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Participants will have to make a manually controlled wireless or wired robot capable of
maneuvering through various terrains and earning points by doing certain tasks that are parts of
the track. There will be two rounds. The final round will consist of certain extra tasks. The bot
which has cleared the preliminary round and has scored maximum points in the final run, wins the
 Bot dimension should be within 30cm (width) x 30cm (length) x 30cm (height). Both wired and
wireless mode of communication can be used to control the bot.
 Bot may have any mechanism, to enable it to traverse through the terrain and perform the tasks
but these mechanisms should follow the above size restrictions at the start of the run.
 Bot's weight should be less than 5 kg.
 Any damage caused to the arena by the robot will lead to immediate penalization of the team,
which causes it and may cause elimination of the bot.
 The DC voltage used to power up the bot should NOT exceed 18 V and may be checked by the
organizers before the start of the event.
 220-230V 50Hz AC supply will be provided to all participants in form of standard 3-pin sockets
on extension boards to power up their bot.
 Wires connecting the robot to the external power source must remain slack throughout, during
the run of the robot.
 Participants with complete ready-made robot-kits will strictly not be allowed to participate.
 Use of IC (internal combustion) engines are strictly prohibited.
 The decision of the BOT-PRIX organizers will be final in case of any conflict.
Front View of the Arena
Side View of the Arena
Arena Description
 The robot has to start from the Start zone once the signal is given by the referee.
 The game begins with a terrain that involves “Plateau Region”. There are slight ups and downs
in this region.
 Further comes a hill, bot is supposed to climb the inclined part as shown. Angle of elevation
of the inclined will be nearly 25 to 35 degrees.
 The path down the hill will comprise of “Gravels” and “Speed Breakers”
 Further comes “The Stunt Zone”. Here the bot has to jump from a height to the ground level
successfully through the inclined plane having inclination of about 25-30 degrees. The
continuously flowing stream of water down the incline makes up another challenge for the
bot. Longer the jump greater the points to be awarded.
 Completing the “Stunt Zone” leads the bot to the “Water Pool”. Bot has to be driven all the way
through the water.
 Further comes “Rotating Platforms”. Here two circular platforms will be rotating in opposite
direction, if the bot falls off from the platform, points will be deducted.
 Passing through the “Rotating Platforms”, further comes “Net Bridge”. Bot has to pass through
this bridge which is made of net.
 After completing the “Net Bridge”, the bot has to make its way by dropping the bricks in
proper places as shown in the “Bridge Making Zone”. The bricks are of different sizes.
 Further comes “Rail Tracks with Rotating Blades”. Bot is supposed to cross the tracks without
touching the blades as it may result in penalty.
 Now the bot enters “Game Play 1”. The rules are pretty simple, bot has to put the three
different colored balls in their respective places. Skipping this zone is not allowed.
 Completing the “Game Play 1” leads the bot to “Game Play 2”. Here the bot has to complete a
hidden electric circuit by joining the conducting circular rods of the respective cuboidal
conducting poles to the other adjacent poles. The pole and rod system can be easily rotated
along an axis perpendicular to the horizontal ground, just by pushing them with the bot.
Once all the rods are connected physically the circuit gets closed and the “Gate” will open.
 Next part of the track is followed by an “Inclined Track” (open book structure), along with the
obstacles. Completing this zone leads the bot to the final part of the track.
Front view
Back view
 Further comes the real essence of Botprix. Bot enters a zone where we will check your bot’s
accuracy, participant’s driving skills, control and of course the speed which the bot can
acquire. This is a place were you have to win over time. Obstacles Make this Race track a bit
Nature of the game
 The game consists of two rounds.
 The preliminary round will consist of the some sets of gameplay. Here, the bot has to complete
the track in least time.
 The final round will be a bit difficult and extra scoring. Here, in addition to the preliminary round
we have certain scopes of bonus points.
 Maximum number of members in each participating team is 4.
 They must all be present students of science/engineering institutions.
 They may or may not be from the same institute.
 No participant can be a member of two teams.
 No two teams can share the same robot.
 Only wheel/caterpillar track based locomotion is allowed.
Score Panel
Finishing up the whole track under time constraint (15 minutes) will result in bonus
2000 points and ‘t’ seconds after the time constraint will count for (2000-2t) points on the other
hand ‘t’ seconds before will count for (2000+2t) points.
 Falling off the track (F) 50
 Hand touch (HT) 50
 Restart (RS) 600
 Touching a blade (TB) 50
 Touching the side walls 20
 Skipping a task 500
Note : Arena design and the score scheme are subjected to modification if needed before the
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