20.1 Million by Moreton on projects this year for Div 10

Issue No. 98 Jan 2015
Koala Chlamydia Vaccination Success
This photo is Natasha a veterinary nurse
on the left at a Toorbul Veterinary
Ecology clinic, center is 3 year old
female Koala named Venom, then
myself. I was present in Oct 2014 for
the terrific announcement of the world’s
1st successful Koala Chlamydia vaccine
trials. The 3–yrs research by Sunshine
Coast Uni was aided by Moreton’s
funding, which will now reduce koala
infection & improve their fertility rates.
Also our Council spends around $75,000
p/year to improve our 285 hectares in 3
koala reserves including support to
wildlife careers in the region. One big
koala reserve is nearby in Samford.
$8.5m on Sth Pine Road Everton Hills
This photo taken in Nov is the $8.5m
South Pine Rd new 4 lanes. Stage 1 nth
side only, is from Camelia Ave nearly to
Buckland Rd & completion is in early
Feb 2015. Then stage 2 nth side is more
of Buckland Rd intersection works, then
moving further eastwards, completion
stage 2, April 2015. The new traffic
lights here to be in operation when the
sth side works finish, at date to be set.
To assist locals Doval Construction have
an onsite customer service officer Lisa,
mob 0404 924 852. Our request to
drivers, please keep your speed here to
40kph as it helps those living nearby.
$20.1 Million by Moreton on
projects this year for Div 10
This is the estimated value of all types of
works, even some new/extra allocations
(excluding usual maintenance) funded
from Council’s 2014/15 Budget. Briefly
they include: Building works, Parks
Eqpt, Bikeways, Drainage, Roadworks,
Footpaths, building Car Parks & designs
for forward planned items.
2 New Toilets - Bunya & Everton Hills
1. A replacement toilet is to be built at
Bunya Crossing Reserve, off Dugandan
Rd, Bunya with $120,000 in our
2014/15 budget. To meet new
environmental requirements the new
toilet needs a pump out tank. It will be
in a more elevated location to be further
resilient from the South Pine River flood
plain. I discussed this with Bunya locals
at an onsite meeting on 7th December.
Moreton’s Town Plan - status
Did you know that Councils proposed
town plan was advertised & the majority
of submissions were related to flooding/
coastal matters.
Following ongoing
talks with Qld Govt certain clarifications
were made & we are still waiting on
further information, but it is our
intention to go back out for a second
round of public advertising for
community comment as soon as we can.
Moreton’s $ help Schools Chaplaincy
The school Chaplains program in
Moreton will benefit following our 3
fundraiser programs that raised $67,366
in 2014, that will be donated to them.
My Newsletter
We now print this newsletter in gloss,
giving better colour & it is lighter for
our deliverers. Did you know, for 6
editions a year it cost $1.07 per property
for my Bulletin newsletter & now to
print it in gloss costs under 1c extra in
total per property per year.
No Land Revaluations for 30/6/15
Following our suggestion to Qld
Government in 2014, they have agreed
that due to little land value movements
up to Oct 2014, they will not be doing a
region wide land revaluation for
Moreton, usually effective on 30th June.
So no revaluation letters early 2015
This Toilet photo example is the one
If you need Moreton Council Help
proposed for the Everton Hills, as below.
2. Planning for a new toilet is sought in To report a matter or for any help from
Councils 2015/16 budget for Alfredson
Moreton Bay Regional Council
Park, Collins Rd, Everton Hills, west of it’s best to first contact our great team in
the play equipment & close to the road.
Customer Service, weekdays phone
Following a request to Council from a 3205 0555 8.30am to 5pm. Or E-mail
nearby resident for this facility, Council
[email protected]
Staff made an initial assessment & 4
sites were proposed. Before any further Our phone also 24/7, in emergencies
investigation I wrote to 230 nearby
Or www.moretonbay.qld.gov.au
residents for on-site talks on Wed 13th
Your local Councillor
Aug 2014 to seek their thoughts. The
Brian Battersby - Division 10
majority of attendees were supportive of
it & agreed on its selected site. The
Independent. My E-mail is
early cost is now around $120,000.
[email protected]
If we can help try our Customer Service
Moreton’s Australia Day Awards 2015
first, or if you need my extra assistance
My PA is Polly on Ph 3480 6383.
Congratulations and well done to all the
or my Home/office 14 Leawarra Cres
category winners & nominees in 2015.
Ferny Hills or Phone 3851 0475.
$19,422 Grants to Moreton south
This photo left to right is, Reverend
Suzie, Cheryl then Ron & myself as we
praise with a Cuppa an $11,543 grant to
replace their old kitchen facilities.
Moreton’s 2014/15 round 1 grants gives
$19,422 to 3 Div 10 groups at a 100%
success rate for those that applied. The
successful groups & some précis info is:
 The Hills District Community Garden,
or HOG (Hills Organic Garden) at 416
Bunya Rd to receive $2,468 towards
extra vegetable garden beds.
 Willmore Kindy/Preschool Ferny Hills
for Outdoor Discovery Lab, Play Eqpt
& Education Space to receive $5,411.
 The Arana Hills Uniting Church to
receive $11,543 towards a kitchen
upgrade because of their significant
community use.
But not one local application received for
Moreton’s Arts Grants funding this time.
Help in Arana Hills seeking Grants
Learn how to apply for our
grants at a free forum from 6
to 8pm, Tues 24th Feb at The
Hills District Community
Centre 291 Dawson Parade,
Arana Hills. To book please
phone 3205 0555 office hours. We also
offer help on what to apply for, eligibility
& even other grant providers as well.
Bunya Tip what happens to old Fridges
This photo is a line-up of old fridges,
freezers & air-cons at Bunya Tip. Before
we turn these into saleable scrap metal
to protect our environment from the
release of chlorofluorocarbons gas, it is
extracted & disposed of by a special
contractor, in 2013/14 this work cost
Council nearly $17,000.
In 2013/14 we processed 1,940 fridges,
freezers, air-cons & with other steel sold
over 2,100 tonnes from Bunya Tip. All
this saves valuable Tip Space.
Fairy Floss sales raises $ for Schools
This photo is from
Patricks Rd State
Loch aged 6 with his
$2.50 Fairy Floss &
myself making it.
School P & C
hard to raise extra
schools. This event was my 34th year
assisting schools with Fairy Floss stalls.
Council’s Birralee Child Care Centre
New style signs for Parks & Reserves
This sketch is to
show the height &
size of our newer
signs & it shows
our new bigger
logo in the top
right corner (the
previous one was
smaller). The new batch of signs coming
soon are for: Albany Creek; 2 in Cowrie
Pde Park. Bunya; Yarral-Yarral Reserve
2 signs. Dog off leash area 416 Bunya
Rd. Arana Hills; Max Morton Pk Minto
Cres in already. Everton Hills; Fred
Ward Reserve 2 signs Parkleigh St.
Ferny Hills; City View Reserve 2 signs,
1 at Hutton Rd end & 1 at Barber Rd end.
Arana Hills Wightman Res. Drainage
This photo shows part of the completed
works of a very large drainage project for
part of Cabbage Tree Creek, off Yingally
Dr, cost $400,000. These works over 16
weeks included 3 new culverts, new
pathways, replacing the older timber
boardwalk, stabilising with rock the
creek banks, a new service silt collection
trap & extensive new specific plantings.
We would like to thank all the bikeway
users for their cooperation & patience
during these drainage works.
Francis Rd Everton Hills - New park
Our next round of Moreton’s Community
& Arts Grants opens on Mon 2nd Feb
2015 & closes on Tues 31st March 2015.
Local Development Applications
Everton Hills: A Code Assessable
Application approved for the 3,127
square metre size property zoned
Residential A at 44 Bunya Rd, so it can
be divided into 2 Residential A lots.
This photo is parents Michael & Rachel
with their 2 year old son Harry at
Birralee’s bi-annual Art Show. The
children's canvases are purchased by the
families & these childhood master pieces This photo was in mid-Nov 2014 of a
new car park project. The works included
A MCU - Impact Assessable Application can be treasured by their families.
roadside & other drainage, a disability
lodged (& already advertised) over 41 &
path from the car park to the recently
49 Buckland Rd seeking to create overall
Property owners driveway’s Info
built new play area, a roof for the picnic
8 small size residential allotments all
shelter & specific vegetation planted in
fronting towards Buckland Rd. There is
locations intended to create shade from
a house currently on this site with
the afternoon sun. The overall cost is
frontage to the western end of Walkers
around $125,000 in 2014/15.
Rd, now seeking vehicle access here.
Community Garden Group 416 Bunya Rd
A MCU Impact Assessable application
lodged (is an advertised process) for 7-9
This photo is
Miller Parade, corner of Bennetts Rd, The photo above shows a worn driveway
some of the
currently zoned Residential B, (higher
vegetables from
density) seeking 16 units on 3,016 square
the “HOG” Hills
home owners responsibility to maintain
meters & has 2 low homes here.
Organic Garden
&/or replace them to an approved
grown at their
Ferny Hills: A MCU Code Assessable standard design. This process is now
developing area
Application (not needed to be advertised
at 416 Bunya Rd
for comments) has been lodged for the conditions on Council’s website. This
Bunya, close to
6,333 square meter size property at 32
Bunya Dog off
Owarra Ave West that is zoned received requests to fix them, plus they leash area. For more information phone
Residential A. They seek approximately need to be kept in a safe & trafficable Kathi 3351 6571 or John 3351 1038 or
condition for both pedestrians &
14 units, maybe split over 2 stages.
vehicles, as they are in footpath reserve. email them at [email protected]
Lemke Park Albany Creek
We invited locals feedback &
suggestions at an on-site meeting in
November 2014. This well attended
meeting was to get locals opinion on
further facilities here, as we are planning
1 to 4 years ahead. If you’d like a précis
summary of the meeting notes email me
your name and address please.
Clean Up Aust Day - Sun 1st March
Albany Creek High School Art Winner
Come along between 7am to 11am, even
if it’s for 1 or 2 hours. Call Council on
3205 0555 or go to Clean Up Australia
website www.cleanup.org.au to register.
Sites for 2014 were: Bunya: SES
HQ. Arana Hills: Leslie Patrick
Park. Everton Hills: Sylvia Gibbs Park
and Albany Creek Lemke Park. We
presume these may be the same spots for
2015 year just as a guide. If you do
come, please wear a hat, bring gloves,
The photo above is Sam Johnson on the covered-in shoes and water.
left with myself, as I congratulate him on Moreton SES Member for 2014 award
winning the 2014 peoples choice award
This photo
with a masterful coloured pencil portrait,
L to R is,
his prize was a timber art materials
storage box. He also won his age group
1st prize of $200 in the 2D category.
The Moreton Bay Youth Art Awards is
an annual event & in 2014, we had
Henk van
works by over 400 young artists between
den Ende,
5 to 18 years, from all over the region
Arana Hills
with prizes to young artists & schools. Deputy Group Leader Sonia Cuff &
For details check our website. Entries Arana Hills SES Group leader Graham
open in July 2015 & close 1st Sept 2015. Bartlett. Well done Sonia from all at
Moreton Bay Region on being awarded
overall “Unit Member of the year for
Graffiti clean-ups across Moreton
2014”, for outstanding service &
Did you know in 2013/14 financial year dedication to the 7 groups. We currently
our staff did 3,100 clean-ups & 63% have 355 SES members across our
were on a
pro-active basis.
All Region. Well done to the other award
information, including photos is given to recipients.
Congratulations to our
Police for their further investigation. Our wonderful SES for their huge training &
thanks for a Qld Government grant of community service. In 13/14 Council
$55,999 this helped reduce our costs.
spent $700,000 towards helping our SES.
businesses including one of
Australia’s largest Bunnings,
Queensland’s first Costco and
major distribution centres for
Super Retail Group and Aldi.
The past 12 months has seen the
Moreton Bay Region cement its
reputation as a great place to
invest and conduct business.
Areas such as Brendale, Narangba
Industrial Estate and North Lakes
Town Centre and Business Park
are continuing to expand and are
already home to hundreds of
New and continued investment in
the Moreton Bay Region means
employment opportunities both
during construction and upon
completion, helping to stimulate
the local economy and provide job
opportunities for local residents.
This year will see projects such as
the multi-million dollar Primewest
retail complex at North Lakes get
underway and the continued
Bushcare local groups
Did you know we have 4 bushcare
groups in the local area? They are:
Wahminda Park, Wongam Reserve &
Brook Park in Ferny Hills & MOTT at
Bunya Riverside. Activities can be
tailored to suit your abilities - it’s not all
hard work. To find out more call
Bushcare officer – Nicole Byrnes on
3205 0555
go to our website:
Patricks Rd AH - right turn arrow
Following a request our
staff will arrange around
May/June for the signals
on Patricks Rd to include
an arrow for a right turn
into Bringelly St (or Uturn). This will result in
a short delay to east
bound traffic & will be monitored by our
staff. The cost is estimate is $10,000.
120 at Bunyaville Park Run’s 1st Birthday
This photo was at James Drysdale
Reserve Bunya as Parkrun celebrated
their 1st anniversary in Dec 2014. They
start their run each Sat at 7am sharp from
an open area at the nth end of Sports
Lane after assembly & registration at
6.30am & for all ages & its free, but a
gold coin donation towards consumables
appreciated. Usually approx. 70 folks
weekly. For info Phil’s mobile 0403 765
368 or email [email protected]
construction of the $1.15 billion
Moreton Bay Rail Link,
connecting the Moreton Bay
Region with more than 12.6km of
rail track and six new dedicated
stations from Petrie to KippaRing.
As one of the country’s fastestgrowing regions, Moreton Bay
Regional Council will continue to
work hard to attract investment
that benefits our community.