, but some big dude
in a Hawaiian shirt had thought otherwise. He slept the whole way and when he
snored, he could have been recorded on the Richter scale. It was terrifying. This
concluded the Super Bowl Story. I will be back with more stories eventually.
This week’s 8th grade memories are from Kole
Taylor and Koby Martz. Kole’s favorite memory
was when Koby said “but we can’t have potatoes outside Mrs. Wade.” Koby’s memory was
when he and Philip were chased by “the Horse
Girls” which consisted of Molina Dietrich, Kelly
Weidman, Lily Harris and Addie Brunson.
By: Ace Summers
If anyone would like to donate money to the
St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital,
please send your money in to Ms. Fredrick by
Wednesday, February 4th. You do not have
to participate in the St. Jude’s Math-a-thon
to make a donation. Any and all donations
would be greatly appreciated and for such
an amazing cause! Thank you!
Cold Line
Hot Line
B-Team Girls
A conference win
and tournament
champions for our Bteam Lady Flyers!
Last Tuesday, The
Fairview B-team
faced off in the beginning of a tournament against the
Richards Rockets.
Chloe Sympson,
Katie Pham, Savannah Summers, Avery
Romans, and Kelsey Bonham scored 2 points each, Jade Barry scored a 3pointer, and Shelby Coursey and Ellie Walker scored 6 points, defeating the
Rockets 25-13. Then last Friday, we faced off against Howell Valley. Chloe
made 2 points and 3 free throws, Katie Pham made 2 and a free throw, Shelbee Davis made 2 points, Shelby Coursey made 4 points, Ellie Walker made 2
points, and Savannah Summers made 4 points to beat Howell Valley 20-14. Go
B-Team Boys
A 2nd place finish for our boys! The Fairview B-team boys played two games in
the tournament. The first game they played Howell Valley and won with the
score of 11-39, and the leading scorer was Eli Mcginley with 14 points. They
played their second game against Richards and lost with the score of 37-33.
The leading scorer was Eli McGinley with 13 points. The B- team boys got 2nd in
the tournament. Great job boys!
Cereal, Honey Bun,
Orange, Juice, Milk
Sausage, Biscuit, Gravy,
Orange, Juice, Milk
Taco Stack, Pinto Beans, Cornbread, Lettuce, Cheese,
Peaches, Milk, Water
Cereal, Donut, Apple
Wedge, Juice, Milk
Hot Ham & Cheese, Apple
Wedge, Juice, Milk
Popcorn Chicken, Fried Rice, Carrots, Black-eyed Peas, Pears,
Milk, Water
Cereal, Apple Strudel,
Grapes, Juice, Milk
Malt-o-Meal, Cinnamon
Biscuit, Grapes, Juice, Milk
Chicken & Noodles, Baked Sweet Potato, Green Beans, Apple,
Cookie, Milk, Water
Cereal, Yogurt, Banana, Juice, Milk
Pancakes, Syrup, Little
Smokies, Banana, Juice
Baked Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Hot Roll, Broccoli, Orange, Milk, Water
Cereal, Toast, Mixed
Fruit, Juice, Milk
Oatmeal/Rice, Toast,
Mixed Fruit, Juice, Milk
Chicken Quesadilla, Mac-and-Cheese, Salad, Salsa, Pineapples, Milk, Water
Menu subject to change without notice.
Lunch Menu for January 26th-30th