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SALE No. 348
JANUARY 28th 2015
LOTS 1-174
LOTS 175-185
LOTS 186-300
LOTS 309-326
8 Southend & District Joint Services Bus Timetable leaflets
1955-1976, with timetable alterations, many holiday services,
notices etc. 3 are folded o/w VG to fine. (37)
9 London Transport Timetables (5) 1961-66, plus related
histories (7, mostly s/back), four modern timetables, and few
newsletters. Mainly G/VF
10 London Transport Timetables (52) 1960s to 1985,
including supplements and local services, much 1970s, plus
Bus Maps (13) from 1930, and other items.
11 British Bus Publishing Bus Handbooks, 1990s, for various
regions, plus few issued by Capitol Transport. VF. Softbacks.
12 UK Bus History and Reference, h/b and s/bk, mostly
modern illustrated works. VG/VF (21)
LOTS 327-386
LOTS 387-412
13 UK Bus History & Reference,1960s to modern, h/b and
s/bk, many illustrated works. VG/VF (20)
14 UK Bus History & Reference, 1960s to modern, h/b and
s/bk, many illustrated works. VG/VF (21)
1 GWR Jig-Saws “Speed” and “St. Julien” in original boxes;
the boxes very worn but the pieces fine. Not checked for
2 Liptrot & Woods Rotorcraft, Butterworths, 1955, orig. cloth,
ex-library; and other aviation books & pamphlets, 1950s/60s,
mostly civilian. (17)
3 World Airline Fleets Handbooks 1980s to 2000, and related
aviation ‘spotter’ books, largely s/b, VG/VF. (13)
4 Central America and the Caribbean Civil Aircraft Registers,
Air-Britain, 1978, and a collection of other Aircraft
spotter/reference softbacks, many published by Air-Britain.
VG/VF (18)
5 Jet Airliners of the World Air-Britain, 1974, and a collection
of other Aircraft spotter softbacks, mostly published by AirBritain. VG/VF (18 + 2 pamphlets)
6 1960s Bus Timetables of Ireland (2), Ulster (2) and Scotland
(5), various companies, two with a folding Map, good to fine.
7 Bus Timetables and Fares Tables (2) 1960-1969 for
Brighton and Portsmouth, including 6 Southdown Motor
Services. All timetables have folding maps. Also a modern
book on Portsmouth Transport history. Fair-VF (11)
15 UK Tram & Light Railway History & reference,
including Trolleybuses; mostly large format, 1970s to modern.
16 Tram, Light Railway and Trolleybus History &
reference, largely UK, 1960s to modern, many
illustrated. (24)
17 1960s Kent Bus Timetables and Fares Tables (2)
comprising East Kent Road Car Co. (6, one lacking cover) and
Maidstone & District Motor Services (3); six with folding
maps. (9)
18 North Western Road Car. Co. 1932 Timetable for
Express Services to & from Manchester, orig. wraps, pencil line
across front cover, staples rusted, 40pp, good; and three 1960s
Manchester timetables. (PHOTO)
19 1960s Bus Timetables for Ribble Services (7), Carlisle,
Isle of Man (2) and Sheffield, 6 with folding Maps; plus
1970s/80s leaflets/pamphlets (45), mostly Lancashire &
Yorkshire services.
20 1960s Bus Timetables comprising Eastern Counties (3),
East Midlands Motor Services (4, from 1958, one lacking
cover), Derby Corporation (5), and Trent Motor Traction (2);
plus related pamphlets/leaflets/window notices (50),
21 1960s Bus Timetables (6) & Fares Tables (7), countrywide including Oxford, Stratford, Thames Valley, Guernsey,
Isle of Wight; plus 1960s/80s bus & coach Timetable
leaflets/pamphlets/window notices (122) with much Midland
Red (filing punch holes in margin) and Barton Transport.
22 British Maritime history, all concerning merchant ships,
ferries etc, h/b & s/bk. (19)
23 British & Foreign Trams & Trolley-Buses 1960s/80s, a
collection of PC size b/w photographs notably UK (76),
Lucerne Corporation (80, all trolley-buses), plus Denmark,
Germany etc. Also Bangkok City buses (28). Mixed quality.
24 Kowloon Motor Bus Services 1980s, a collection of PC
size b/w Photographs, annotated on reverse, mostly middledistance to near-distance. Good quality. (178)
25 German Steam Locomotives, a collection of PC size b/w
photographs, including many action shots, 1970s/80s printings
from earlier negatives. (155)
26 Foreign Steam Locomotives 1980s, a collection of PC size
b/w photographs, with Europe, North America, Malaya &
others, including preserved steam, many annotated on reverse.
Mixed quality. (265)
27 British Steam Locomotives 1980s, a collection of PC size
b/w photographs, a few produced from earlier negatives, all
annotated on reverse, with much preserved steam. Varied
quality. (295)
34 A. Berson & others Junkers: Festschrift Hugo Junkers zum
70. Geburtstage, VDI Verlag, 1929; tall quarto, original printed
cloth; internal hingeing weak; many illustrations; 99pp
35 British Railways Passenger Timetables, late-1950s to mid1960s, chiefly Southern Region plus some Scotland. VG/VF
36 Leicester Bus Photos 1960s to early 1980s, all plain-back,
mostly 1970s, b/w PC size, VG quality, many with dates on
reverse. Fine (100)
37 Leicester Bus Photos 1960s to early 1980s, all plain-back,
mostly 1970s, b/w PC size, VG quality, many with dates on
reverse. Fine (105)
38 Leicester Tram Photographs 1940/60s, some taken from
earlier negatives, some contact prints; mixed quality but many
fine close-ups included. Largely PC size. Also few from other
areas. (100)
39 Leicester Tram Photos 1940s/60s, some taken from earlier
negatives, some contact prints; mixed quality, many fine closeups noted. Largely PC size. (100)
40 Leicester Tram Photos 1940s/60s, some taken from earlier
negatives, a few with PC backs; mixed quality, many fine
close-ups noted. (abt.100)
41 Leicester Bus Photos 1960s to early 1980s, all plain-back,
mostly 1970s, b/w PC size, VG quality, many with dates on
reverse. Fine (abt.100)
28 Photographs of Foreign Buses (85) Trolley-Buses (92)
and Trams (135), all b/w PC size, 1970s/1980s, with some
Hong Kong & other Asia but chiefly Western Europe. Varied
quality. (312)
42 Leicester Bus Photos c.1960 to late 1980s, b/w or coloured,
5.5 x 3.5” or 6 x 4”, many with dates on reverse. VG quality
29 British Diesel Locomotives 1980s, a good collection of
1980s PC size b/w photographs, mostly annotated on reverse.
43 Leicester Tram Photos 1940s/60s, some from earlier
negatives, some contact prints/repro, all b/w PC size; mixed
quality but many fine close-ups. (100)
30 Hong Kong Trams (100) and Buses (91), a good collection
of 1980s PC size b/w Photographs, middle-distance/neardistance, all annotated on reverse.
44 Leicester Tram Photos 1940s/60s, some from earlier
negatives, some contact prints/repro, all b/w PC size; mixed
quality but many fine close-ups. (100)
31Trams and Trolley-Buses of San Francisco (106) and
Vancouver (37), a collection of 1980s PC size b/w
Photographs, middle-distance/near-distance, good
45 Chesterfield Corporation National Emergency Bus
Timetable, June 1943, pocket size, slight staple rust marks, o/w
fine. 72pp. Scarce (PHOTO)
32 Blackpool Trams 1970s/80s, a collection of b/w PC size
photographs including scenes at Fleetwood, all with annotations
on reverse, middle-distance/near-distance. (230)
33 The Modern Tramway Volumes 1 &2: January 1938 to
December 1939, Adam Gordon, 1997 reprint, quarto, gilt cloth,
46 Blackpool Tramway Guide 1927; approx. 7 x 4”, 30pp
with coloured fold-out Plan; staple rusted and rear cover with
some staining o/w VG. (PHOTO)
47 Hants & Dorset 1932 Bus Timetable, with map to centrefold; staple rusted and cover loose; good clean text. 160pp
48 Bus & Coach ephemera with Timetables for East Midland
Motor Services 1934 (88pp) and Thames Valley Traction 1942
(64pp) both with tape repairs, Midland Red Bus Map 1930s,
and Black & White Coaches Tour Guide 1930s.
(74pp, fine). (4)
49 Liverpool Tram & Motor Bus Map & Guide 1937, VG;
and 1944-1950 Bus Timetables comprising Liverpool,
Scunthorpe (2, one with tape repairs), Maidstone, East Kent
Road Car Co, Southdown (Brighton), and Aldershot & District.
Fair-Fine. (8)
50 Scottish Bus & Tram Timetables 1937-1962, mostly SMT,
various districts, including five of 1946-50 period; also Dundee
Fares tables 1962. Fair-VF (10)
51 British Railways Passenger Timetables 1957-1962, mostly
Southern Region, plus Midlands (3) & Scotland (2). VG
condition. (10)
52 British Railways Passenger Timetables 1955-1964,
chiefly Southern Region, plus Midlands/North of England (3).
Good to fine. (10)
53 UK Bus Photos 1960s/80s, mainly b/w, between 3.5 x 2.5”
to 6.5 x 4.5”, with good variety and many fine close-ups.
54 UK Bus Photos 1960s/80s, b/w and coloured, PC size or
slightly larger; good variety and many fine close-ups.
55 Blackpool Tram Photographs late 1940s to 1960s, plus
few produced from earlier negatives, many with annotations on
reverse, all PC size with many fine close-ups. (200)
56 Tram Photographs late 1940s to 1960s chiefly
Edinburgh, Gateshead and Falkirk;some produced from
earlier negatives, some repro. Mixed quality but with many fine
close-ups. (approx. 200)
57 Birmingham Tram Photos 1940s/1960s including many
close-ups and busy street scenes; all PC size, some taken from
earlier negatives, many with annotations on reverse. Also few
from other localities. (abt. 200)
58 Chiefly Blackpool Tram Photographs, plus Birmingham,
Blackburn and few others, largely 1940s/60s, all PC size; some
reproductions from earlier PCs noted. Many fine close-ups.
(abt. 200)
59 LNWR Tickets for 1895, a set of four Counterfoils, for
Third Class (Parliamentary) journeys from Chapel-en-le-Frith
to Royton Station (via Oldham). Fine (PHOTO)
60 Silvester Parry and others: Late-19th Century
Photographs of Chester, one showing exterior of Parry’s
Studio, various sizes, 8 in all, some laid down; plus 4 other
photos, and an album of photogravures of Chester.
61 Frank Meadow Sutcliffe (1853-1941): UK Topographical
Photographs (4) including two of Whitby. Albumen prints and
carbon prints. 5 x 8”. Two laid down. FMS 517, 587, 667, and
808. Fine. Plus 3 other photographs including two small 1880s
Photos by Payne Jennings. (PHOTO)
62 Late-19th/early 20th Cent. Photographs, largely UK
Topography, including Cornwall, Devon, North Wales by
Francis Bedford (5), Oban and Arran (2) by James Valentine,
etc. Some laid down. (26)
63 Late-19th/early-20th Cent. Photographic Stereographs of
North Wales (8), North West England, and Shrewsbury Floods
1899 (3), including 13 from Spencer’s Gold Medal Series;
includes exterior & interior of 38 Liverpool Rd., Chester, 1920.
Fair-fine. (22)
64 J.H. Spencer (of Chester): 19th Cent. photographic
Stereographs of Venice (7) and Berne, three signed and
inscribed by Spencer in the margin. Good/Fine. (8)
65 Stereographs of Ireland, late-19th Cent., all photographic,
19 in J.H. Spencer’s Gems of the Emerald lsle series, the others
signed on reverse by W.E. Hobday. Good quality. (27)
66 J.H. Spencer (of Chester): Photographic Stereographs of
the Prince of Wales’ visit to W.E. Gladstone at Hawarden
Castle (3), and Pipers of the Scots Guards at Eaton Hall; plus an
early hand-tinted stereograph of Chester with carriages; and a
reproduction. (6)
67 The “Arandora Star” Mediterranean Cruise 1936,
official large format album, leather bound, containing 174
quality 4 x 6” Photographs (laid down) notably Lisbon, Athens
& other parts of Greece, Istanbul and Rhodes; plus folding
accommodation plan & other items in rear pocket.
68 Frederic Smith (Ed.) The Jubilee of the Band of Hope
Movement, London, 1897, orig. cloth, gilt, VG; front inner
hinge worn; ownership stamp & signature of George Fenton of
Culcheth. 320pp + plates and adverts. (PHOTO)
69 S.G. Speer Upasi 1893-1953, United Planter’s Association
of Southern India, 1953; orig. cloth, gilt, VG; 451pp + 17
tissue-guarded plates.
70 Jim Bullock Bowers Row: Recollections of a Mining
Village, East Ardsley, Yorkshire, 1976; h/b in d/w, 230pp incl.
plates. Fine
71 Thomas Rigby The Origin and the History of Co-Operation
in Bury…..1855-1905, Bury, 1905, orig. cloth, gilt, somewhat
faded, fine internally, b/w frontisp. 111pp
72 Mrs. Arthur Walters (a.k.a. Florence S. Walters) My
Wayside, Epworth Press, 1930, 1st Edn; orig. printed cloth, VG;
b/w frontisp. 223pp. Autobiography of an Officer’s wife during
73 Fridtjof Nansen Through the Caucasus to the Volga, 1931,
1st UK Ed., good; John Herschel Outlines of Astronomy,
Longman, 1851, 4th Ed, top of spine needs small repair; and
Eddington The Nature of the Physical World, 1928,
Cambridge, 1st Ed. All orig. cloth. (3)
74 Hugh Sellon Europe at the Crossroads, Hutchinson, 1937,
limp cloth, VG, 288pp
75 H.D. Jenkins Behind Turkish Lattices, Collins [1920s],
small octavo, gilt, VG; light browning to text due to paper
quality; 6 fine plates. 222pp
76 19th Century Photographs of Chester by Francis
Bedford, 13 in all, between 8 x 5” and 11.5 x 8”, fair to VF,
nine mounted on old album pages (4 back to back with other
photographs); also 2 gravure prints (PHOTO)
77 The Perfect Ceremonies of Craft Masonry, London, 1938,
and range of related publications and certificates, some
concerning the Order of Buffaloes. (23 items)
78 Haile Selassie (1891-1975): Fine ink-signed original
photograph, the photograph by Swaine of New Bond Street, 23
x 18cm, laid down on card mount, the 3-line autograph in black
ink, against a dark background and poor contrast. Together with
Leonard Mosley’s Haile Selassie: The Conquering Lion, 1964.
79 Eric Dingwall & others The Haunting of Borley Rectory,
1956, 1st Ed in good d/w, 181pp; and Paul Tabori & Peter
Underwood The Ghosts of Borley, 1973, 1st Ed in VG d/w,
240pp. (2)
80 John Arthur Gibbs The History of Antony and Dorothea
Gibbs….and the Origin & Early Years of the House of Antony
Gibbs and Sons, St. Catherine Press, 1922, quarto, orig. gilt
cloth; armorial bookplate; front inner hinge cracked; some
damp-staining. 509pp + 2 plates.
81 Joachim Graf v. Pfeil Zur Erwerbung von DeutschOstafrika, Karl Curtius, Berlin, 1907; orig. cloth with pictorial
onlay, spine a little faded; colour frontispiece; small library
blindstamp foot of title page; inner hinges a little frayed o/w
VG internally. 232pp + 3 plates (PHOTO)
82 F. Eldin Haiti: Treize ans de Sejour aux Antilles, Toulouse,
1878, 1st Edn; small octavo, 19th Cent. cloth discoloured, gilt
title; prize bookplate; folding map (border frayed along foreedge); clean text. 243pp
83 Millicent M. Millear The Journal of a Wandering
Australian, Melville & Mullen, 1902, 1st Edn; orig. cloth, gilt, a
little worn & discoloured; few fox marks to prelims; clean text;
45 half-tone illustrations. 269pp
84 L. Marion Springall Labouring Life in Norfolk Villages
1834-1914, London, 1936, 1st Edn, orig. printed cloth, rear
hinge weak, front endpaper removed, half-title foxed. 158pp
incl. Map.
85 A Vayssiere Le Pas des Armes de Sandricourt. Relation
d’un Tournoi donne en 1493, Leon Willem, Paris, 1874, small
octavo, full calf, gilt, with coat of arms to front & rear boards,
slightly scuffed o/w VG; marbled endpapers; original printed
wraps bound in; text embellished with woodcuts of scenes from
the tournament; xxxii+80pp. No. 180 of 250 printed.
86 Robert Speake and F.R. Witty A History of Droylsden,
Cloister Press, Stockport, 1953, 268pp + plates, fine; together
with 2 fine group photographic PPCs of the Manchester
Regiment, c. 1914. (PHOTO)
87 Clemence Dane (pseud. for Winifred Ashton) The Shelter
Book, Longmans, 1940, 1st Ed. in scarce slightly chipped d/w;
small stain to fore-edge o/w VG. (PHOTO)
88 Peter Ryan Fear Drive My Feet, Angus & Robertson, 1960,
1st UK Edn, orig. cloth, gilt, VG; an account of Australians in
WW2 New Guinea; together with Paul Brickhill The Great
Escape, Faber, 1st Edn. (2)
89 Charles Walters History of the Oldham Co-Operative
Society Limited from 1850 to 1900, Manchester, 1900, orig. gilt
cloth, fine; 21 half-tone plates. 180pp (PHOTO)
90 [John Harrison] A Map of South Wales: Drawn and
Engraved from an Actual Survey, and similar for North Wales,
1791, both 22.5 x 33cm, hand-coloured in outline, trimmed to
the printed border, some ironed out creasing o/w VG. (2)
91 H. Moll A Chart of the Sea Coast from England to the
Streights, c.1750, with inset of Cadiz Harbour, 33.5 x 28cm.
The border dust affected & slightly frayed, the map unaffected.
Small fox mark. (PHOTO)
92 Wingfield Watson The Book of Mormon: An Essay on its
Claims and Prophecies, 1899, a 1975 reprint, 18pp; together
with reprints of nineteen other 19th Cent. Mormon publications;
plus Research in Mormonism, 1992, 248pp and two related
modern titles. Fine. (23)
93 Edward Lear (1812-1888): Views of the Seven Ionian
Islands, Edward Lear, 1863, Plates 1 and 10 only, showing
Corfu and Santa Maura; lithographs, each 23.8 x 36.5cm plus
border, faint diagonal crease o/w fine; together with the
lithographed title page and a page of text. (PHOTO)
94 Don McPhee: Photographs of Industrial decay. Between 39
x 18.5cm and 39 x 25cm. Ex-Guardian archives with
handstamps on reverse. Two with corner creases. (6)
95 William Simpson (1823-1899): A Christmas Dinner on the
Heights before Sebastopol and Church in the Rear of the
Redan, lithographs, published 1855, 22.2 x 35.2cm, library
perforation in border; and Embarkation of the Sick at
Balaklava, colour lithograph, 10.7 x 18.2cm. VG (3).
96 Thomas Rowlandson: A Lying in Visit. 1808. Handcoloured etching. 11 x 16cm. In card mount. Fine.
97 William Sparrow (20th Cent.): Design for a WWI In
Memoriam Stained Glass Window, commissioned by Heaton,
Butler & Bayne (1852-1953) the London based stained glass
window manufacturers & decorators. Watercolour on paper,
38.5 x 19cm. In card mount. Inscribed on reverse.
103 Jennifer Gough-Cooper & Jacques Caumont La Vie
Illustree de Marcel Duchamp, Paris, 1977, small octavo,
pictorial boards with slight wear; 12 colour plates by Andre
Raffray. VG. A scarce title celebrating the life of this Surrealist
artist. (PHOTO)
104 Werner Hofmann Caspar David Friedrich, Thames &
Hudson, 2007; large format h/b in d/w; many colour plates.
105 Ben Nicholson:drawings, paintings and reliefs 19111968, Thames & Hudson, 1969, introd. by John Russell; large
format h/b in complete partly yellowed d/w; 324pp with 220
b/w plates and 78 tipped-in colour plates.
106 Sketches in Water Colors by Various Artists, Blackie &
Son [1881], tall quarto, orig. decorated cloth, gilt, VG;
complete with nine chromo-litho plates; occasional fox marks
in margins. (PHOTO)
107 William M. Woollett Villas and Cottages; or, Homes for
All, A.J. Bicknell, New York, 1876; oblong quarto, orig. printed
cloth slightly marked; 40 b/w plates of designs, plans &
elevations, plus adverts at rear incl. colour plate of floor tiles.
Spotting to prelims and lacking front endpaper.
108 Marcel Aubert & others Le Vitrail Francais, Deux
Mondes, 1958, large format h/b, pictorial onlay, fine, in
chipped clear plastic d/w; 236 b/w illustrations, 32 superb
tipped-in colour plates; 336pp
98 Portfolio of Prints and Watercolours, early 19th Cent. to
1980s, including 19th Cent. chromo-litho flower plates, 1930s
advert for Abdullah Cigarettes, signed limited edition prints,
etc. (28)
109 Leonardo Da Vinci Fragments at Windsor Castle from the
Codex Atlanticus, Phaidon, 1957, tall quarto, orig. cloth, gilt,
spine sunned o/w VG; 42pp + 32 plates.
99 Autograph selection including ink-signed photographs of
Jean Kent, Anne Crawford and Charlie Kunz, and a Menu
signed by Fred Trueman and Chris Balderstone. A few others
are facsimiles.
110 19th & early 20th Cent. Photographs in 7 albums, incl.
three leather-bound with range of carte-de-visite & cabinet size
family portraits; later include snapshots of British Forces in
Palestine WWI. (Qty.)
100 Morten Muller (1828-1911): Fra Nordfjord. Coloured
print. Chromolithograph. Together with 6 others by Muller,
published by John Fredrikson. 15.7 x 23.7cm. In original cloth
folder, c.1900 (7)
101 David Wright Portfolio Daily Sketch, 1940s, large format
s/back, front cover chipped at left & partly detached; 16 fine
glamour plates in colour. (PHOTO)
102 Les Maitres Humoristes: Honore Daumier, Henri Avelot
and Charles Leandre, Felix Juven, 1905-08, 3 vols bound as
one, tall octavo, fine half-morocco over marbled boards, gilt,
original pictorial wraps bound in. Approx. 230pp of cartoons &
caricatures. VF (PHOTO)
111 19th Cent. Cabinet and carte-de-visite portrait
photographs (100) in album dated 1893 and loose; plus later
snapshot album of GB topography.
112 19th Cent. Cabinet and carte-de-visite portrait
photographs in two leather-bound albums and loose, plus few
later photos. (208)
113 Assorted Photographs in box including over 100
Victorian carte-de-visite & cabinet size portraits by a wide
range of photographers espec. North of England.
114 19th Cent. Cabinet Photographs, largely portraits by
British photographers but including Paris Exhibition 1878 (2)
by A. Block. Fair to fine. (107). Also some later photos.
115 19th Cent. Carte-de-visite Portrait Photographs, by a
wide range of Photographers with emphasis on Northern
England. Fair-VF. (310). Also some later photos.
116 Tom Gutt & Marcel Marien Le Voyeur Myope, Les
Nevres Nues, 1987, s/back, fine; 50 Surrealist Erotic photoplates with commentary. 109pp (PHOTO)
117 Thomas Armstrong, C.B. – A Memoir 1832-1911, Martin
Secker 1912, 1st Edn., orig. gilt cloth, good; uncut 2 sides; halftitle foxed, occasional spotting elsewhere; 214pp + 17pp
of plates.
118 Picture Show 1932-33 (7 issues), one with rear cover
partly torn away, and Film Weekly 1932 (6 issues). Fair to VG.
Granada TV library stamps of 1962 upper right
corner. (13)
119 Fred W. Burgess Silver: Pewter: Sheffield Plate, Tudor
Publishing, 1937, orig. cloth, good, 304pp + 85 plates; and
Wilfred Cripps Old English Plate, John Murray, 1891, 4th
Edn, crease to rear cover, 117 illustrations, 443pp. (2)
120 Matilal & Chakrabarti Knowing From Words, Kluwer
1994; Fred Dretske Seeing and Knowing, Routledge 1969; and
Anthony Kenny Will, Freedom and Power, 1975; all fine in
fair-VF d/w. (3)
121 Gwynedd Rae Mary Plain in Wartime, Routledge, 1942,
1st Edition, orig. printed cloth, spine a little faded, fine
internally. 125pp (PHOTO)
122 Frederick Marryat The Pirate, and The Three Cutters,
Bell & Daldy,1867, rebound in fine green quarter calf, gilt; 20
steel engravings mainly after Clarkson Stanfield; 1870 gift
inscription top of page iv; some fox marks.
123 R. Ellis Gerrard Ballads of Battle and Poems of Peace,
1914 (Afghan Wars, Boer War etc); A.W. Black Pilau: Being
Lays of East and West, A. Stockwell 1924 (WWI Campaign in
Iraq & Persia); & C.E. Howarth War and other Poems,
London 1904. All gilt cloth,VG. (3)
124 Robert Morgan Voices in the Dark, Arc Publications,
1976, signed & inscribed by the author; and Peter J. Neville
Havins The Matchbox, Swansea, 1975; both fine 1st Editions in
VG d/w. (2)
125 J. Hamer The Smoker’s Textbook, Leeds, 1863, First
Edition, a miniature book (7.3 x 6.3cm), original gilt-cloth,
some wear, internal hinges frayed front & back; engraved title;
scattered spotting to text and some finger marks. Scarce.
126 Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks The Manchester Man,
Spathdene, 1979; quarto, full leather, gilt, VG; reprint of the
1896 illustrated edition with additional illustrations by Albin
Trowski. No. 113 of 150 bound copies with note loosely
inserted by the publisher.
127 Anglo-Indian Fiction comprising Lady Helen Forbes
It’s a Way They Have in the Army, 1905, 1st Ed; M. Leonora
Eyles Captivity, 1922, 1st Ed, some foxing; and Harold Begbie
The Challenge, Hodder & Stoughton, n.d. All original cloth,
browning to endpapers. (3)
128 Alice Daglish & Ernest Rhys The Land of Nursery
Rhyme, Dent, 1932, First Edition, illustrated by Charles
Folkard including 8 colour plates; original pictorial cloth,
rubbed at periphery, fine internally. (PHOTO)
129 Frederic Dillaye Les Etapes du Circe Zoulof, Paris,
(c.1895), original pictorial cloth, gilt, spine a little faded; a.e.g.;
illustrated by Charles Clerice; rear inner hinge with tape repair.
130 Albert Mackie Poems in Two Tongues, Darien Press,
1928; Angus Robertson Cnoc an Fhradhairc, Maclaren,
1940; James Mackereth Storm-Wrack and other Poems, John
Lane, 1927 in fair d/w; & Charles Murray Hamewith,
Constable, 1909 and 3 related; all First Editions. (7)
131 Hanna A. Foster Zululu: The Maid of Anahuac, G.P.
Putnam, 1892, 1st Edn, signed & inscribed by the author, first
few pages loose; & other 1st Edition American Fiction
comprising Leigh Webster Another Girl’s Experience, Roberts
Bros. 1894, and Margarita Gerry Heart and Chart, Harper’s,
1911. (3) (PHOTO)
132 Francis Watson “Trinc!”, Lovat Dickson, 1932, 1st Edn,
orig. gilt cloth, fine, a fantasy based on Rabelais; and Paul
Stapfer Rabelais: sa Personne, son Genie, son Oeuvre, Paris,
1896, later cloth; “Trinc!” was Lovat Dickson’s first
publication. (2)
133 Charles Dickens The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick
Club, Chapman & Hall, 1861, 2 Vols, illustrations by Phiz and
others; original blind-tooled cloth, gilt, good; one plate loose
o/w VG internally.
134 [John Joliffe] Belle Scott; or Liberty Overthrown! Books
for Libraries Press, 1971, orig.cloth, VG; facsimile reprint of
the 1856 edition. 426pp
135 Len Deighton Funeral in Berlin, Jonathan Cape, 1964,
First Edition in VG complete d/w; ownership label top of front
endpaper o/w fine internally.
136 Sheila Burnford signed & inscribed books (5) all in
good/fine d/w incl. The Incredible Journey,1965; plus another
signed by John Timpson. (6)
137 William Allen Whitworth Trilinear Coordinates and
other methods of Modern Analytical Geometry of Two
Dimensions, Cambridge, 1866, First Edition , VG library
binding of quarter leather, gilt, bookplate of Perse School; clean
text, xxxvi+506pp
138 Nikki Sixx (and Ian Gittins) Heroin Diaries: A Year in
the Life of a Shattered Rock Star, 2007, 1st Edn, s/back, signed
by Nikki Sixx on the half-title, fine. 413pp (PHOTO)
139 Book-Lore: A Magazine devoted to Old Time Literature,
Elliot Stock, Dec.1884 to Nov.1887, Vols I to VI complete,
bound into 3; quarto, original leather-covered boards very worn
& now covered in protective brown paper wrappers; text-block
uncut 2 sides and very clean internally in sound bindings.
140 William E.A. Axon Stray Chapters in Literature, FolkLore, and Archaeology, John Heywood, 1888, 1st Ed; original
gilt cloth, worn at corners, frayed at top & foot of spine; clean
text, 309pp + Axon bibliography.
141 Ulick Ralph Burke (Ed.) Sancho Panza’s Proverbs and
others which occur in Don Quixote, Basil Montagu Pickering,
1872, First Edition; original blue gilt cloth, gilt library number
at foot of spine; endpapers browned; engraved title. VG
142 Charlotte Bronte The Complete Poems of Charlotte
Bronte, edited by Clement Shorter, Hodder & Stoughton, 1923,
First Edition; orig. boards with quarter cloth, gilt, slight wear at
corners; ownership inscriptions front endpapers; t.e.g., uncut
elsewhere; xxi+244pp
143 John Arkwright The Supreme Sacrifice, and other Poems
in Time of War, 1919, illustrated by Bruce Bairnsfather, Louis
Raemaekers & others; and other works of poetry all signed &
inscribed by the author comprising Wes Magee, Philip
Robinson, Violet Mason, Derek Walcott, Aubrey Beecham, &
Teresa Hooley. VG/F (7)
144 Edward Moxon Sonnets, London 1830, First Edition,
privately printed; re-cased, original leather over new boards &
endpapers; old library stamp; clean text. 46pp
145 Isaac D’Israeli Curiosities of Literature, John Murray,
1817, 3 Vols, nicely rebound in modern cloth, gilt; and
D’Israeli’s Amenities of Literature, Edward Moxon, 1842, 3
Vols, orig. cloth, gilt, top of spine of Vol. 2 badly
chipped. (6)
146 Ian Miller Doorstep, Newnes [1938], orig. cloth, spine
darkened o/w VG, ex-libris bookplate, 320pp.
147 P.G. Wodehouse The Man Upstairs, Methuen, 1914, First
Edition, original gilt cloth, VG; uncut at base; occasional
foxing, mainly affecting the first 60 pages; the 31 page
publisher’s catalogue with printing date 25/10/13. 316pp +
catalogue. (PHOTO)
148 The Casquet of Literature, Blackie & Son, 1873, 4 vols in
2; half red morocco, gilt, with raised bands, some wear; a.e.g.;
36 fine steel-engraved plates; some occasional spotting, some
pages stained from dried flowers.
149 Ruth Hamilton The September Starlings, 1994, and The
Bells of Scotland Road, 1997, both Bantam Press First Editions
in VG/F dustwrappers. (2)
150 Nat Lofthouse memorabilia; including Goals Galore
1954, signed by Lofthouse on the frontispiece; Lion of Vienna
45rpm record in orig. sleeve, 1988; a 1989 Testimonial
Programme; & other items. Fair-VF (PHOTO)
151 Ely Culbertson Contract Bridge Championship of 1933:
Britain v. America, News Chronicle, orig, printed cloth, a little
faded, o/w VG; 390pp + adverts.
152 Cricket Autographs in album, 1960s, including Colin
Cowdrey, Ken Barrington, Fred Titmus, Alec Bedser, John
Edrich, John Snow, Trevor Bailey, Jim Parks & others; plus
Jimmy Greaves and other non-related.
153 Jack Dempsey signed 10 x 8” vintage photograph, with
dedication. Fine. (PHOTO)
154 Portsmouth Football Club 1938-39 ink-signed card with
18 autographs, fine; plus 4 Topical Times cards, one signed by
James Beattie, others with cut signatures laid down.
155 Leeds United A.F.C. 1938-39 season, an ink-signed card
with 11 autographs, incl. J. Milburn; and ink-signed Topical
Times cards of Samuel Armes and Bert Sproston (latter with
cut signature laid down). (PHOTO)
156 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1938 ink-signed card with
13 autographs, fine; plus Stanley Cullis ink-signed Topical
Times card (some creasing), and cut signature of William
Morris laid down on card. (PHOTO)
157 Sheffield United 1938-39 season, a pencil signed card
with 26 autographs; a Harold Barton ink-signed Topical
Times card; & 2 related items.
158 Stoke City Football Club 1938-39 season, a pencil signed
card with 15 signatures incl. Stanley Matthews; a Sherman’s
Pools photo-card ink-signed by Matthews; and 4 related items.
Fair-VF. (20 signatures) (PHOTO)
159 Sunderland Football Club 1938-39 season, an ink-signed
Sherman’s Pools photo-card with 11 autographs; plus John
Mapson ink-signed Topical Times card. VG (PHOTO)
160 West Ham United A.F.C. 1938-39 season, an ink-signed
album page with 11 autographs, plus Joseph Foxall inksigned Topical Times card, VG/F (PHOTO)
173 Blackburn Rovers v. Fulham, 10th April 1939, Official
Match Programme, half-time scores entered in pencil; vertical
fold; small hole in rear cover, 16pp
161 Middlesbrough Football Club 1938-39 season, an inksigned Sherman’s Pools photo-card with 12 autographs; Wilf
Mannion signed Topical Times card; and 6 clipped signatures
mostly laid down on Topical Times Cards. (PHOTO)
174 World Cup Final 1966 Illustrated FDC autographed by
Jack Charlton, unaddressed, fine, with certificate of
authenticity; together with Official Programme for the Final
with teams & score entered in ink on centre-fold o/w VG.
162 Leicester City A.F.C. 1938-39 season, a pencil signed
card with 29 fair to fine autographs of first team and
163 Sheffield Wednesday A.F.C. 1937-38 season, an inksigned card with 21 autographs including Trainers; plus
clipped signature of Ron Starling laid down on Topical Times
card. (PHOTO)
164 Football Programmes 1966-70 comprising 1966 World
Cup tournament (inked entries), 1967 England v. Scotland
(with Ticket), 1970 Manchester City v. WBA League Cup Final
(with Ticket), 1970 Mancheter Utd v. Leeds FA Cup Semi
(with Ticket), and 1970 Chelsea v. Leeds FA Cup Final Replay
(VF); the tickets are laid down inside front covers. (5)
165 Tommy Docherty Manchester United: The Quest for
Glory 1966-1991, signed on the half-title by 14 former players;
and Alex Ferguson Just Champions!, 1993, signed by the
author. (2) (PHOTO)
166 Blackburn Rovers v. Millwall, Feb. 4th 1939, Official
Match Programme, half-time scores page completed in pencil;
light vertical fold o/w VG. 16pp (PHOTO)
167 Chorley Football Club: Official Fixture Book 1950-51,
pocket-size s/back, 40pp incl. centre-fold photos of the players.
Staple rusted o/w VG. (PHOTO)
168 Huddersfield Town v. Blackburn Rovers, March 4
1939, Official Match Programme. Light vertical fold o/w VG.
16pp + cover. (PHOTO)
169 Blackburn Rovers v. West Ham Utd (and Blackburn
Reserves v. Aston Villa Reserves), Sept. 17th & 19th 1938,
Official Match Programme, some slight tone marks o/w VG.
16pp (PHOTO)
170 Blackburn Rovers v. Huddersfield Town, 9th March
1939, Official Match Programme, slight vertical fold o/w VG.
16pp (PHOTO)
171 Blackburn Rovers v. Luton Town, 16th March 1939,
Official Match Programme, slight vertical fold o/w VG. 8pp
(mid-week fixture). (PHOTO)
172 Blackburn Rovers v. West Bromwich Albion, 1st April
1939, Official Match Programme; half-time scores entered in
pencil; vertical fold; small hole in rear cover. 16pp
(All in sets unless stated. Catalogue Prices are Murray)
175 Shoebox of sets, part-sets & odds; with interest in Wills,
Gallaher (incl. Victoria Cross Heroes), Millhof, BAT,
Westminster, Ardath, R. & J. Hill, plus some others incl. L size
Players. Varied condition but generally VG/VF (2000+)
176 Assorted odds in box plus few part-sets, 1900s to 1970s;
very wide range including Murray, A. & B.C. Gum,
Churchman, Wills, Daily Mirror Star Soccer Sides (abt.50),
Carreras, Player, Bean Ltd, etc. Poor-VF (Many 100s)
177 Collection in old albums, many with cards stuck down but
some in corner slots incl. several Wills, Player & Gallaher partsets, and various Pattreiouex sets incl. Flying; also tin box with
part-sets including Brooke Bond. (Some 100s)
178 Collection of Cigarette & Trade cards in albums &
loose; very mixed condition, the cards in albums mostly stuck
down, many of the loose cards worn; some better Sport noted
incl. Pattreiouex Sporting Events & Stars part-set with Joe
Louis (fine) and Bobby Jones (slight creasing).
(Many 100s)
179 W.A. & A.C. Churchman Life in a Liner, 1930, very fine
set of 25.
180 Cope Bros. The Charles Dickens Album, 1898, rear cover a
little dust-affected o/w VG. Pictorial title page plus 50 colour
illustrations. Cat. £160. (PHOTO)
181 J.A. Pattreiouex Ltd British Railways, 1938, fine set of
182 John Player & Sons. Shoebox of part-sets and odds with
much Sport especially Football, Military & other popular
themes, chiefly pre-1930. Mixed condition. (abt. 1,425)
183 D.C. Thomson Star Cars of 1971, set of 70 laid down in
special album (5 loose); and 60 Motor Cars of 1960, 47 of 60,
laid down or loose in special album. VG (PHOTO)
184 D.C. Thomson Football Stars of 1959, 22 of 44, two
stained, two others with slight corner crease, others fine.
196 Largely GB Topography with much Edwardian PU;
chief interest in Sussex, Yorkshire & Devon. Also bundle of
modern cards. (abt.580)
185 J. Wix & Sons Ltd Kensitas Flowers (L) the set of 60,
1934, largely printed backs; plus 4 duplicates, three with
complete colour variants of the flowers. Few folders slightly
marked, “Sunflower” with front of folder creased. The silks are
fine. (PHOTO)
197 Collection in old album with many Misch & Stock
chromo art reproductions & similar, plus romance, some of
musical interest etc. Fair to fine. (180)
186 Topography & subject cards in old album, with many
GB views noted, plus some comic in sets, family photos etc.
Many RPs noted. Fair-VF (301)
187 Late-19th Cent to 1920s selection in album & loose;
interest in France incl. street scenes; WWI patriotic/sentiment;
many Greetings cards incl. folding types. Also few modern.
188 “Nostalgia” Series of modern cards, in 2 presentation
boxes. VF (abt. 1,200)
198 EVII to 1970s accumulation with much GB Topography
notably Devon & Scotland, plus Foreign including France &
Denmark, family photos and others. (abt.580)
199 Mostly GB Topography, and mainly 1900s/1950s with
much pre-1940 PU. Wide variety. (abt.850)
200 All-period accumulation with much Oxfordshire incl.
better types, plus some Historical cards. (abt. 680). Also
assorted ephemera.
201 All-period accumulation in small album & loose; with
some interest in earlier GB Topography incl. RPs, plus subject
cards. (abt.750)
202 All-period accumulation with much modern, but
including abt. 200 earlier Foreign, few WWI Embroidered
Silks, etc. (600+)
189 British & Foreign Topography and subject mix from
1900s, chiefly pre-1935; with much France, some Scotland,
South of England including nice street scenes of Camborne,
useful Devonport etc; range of comic, pretty ladies, children,
film stars, greetings. etc. (600+)
203 Old album with Edwardian Romance and glamour,
many GB views including useful RPs, Dutch Humour, etc;
some in sets/series. (198)
190 All-period accumulation with much pre-1950; includes
GB & Foreign topography with some better South of England,
Shipping, and various others. Poor-VF (450+5 lettercards)
204 Edwardian to 1960s accumulation with much preWW2; mostly GB topography, country-wide and some assorted
subject cards. Mixed condition. (abt.700)
191 All-period Mix with many pre-1950 GB topographical
& subject cards; some interest in Cats, Ships, and many GB
views with useful street scenes incl. RPs and art topography.
(approx. 550)
205 All-period accumulation in old album & loose; with
interest in comic cards, pretty ladies, art repro, GB views, and
variety of others. (abt.600)
192 All-period accumulation with much Scotland, plus
London views and other topography, some family photos and
others. (abt. 850) Also packs of mini-snaps etc.
206 Edwardian to 1950s mix with much GB Topography,
duplicated comic cards incl. Donald McGill, some Foreign
including useful Ceylon, etc. Many are PU EVII period.
193 Ranges in 4 small albums with interest in GB Views
including RPs, Comic and few others. Poor to VF. (196)
194 Early to modern mix with good proportion pre-1950;
interest in Ceylon, GB Topography (especially Yorkshire)
including street scenes, views of Luxembourg, animals, etc.
195 Largely GB Topography 1900s/1980s, with good
proportion pre-1950; wide variety of areas. (abt.750)
207 GB Topography 1900s to 1970s, all periods well
represented and many PU; interest in N.W. England, Devon &
Cornwall, Wales, Yorkshire & others. (abt.800)
208 GB Topography 1900s to 1970s, all periods well
represented and many PU; with much Nottinghamshire, plus
Cumbria, Staffs, Bedfordshire and others. (c.650)
209 GB Topography of all periods, with good proportion of
pre-1950 noted; main interest in North of England. Also few
comic, foreign & others. (abt.500)
210 All-period accumulation in tin including Muriel
Dawson art cards of children (15); early flood scene at
Sydenham (faded), RPs of West African natives (3), early
views of Montreal, etc. (abt.160)
222 East Anglia & Cambridgeshire topography, with town,
rural and coastal scenes, mostly pre-1950 including useful RPs.
Mainly G/VF (165)
211 UK Topography, mostly featuring transport, chiefly
street scenes incl. useful Edwardian London suburbs. Fair to
fine. (50)
223 All-period accumulation with much early/mid-period
Foreign topography, notably Serbia, Bosnia, Yugoslavia,
France and Switzerland, plus world ethnology, comic cards,
animals, etc. Mixed condition. (abt.750)
212 Edwardian to 1950s selection with interest in Railways,
Ships, harbour scenes, and general UK topography plus some
Rhodesia; includes many Railway Official cards. Fair to fine.
224 Ranges in old album with good Comic selection; RP by
W.F. Burlison of Steam Shovel at Utah Copper Mine; rural
scenes with horses; RP crowd scene at Los Angeles Football
game 1945; some modern topography, etc. (180)
213 Chiefly pre-1950 Topography and transport interest,
mostly UK but with some useful foreign; many feature railway
bridges, plus French mail boats and various others. Fair-fine
225 Old Album with main interest in GB Views, notably
Scotland, Devon and Cornwall, with useful RPs noted. Some
creased but mainly G/VF (346)
214 UK Topography, mostly street scenes featuring
transport; with some better London (incl. close-up by Gordon
Smith), views of Barrowford, Boscombe, Sheffield, Pendleton,
several Belfast, Dublin Tram Terminus, etc. Fair-VF (50)
215 Chiefly Maritime interest incl. Hofmann RP interiors of
luxury liners (18), early RP of the old Pier at Weston-s-Mare,
few bridges & harbours etc. Also Campbell’s White Funnel
Fleet lettercards (2, VF), Mainly G/VF (50)
216 Foreign Topography featuring tram & railway scenes,
mostly 1900s/1920s, including many street scenes and several
stations; chiefly Europe, plus Australasia, North America,
India, & few others. Better items noted. Also a few 1970s.
G/VF (100)
217 UK City & Town street scenes, early to mid-period,
mostly featuring transport; includes some LLs, few RPs etc.
Mainly G/VG. (52)
218 UK Topography 1900s/1950s, chiefly pre-WW2; with
many street scenes incl. Taunton, Landport, Ilford (RP),
Stockport (RP), Stourbridge, Larne, Swindon (2), Acton,
Southsea, Gourock (2), Bentley (RP), Oswaldtwistle. Poor-VF,
mainly G/VG (PHOTO) (78)
219 Mostly UK town & city street scenes 1900s/1930s, with
good variety, mostly featuring trams & some other transport.
Mainly G/VG (50)
220 UK Topography with many street scenes including
Christchurch, Poole, Balham, Chiswick, Stockport, Ayr (2),
Wolverhampton (3), Bilston, Whitley Bay. Fair-VF. (52)
221 UK Topography with many street scenes, including
Leigh on Sea, Wishaw (RP), London suburbs, Swansea (2),
Taunton (2), Dundee (4), Bacup, several Southport and Leeds,
etc. Fair-VF (73)
226 UK Topography with much Scotland 1900s/1960s, plus
Wales, Lake District and few others; many RPs noted. All
periods well represented. (c.660)
227 Foreign Topography & social history, chiefly early/midperiod; world-wide, incl. several New Zealand with 1914 RP
street collection for the Belgian Fund at Wellington; fine
chromo gruss aus type for Ostende; Iceland (21); Serbia,
Denmark, Turkey, Spain incl.Canary Is, Australia, Burma,
Germany & others. (c.700)
228 Ranges in old album with Italian chromos by Sborgi;
humorous including anti-Kaiser cartoon; RPs of children and
pretty ladies; family photos incl. 1940s women workers; etc.
Poor-VF. (300)
229 Ranges in old album incl. scarce poster card for London
Olympia Circus (PU 1920), plus much art repro, few wedding
photos, etc (Qty.)
230 Ranges in 5 old albums and loose; with some interest in
Comic cards, GB views, Belgium and others. Poor to VF
231 GB & Foreign Topographical and subject mix including
about 350 Scotland (with many RPs), art topography, comic,
North America, Algeria, Egypt, and wide range of others.
232 EVII/GV accumulation with much 1920s and mostly
Greetings cards, very many PU; also some GB views, rural art,
etc. Mainly G/F (c.650)
233 Mainly topography in album with chief interest in
Lancashire, Chester, Isle of Wight, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
Ireland and some North Africa; some useful RPs and other
better noted. Mainly G/Fine. (Album damaged). (300)
234 Assortment in 4 small albums, with main interest in
Wales and Isle of Wight, the latter including some early
chromos; one album containing a collection of flowers.
235 Ranges in old album including superb RP of Fleetwood
fishermen 1906; visit of French President to London; hanging
of Syrians by Turkish troops, Jerusalem 1916; Joseph Hugo the
World Walker souvenir card; impressive early RP of working
barge (location uncertain); early comics (some damaged), etc.
(100) (PHOTO)
245 GB Topography in 3 albums chiefly Isle of Man, Wales
and London, with good proportion of RPs, plus few romance
and others. Fair to VF (373)
246 Ranges in 2 albums with GB views incl. good
proportion of RPs and art topography, plus children,
greetings, flowers, art repro & others. (304)
247 Mainly Edwardian to 1940s GB topo & subject cards in
album; with comic, London views, family photos, children,
Ribble Coaches publicity card, etc. (216)
236 Albums of PPCs (abt. 550) and photos, 1900s/40s, with
interest in English and European topography incl. many RPs of
Church Architecture; the photos include life at Tettenhall
College incl. nice PPC of Rugby Team.
248 Largely UK topography in old album, plus a few
Germany, comic etc; country-wide with some interest in
Scotland, English village scenes, York, etc. (408)
237 Collection of EVII/GV period in modern album; interest
in Tuck’s cards with many Oilettes and similar, some foreign
ethnology, Derbyshire views, romance etc. Fair-VF
249 Old album with Foreign ranges, romance etc; includes
United States Exhibition cards 1900s/1930s (78), plus flowers,
some GB views, art vignettes of Italy, etc. Mainly G/VF
238 Chiefly Foreign early to mid-period, with much Western
Europe, plus some USA, North Africa and others. Also some
comic cards & GB views. Mainly G/VF (c.750)
250 Largely 1900s to 1930s Foreign with much Greece &
Corfu (views & ethnology), plus Germany & Finland; together
with Devon incl. many RPs, plus Comic & other themes.
(abt. 600)
239 Assortment in box with interest in shipping, military
photos, much Foreign topography, plus theatrical, Devon
views etc; also few modern including Film Stars.
240 Ranges in old album including Tuck’s “Heraldic”
embossed (17, unused, adhesion marks on reverse), cats, pretty
ladies, children, comic, hold-to-light, romance, social history
RPs, bathing beauties, etc. Many good items though mixed
condition. (293)
241 British & Foreign Topography & subject cards in old
album;incl. fine Chilton Longley Art Deco pub. A.G. & Co;
Hastings Motor Omnibus close-up 1903; Beefeater Gin poster
card; lady with real feather hat; Charles Flower & Jotter art
cards; early chromos incl. glamour & gruss aus types; Jamaica
earthquake; views of Serbia and many North Africa; Cadbury’s
Butterflies (4); Naval themes; Austrian Royalty; family photos
& some modern cards. Mainly G/VF (493) (PHOTO)
242 EVII to 1920s ranges in album with interest in Dickens’
characters; Tuck Oilettes incl. views of Transvaal, military &
naval art, Chelsea pensioners; and various others. Poor-VF
243 Chiefly GB views in old album with chief interest in
Yorkshire, plus Wales, Southern Counties incl. London, and
few others. Poor-VF (324)
244 Ranges in 2 albums & loose, chiefly GB views &
subjects; interest in Isle of Wight, Ireland, South of England,
romance, comic, & others. Fair to VF. One album damaged.
251 Chiefly pre-1940 accumulation in old album & loose;
with much Western Europe, Worcestershire views & other GB
topo, few Military, WWI Anti-German cartoons “The Germs”
issued by Pearson’s Weekly (7 difft.), Blackpool humour, etc.
(abt. 400)
252 Ranges in 3 modern albums, one with 1960s Tennis
Players (57), others with mainly pre-1940 topography,
especially GB including useful East of England and others.
253 Good GB & Foreign topographical mix, plus some
comic cards; chiefly pre-1940, the GB including better RPs
and street scenes, the Foreign with much useful France, Serbia
and Yugoslavia. (c.700)
254 Mainly GB & European topography in album, plus
some romance & other themes; chiefly RPs or photographic
origin but including some art types. Also a few modern. FairVF. (300)
255 GB topography and some Greetings cards, 1900s to
1970s, with good spread throughout the period. Many PU.
Mixed condition. (abt. 900)
256 Animals and Birds of all-periods in box, with approx.
50% pre-1950; some better earlier art types noted. Fair to VF.
(abt. 850)
257 Boy Scouts selection, world-wide, with good RPs,
publicity types, the Romanian Chief Scout 1930s, patriotic etc.
Good/VF (14) (PHOTO)
258 Cheshire country lodges, a collection in album with many
RPs, 1900s/1920s. VG/VF (25)
259 Cheshire Topography incl. the Wirral, an all-period
accumulation with much early to mid-period noted incl. useful
RPs. Varied condition. Several 100 cards, plus some related
260 Church Interiors in album, a VG collection chiefly of
Tombs & Monuments, plus some Chapels, Misericords etc.
Many RPs noted. (160)
261 Comic selection in album, many named artists;
including Lance Thackeray (16), Cynicus (26), Dudley Hardy,
Donald McGill (11), & range of others. Poor-VF (84)
262 Conrad Veidt (1893-1950): Fine ink-signed RP PPC by
Raphael Tuck of this Hollywood Film Star. (PHOTO)
263 Cornwall topography, an EVII to 1950s collection,
including many village scenes, harbours, etc. Mainly VG/VF
264 Cumbria topography with chief interest in Lake
District and Furness area; many mid-period RPs noted by
Abraham’s, Lowe, Pettit, etc. Mainly G/VF (c.610)
265 Flowers collection in album & loose, including good
proportion pre-1940. Mainly G/VF. (abt. 550)
266 France 1900s to 1950s topography & social history;
including good school refectory study by E.J.C. of Paris; village
scenes in the Pyrenees & elsewhere; fine RP of Vichy drinking
fountain; advert cards for Air France and “Faust” lightbulbs;
etc. (123) (PHOTO)
267 Germany 1890s to 1920s PPCs, Photo and ephemera;
the PPCs including early chromo views (10), superb 1927
publicity card for the “Residenz-Casino, Berlin”, and 1915 RP
of “Round Berlin” Cycle race champion. Fine. (22 items)
268 Germany 1897 publicity cards for the Leipzig
Exhibition, and the Bremen Fun Fair, the latter PU. Coloured
chromos. VG/VF (2) (PHOTO)
269 Gold Coast Railway scene: Governor Hodgson spiking
the first rail of Gold Coast Railway, at Sekondi. B/w close-up.
270 Greetings collection 1900s/1920s, mostly featuring
Pansies, plus roses, mistletoe etc; with better designs noted
including Edwardian embossed chromos. Also few folding
types. Mainly G/Fine. (abt. 200)
271 Greetings accumulation 1900s to 1930s, many attractive
designs. Varied condition. (c.400)
272 Isle of Wight topography with good range of publishers,
incl. FGO Stuart, LL, Kingsway, Tucks, some RPs etc. All in
plastic sleeves. VG/VF (70)
273 Kent topography with useful street scenes, churches,
Dymchurch Coastguard Station etc. (100)
274 Japan early to 1970s selection, views, art & ethnology,
including some nice early chromo art cards. Also few Hong
Kong 1950s RPs. Fair to VF (95)
275 Lancashire Topography of all periods with high
proportion 1900s/1940s; includes useful street scenes and
better RPs; emphasis on Southport & Fylde Coast, Central
Lancashire incl. Bolton, some Manchester & suburbs. Also
some non-related incl. Foreign and Hampshire views.
276 London Under Fire, WW2, a series of 14 issued by
Photochrom 1944, illustrating bomb damage; together with 24
small related prints (laid down) and 6 cards of Princess
Elizabeth’s wedding. Fine.
277 Donald McGill comic selection, all “New McGills”, light
duplication. Unused and mostly VF. (55) (PHOTO)
278 Donald McGill comic selection, all “New McGills”, light
duplication. Unused and mostly VF. (50)
279 Donald McGill selection, all “New McGills”, light
duplication. VG/VF (70)
280 New Zealand topography & ethnology, with good RPs;
including few railway studies, street scenes of Carterton, Te
Aroha, Christchurch (4), Wanganui, Blenheim, Wellington
South; Maori close-ups by F.G.R.; Waihi Gold Mine (2); etc.
Fair to VF (83)
281 New Zealand Topography and themes ; incl. Blenheim
Railway Stn., various street scenes, many rural views,
ethnology, etc. Some RPs are plain-back. Mainly G/VF
(approx. 200). Also some modern, mini-snaps etc.
282 Norway Topography and few art cards, 1900s to 1940s,
with many UB and later RPs including animated scenes. Mainly
VG/VF. Some PU. (132)
283 Railway selection with some better Foreign, including
Funicular, Stations, etc. Good to VF (50)
284 Railway selection with many better Officials including
Irish, plus Oilettes of famous express trains, early LPCs,
narrow gauge etc. Fair-VF (54) (PHOTO)
285 Railway interest with few useful Officials, many
Edwardian espec. Tuck Oilettes & other coloured, plus early
LPCs, etc. Poor to VF, mainly G/VF. (51)
286 Railway Officials, a selection of LNWR, plus two
Midland; mostly views but including few locos and some good
road transport close-ups. Some duplication. Mostly unused.
Good/VF. Some with correspondence backs. (100)
287 Railway Locomotives and scenes, 1900s to 1980s,
including coloured art types by Salmon, plain-back RPs, some
Pamlin Prints, nice Kingsway RP interior of Victoria Stn, etc.
G/VF (100)
288 Railway selection, mostly Edwardian; with some
Officials including better, Tuck Oilettes and other early
coloured etc. Fair-VF (52)
289 Railway selection incl. early RPs by Pouteau, early to
mid-period LPCs, LNWR Officials, Tuck Oilettes, and others.
Poor-VF. (156)
290 Railway Officials, all LNWR with about 50% coloured;
includes many b/w railway scenes, plus rolling stock, dining car
interiors etc; also few ships. Some with correspondence backs.
Mainly VG/Fine. (100)
291 Railway Locomotives and scenes with LNWR & GWR
Officials, Twopenny Tube, many LMS, Narrow Gauge, Cliff
Railways, stations, etc. (100)
292 Railway Officials, all LNWR, with Rolling Stock, Locos
& Views; includes publicity overprints on reverse, “Railways in
the Thirties” series, etc. G/VF (100)
293 Foreign Railways including Stations of Australia (5),
India (7), South Africa (2) & Lourenco Marques; good
selection of Swiss Mountain Rly; Coney Island Miniature Rly;
etc. Fair-VF (48)
294 Railway Officials with many LNWR Locos, plus GWR
(3); also various UK Cliff Railways. Mainly G/Fine. (76)
295 Railway interest incl. Packing Strawberries, Botley
Station, a VG selection of UK Cliff Railways, some Officials,
Swiss Mountain Railways, etc. Also 7 home-made cards. PoorVF (75)
296 Russia 1890s to 1980s topography and themes; incl. VG
1899 Art Nouveau vignette; RP street scene of Archangel with
tram c.1910; the Railway Station at Port Arthur; 1950s/60s
Illustrated Postal Stationery cards; 1940s QSL cards; etc. Mixed
condition. (161)
297 Merchant Shipping accumulation 1900s to 1980s with
much 1920s/50s; mostly passenger ships with Liners, coastal
steamers etc. RPs, b/w and coloured art types. Some
duplication. Mainly G/VF (approx. 550). Also some photos etc.
298 Staffordshire selection with some modern but chiefly
pre-1940; includes nice RPs of Rudyard Lake, Manifold
Valley with train, Tettenhall Canal, Kinver & others, Endon
May Queen 1911, etc. Also 46 remainders of Betley village
street scene. (c.280) (PHOTO)
299 Trinidad 1902 advertising card for the Queen’s Park
Hotel, and 1926 RP of the Fire Station at Port-of-Spain, the
former PU to Paris with fine COLON A BORDEAUX /
L.D.No.3 mailboat cancel, (2) (PHOTO)
300 Wales Topography and themes 1900s to 1970s with all
periods well represented; chiefly North & Mid-Wales, plus
Monmouthshire, but includes 1930s RP street scenes of
Ynystawe (5, the same). Many PU. (abt. 900)
301 Auctioneer’s Licence issued 1788 to Joseph Gibbs of
Leek, signed by Robert Fawcett of Chester & John Powell of
Congleton, Collectors of Excise. Single sheet, 24 x 14.5cm
Fine. (PHOTO)
302 Victorian and later Greetings cards and PPCs in 2
albums, all depicting flowers. Includes WWI Embroidered
Silk. Fair to fine. (214)
303 Playbill for the Boscombe Hippodrome 1947 starring
Laurel & Hardy, the year entered in ink, horizontal & vertical
folds o/w very good. 10 x 7.5” (PHOTO)
304 Greetings cards in modern album, 1900 to 1930s, mostly
folding types, many attractive designs. (140)
305 Early 20th Cent. Manchester related Legal Documents,
Insurance Policies, correspondence etc, in folder; most with
Embossed Revenue Stamps incl. fine vellum indenture with
multiple franking. (38 items)
306 WWI Embroidered Silk Bookmark for the Hampshire
Regiment, plus a collection of other bookmarks 1950s to 1980s
with many leather but including a few woven silks.
(abt. 100)
307 Photos and printed ephemera, softback publications
etc; with Guide Books including Wakefield Pageant 1933,
many 19th Cent. carte-de-visite and cabinet portrait photos,
early 20th Cent View albums, few billheads etc. (100s)
308 Victory Industries Triumph TR2 Sports Car, Scale 1/18,
plastic & tinplate, 1950s, ‘geranium’ bodywork, near VF but
lacking passenger windshield; in original box (poor), plus
instruction leaflets. ALL PROCEEDS TO ‘CAFOD’
309 QV/GVI M&U duplicated ranges in s/book, with chief
interest in used QV 1d Reds and Surface-Printed issues in very
mixed condition; includes 1s green with fine “C38” cancel of
Callao (Peru). Also few QE2. (420)
310 Line-Engraved ranges on leaves from 1841; including
Imperfs (42, 16 four-margined), 1848 1d Imperfs with
Roulettes (3, not guaranteed), plus range of perforated 1d Stars
and Plate Nos. (156 + a cover)
311 GVI to 1971 largely mint or UM ranges in large s/book,
with defins, commems, regionals etc; untidy lot but should
prove useful. Also few France. (100s)
312 1887-1900 Penny Lilac fine mint collection, all marginal
with Control Letters, nicely written up on leaves, including
four strips of 3. Also 1899 fine cover London to Spain with
added 1d Lilac used to pay the Late Fee. (39 + 4 strips
+ cover)
313 Collection of Presentation Packs c.1986 to 1999. (102
314 Prestige Booklets 1980-1999, a collection in album, all
booklets complete. (20)
315 Prestige Booklets 2000-2013, a collection in album, all
booklets complete. (20)
316 2000-2001 “Smiler” Sheets fine UM, comprising Xmas
2000 Robin & Santa, and 2001 Celebrations. SG LS2, LS3 and
LS4. (3)
317 Alderney 1983-2008 fine UM collection in Davo
hingeless album, virtually complete; plus some Guernsey &
Jersey sets & mini-sheets in a stockbook.
318 Channel Islands sets and mini-sheets in large s/book,
1970s/90s, comprising Guernsey UM (440) and FU (585),
Alderney UM (49) and FU (62) and Jersey FU (320); also a
range of used Isle of Man (118). Fine lot.
319 Selection of Booklets of Guernsey & Jersey, with
Prestige Types (10) and Self- Adhesive (7), plus few other
320 Guernsey 1969 to c.2000 UM ranges in 2 stockbooks,
plus few Alderney and Isle of Man. Includes 112 sets plus few
321 Guernsey UM Commem sets (27) in stockbook, mostly
1999-2001; plus some UM 1960s GB in blocks etc.
322 Guernsey Booklets (39), a collection to 2003, including 8
Prestige Types, and self-adhesives. Also 9 Miniature Sheets and
few se-tenant strips.
323 Guernsey 2003 Letters on a Stamp £5 with SILVER
OMITTED, leaving Queen’s Head, value and ‘Guernsey’
missing, VFU (corner cancellation). (PHOTO)
324 Jersey Presentation Packs 1981-2000, a collection with
some light duplication. (110 packs)
325 Ireland 1922 Overprints, a fresh mint collection
arranged on stockleaves by printings, with values to 9d (6), 10d
(3) and 1s (4), including Harrison coils. (58) Also some related
326 Ireland 1920s to 1990s, with some Isle of Man and
Channel Is; a M&U range in binder including some modern
UM. Mixed condition. (c.800)
327 Austria 1945-1967 Mint, Used and unused collection in
Lindner hingeless album, fairly complete, some both used &
unused. (Qty.)
328 Sweden 1870s to 1960s duplicated FU collection in
s/book, with chief interest in 1900s/1940s issues. (c.950)
329 Cyprus 1928-1990 M&U collection in stockbook, plus
few later issues; including 1928 to 45pi & 1934 to 18pi mint;
GVI set of 19 to £1 mint; 1955-60 to £1 UM, 1962 set to £1
both mint & FU, few later mini-sheets etc. VG/VF
330 Vatican collection 1929-1982 in large stockbook, very
largely mint and mostly UM, with some useful pre-1940 and
very many sets from 1955. VG/VF
331 Thematic ranges on stockleaves 1960s/1990s, with very
many sets and mostly mint or UM; chief interest in Musical
Instruments, Flowers and Pottery. VF (528 + 5MS)
332 Japan mainly mint ranges from 1930s; mostly 19571980 period with much UM including some mini-sheets.
333 Malaya 1890s to 1960s M&U and UM ranges in
stockbook; interest in Johore used from late-19th Cent., Kedah
with high values incl. SG68 UM, Malacca 1954/57 set to $5
mint, BMA 1945 sets to $5 (both colours) VFU and mint, and
other better. Fair-VF
334 Foreign M&U ranges in hagner binder;with chief
interest in mid-period Andorra, Portugal & Colonies 1940s/50s,
Hungary in FU sets from 1920s to 60s, plus many others mostly
with Christian themes. (few 100s)
335 Falkland Is collection in s/book mainly mint or UM;
including 1929 2s6d fresh UM, 1933 Centenary set to 6d, 1935
Jubilee set, 1938-50 to 2s6d and 10s, and good range thereafter
to 1993 with many sets. (few 100)
336 Assortment incl. Coin Covers (2, one with £5 coin), GB
Wildings some with Morocco Agencies ovpts, Military Theme
covers and souvenir sheets, etc. (Qty.)
337 Cinderellas of all periods with much modern material
in 2 stockbooks and loose, the stockbooks alone containing
1,606 items.
338 19th Cent. to 1960s M&U collection in album, with
useful China including 1963 Hwangshan Landscapes set VFU
(CTO), and Canada from QV incl. Nova Scotia mint.
339 Royalty Theme stamps and a cover 1902-1964, chiefly
Greece and Iceland, including Greece 1939 Ionian Islands set
of 5 fine mint, and Iceland 1928-29 Airmail ovpts. mint. All
written up. (84 + cover)
340 Hungary 1870s to 1970s selection, mostly FU; includes
1927 and 1936 Air sets, 1949 Exhibition sheetlet, good 1950s
Miniature Sheets etc. Mostly better items. Cat £400+ (73 +
341 Hungary 1934 Philatelic Exbn. Miniature Sheet VFU on
special flown PPC Budapest to Debrecen with pictorial h/s for
the 9th May. Fine (PHOTO)
347 World collection in Lincoln album 1900s to 1960s, incl.
New Zealand 15/- Postal Fiscal used, useful mid-period China,
and many others. (Several 100s)
348 British Africa 1910-1980s mainly used collection in
album, chiefly South Africa (some mint), plus Zambia,
Zimbabwe, Rhodesia and few others. STC £1175 (1300)
349 Switzerland 1862 to 2011 mainly used collection in
binder, with all periods well represented, including better
earlies and Pro Juventute. Poor-VF. (100s)
350 Italy 1863-2002 good used collection in binder, with all
periods well represented and STC £1,130. Also few Sardinia.
351 Spain 1860 to 2003 mainly used collection in binder,
chiefly post-1950 with some mixed condition earlies.
352 Germany 1933 Hindenburg mesh watermark mint
selection, comprising 15pfg, 30pfg, 50pfg, 60pfg and 80pfg,
the top three values all fine unmounted mint. SG 501A-508A
(5). (PHOTO)
353 British Empire QV/GVI M&U selection of scarcer
items. Includes Nyasaland SG 142 mint, Grenada SG 4 unused
and 23a FU, Prince Edward Is SG1 mint, Australia SG3w mint,
Straits Settlements SG 49 part o.g. and SG 4 used, St. Vincent
SG 41x FU, North Borneo SG 197 cds used. STC £4000 but not
guaranteed. Varied condition. (30) (PHOTO)
354 Russia 19th & early 20th Century Postal Stationery,
chiefly envelopes, all unused, STC 500 Euros (Michel, 2008).
Some envelope flaps adhering o/w VG (14)
342 Hungary 1948 Chain Bridge Miniature Sheets VFU. SG
MS 1036a/b. Cat. £320 (PHOTO)
355 Bulgaria 1880s to 1960s FU collection in album, with
many 20th Cent. sets and miniature sheets. Fine lot STC £1800+
343 Hungary 1948 Chain Bridge Miniature Sheet VFU.
Special handstamp for the first day of issue, with full gum,
never hinged, VF. SG MS 1077a. Cat. £600 (PHOTO)
356 Belgium 1863 to 1990s mostly used collection in binder,
with useful items of all periods. Some mixed condition. STC
£1230+ (1,250)
344 Hungary 1951 Stamp Centenary set of three Miniature
Sheets VFU. All with special h/s for First Day of Issue. Cat.
£275. SG MS1199a (PHOTO)
357 France 1930s to modern used pictorials in s/book, with
better charities noted, over 500 stamps; plus a packet of French
345 France & Colonies selection; including FU range of
French Post Offices in Morocco (15), Zanzibar (8), Alexandria
(10), Port-Said (8); plus France 1927 2Fr Air Ovpt fresh mint,
and few Gibraltar/Morocco Agencies.
358 Greece 20th Cent. ranges in s/b, chiefly used from 1940s
to recent but including 1980s/90s pictorials in UM pairs.
346 Bechuanaland 1932 set to 10s mint, light hinge remains,
some light gum toning. SG 99/110. Cat. £450 (PHOTO)
359 Australia 1989 Year Book complete, plus few
presentation packs & stamps on stockcard incl. high values.
360 Cape of Good Hope collection on leaves, including
Triangular 1d (3), 4d (2), 6d and 1s, most with 3 margins, three
later issues with “G” overprints for Griqualand (not
guaranteed). Fair to fine. (49) (PHOTO)
372 Swaziland 1935-54 fresh mint selection, incl. GVI shades
& perfs to 1s (2), 2s6d (2), 5s (2) and 10s, with several of the
scarce perf 13.5 x 13 issues including 5s & 10s. Cat. £350 (28)
361 Rhodesia 1896-1908 FU collection including 1896/97 to
5s, 1898/1908 7s6d and other better. Also few early Nyasaland.
Cat. £376. Also SG 93a fiscally used. (42)
373 Gibraltar 1948 Royal Silver Wedding set fine UM.
362 Romania 1926 60th Birthday set plus the two Errors of
Colour, all fine LM Mint. Cat. over 500Euro. (Michel)
374 Malta George VI UM selection to 1s including “Broken
Cross” Flaw on the 1½d blue-black “Self Government”
Overprint (SG 237a). Fine (PHOTO)
363 Romania 1926 60th Birthday set Imperforate, fine UM,
Cat. 250Euro. Also 1933 regist. Cover with various adhesives
incl. Michel 457. (PHOTO)
375 Mint accumulation in stockbook 1936-1953 with much
UM incl. many sets; chief interest in Belgium, China, Ceylon,
Japan, Spain, St. Kitts-Nevis, Hungary, Ireland, Sudan,
Vatican. (740 + 9MS)
364 Czechoslovakia 1945-1971 M&U collection on hingeless
leaves, chiefly FU, in sets or near sets; includes 1952 Minisheet (SG MS732a) FU with Sp. H/S. (1000+)
375A Gibraltar GVI fine Mint selection incl. SG 123 LM
Mint, SG 124 UM, SG 127 LM Mint, SG 129a LM Mint, 130a
LM Mint and the £1 orange UM. Cat. £255. (9) (PHOTO)
365 Romania 1865-1941 largely used collection written up
on leaves, plus some early issues in stockbook, the definitives
carefully arranged by perf type incl. top values, plus good
commemorative and charity sets. Cat £1,200+ (100s)
376 British C/W all-period selection on stockcards, chiefly
QV to GVI with many useful items from a wide range of
territories; also a few GB items. Interest in Fiji, Ceylon, Cape
of Good Hope & many others. (few 100s)
366 Australia GV Heads in s/book, largely 1d, 1½d, and 2d
values used, useful lot for study of plate flaws etc. Various
watermarks. (418)
377 Austria 1945 (May-June) “Osterreich” Overprints fine
UM to 5RM, the four high values perforated 14, dealer’s
guarantee marks on reverse. Michel 661/3, 664/7, 668/673, and
Va/Vd. Cat. approx. 500 Euro. (PHOTO)
367 Luxembourg all-period M&U ranges in binder, chiefly
mint or UM including 1920s/50s Charity issues with 1945 War
Victims MS (UM) and late-1940s/late 50s National Welfare
sets (some UM). VG/VF
368 Canada and USA collection in album, 1890s to 1960s,
mostly used; includes USA 1898 $1 used, and 1934 Byrd
Antarctic Expedition MS unused. (100s)
369 Interesting mix with various pre-1945 stamps & covers,
Official Programme for the 1950 London International Stamp
Exbn, sundry cigarette cards in sleeves and packets (espec.
Carreras), few PPCs, ephemera etc. (Qty.)
370 Gibraltar mint or UM collection in album with many
sets to 1988; comprising GV to 1s incl. 1931-33 issue (various
perfs) & Jubilee set; GVI to 10s plus some perf variations incl.
scarcer; 1953-59 set to £1 with additional shades; 1960-62 to
£1, and later definitive & commem. sets. VG/VF and Cat.
approx. £1,700.
371 Falkland Islands & Dependencies VF Mint selection,
incl. 1935 Jubilee set UM; FID 1944-45 Overprint set of 32
values plus Graham Land 6d “Blue-Black” shade; and 1946-49
Thick & Thin Maps sets. Cat. £280+ (60)
378 Austria 1945 “Osterreich” Overprints issued at Graz,
comprising set to 80pfg (less 1, 3 and 6pfg); and 18.5mm
Overprints on 1Rm & 2Rm Perf 14, and 3Rm and 5Rm Perf
12.5. All unmounted mint but a few with small imperfections,
the 1Rm and 3Rm with tone spots on gum, the 5Rm with a
toned perf. SG 830/852. Cat. £1050 (SG, 2009). (20)
379 Austria 1945-1953 fine mint collection arranged on
hagner leaves, largely in sets with much UM. Includes scarce
UPU Air-Mail pre-paid labels and other unusual items
including varieties. Cat. £1,600+ (PHOTO)
380 Australian States & Australia, a dealer’s stock, with
some better Victoria, NSW and Western Australia noted; also
few Indian States. Poor-VF (c.400)
381 All-period ranges in 6 stockbooks; with interest in French
Colonies, British Commonwealth, Spain, USA, and others.
(Many 100s)
382 New Zealand 1906-1990 M&U and UM collection in
binder, with better GV period to 3s (2), many complete sets
thereafter and fine mini-sheets incl. some better Healths. Some
stamps removed. (100s)
383 Denmark Poster Stamps and Matchbox labels 1900s to
1950s in binder, very attractive lot publicizing Painting &
Decorating, Soaps & Cleaning Fluids, and Cosmetics. Also two
reproduction showcards. (568)
384 West Berlin 1961-1990 fine UM collection on
stockleaves, with many Charity sets and definitive sets to 2DM.
Most are post-1974. Cat. £856+
385 Poland 1963-67 VFU collection in album, all in sets plus
mini-sheets. (381 + 7MS). Also 1982-84 Czechoslovakia on
leaves mostly UM including 6 MS.
386 Canada 1980-1999 M&U collection in 3 albums, with a
good run of UM issues of the period; together with a s/book of
miscellaneous issues from QV. (Qty.)
387 State of Victoria 1859 neat mourning cover to UK, per
“Columbian”, with rouletted 6d blue (SG 73) VFU at
Melbourne; b/s on arrival. Cover opened at right (not affecting
stamp). (PHOTO)
388 Victoria 1907 “Report of Infectious Disease” posted to
the Maryborough Town Clerk, unfranked and charged Postage
Due with 1d adhesive. Fine (PHOTO)
389 German Occupied Serbia 1942 Postal Stationery Card
with additional adhesive, and Registered Cover with 2
adhesives, both with Censor cachets, the cover with bilingual
censor tape (and a patriotic label applied at a later date). Fine.
390 US Civil War Propaganda Envelopes, various subjects,
one issued by the Confederates. Fine unused. (7)
391 Orange Free State 1893-98 selection of FU Postal
Stationery cards, including two with additional adhesives (one
Registered); three are used to Germany and one to the UK all
with arrival or transit marks. (5) (PHOTO)
392 Great Britain Covers and cards 1905-1985 with much
EVII period; interest in Scotland & Scottish Islands, Wales
(with village cancels), Scilly, Channel Is, plus WWII
servicemen’s mail (47) mostly Naval. Wide range of cancels.
393 Covers of Egypt and South Africa 1920s to 1970s, with
much WW2 period including Airgraphs (8) & Air Letters,
Paquebots, Official Cover b/s ARMY SIGNALS etc. (41). Also
5 pieces.
394 Trinidad & Tobago WW2 Covers, all from (15) or to
U.S. Naval Forces, most with Censor cachets or tapes; arranged
on album leaves. VG/VF (20)
395 1901 Inland Revenue Mourning Envelope (!) used from
Carlisle to Penrith with 1d Lilac I.R. OFFICIAL, and arrival
b/s. Fine. (PHOTO)
396 Foreign PPCs, plus some Br.C/W, 1900s to modern, all
PU with wide range of frankings and cancellations.
397 Foreign & C/W used PPCs, 1900s to modern, worldwide, some re-directed; chiefly post-1950. (abt. 300)
398 Early 20th Cent. to modern used Foreign & C/W PPCs,
chiefly post-1950, with a wide variety of frankings and
cancellations. (c.750)
399 Edward Denny Bacon (Keeper of the Royal Collection),
a 1931 hand-written & signed letter from Buckingham Palace,
fine; plus 1937 Cover & piece with Edward VIII 1d & bisected
1d, used to pay the letter rate. (PHOTO)
400 Yugoslavia Air Mail covers comprising 1931 registered
Zagreb to Berlin with 11 adhesives, and 1935 Special Flight
from Ljubljana. Fine (2) (PHOTO)
401 State of Victoria Covers 1885-1904, comprising 1890
with Postage Due cachets, 1885 UP TRAIN/VICTORIA, and
1904 M.O. & S.B. / KILMORE cds. VG (3)
402 Fine 1845 EL Blackburn to Clitheroe with “PAID 1” of
Blackburn. (PHOTO)
403 Covers & Cards 1918-1985 between members of a
Jewish family, plus some related ephemera incl. WW2 Identity
papers & letters; includes various Palestine, 1951 USA to Israel
censored on arrival, 1945 Morocco to Switzerland with
Deceased labels, 1960s/80s French West Africa (18), 1941 PC
from the El Salvador consulate in Zurich, etc. (69)
404 Ilkka Teerijoki Postivaunun matkassa 1862-1995
Postimuseo, 1999 , h/b pictorial boards, VF; 354pp. A
comprehensive history of the Finnish TPO system.
405 Coloured frontispieces for a collection of France,
published 1947 by K. Bileski of Winnipeg; designed by Arthur
Szyk and lithographed on thick cartridge paper by Herman
Jaffe, New York, overall 11.5 x 10”. Fine. (5) (PHOTO)
406 Coloured frontispieces for a collection of China,
published 1948 by K. Bileski of Winnipeg; designed by Arthur
Szyk and lithographed on thick cartridge paper by Herman
Jaffe, New York, overall 11.5 x 10”. Fine. (5) (PHOTO)
407 Coloured frontispieces for a collection of Canada,
published 1946 by K. Bileski of Winnipeg; designed by Arthur
Szyk and lithographed on thick cartridge paper by Herman
Jaffe, New York, overall 11.5 x 10”. Fine. (5) (PHOTO)
408 Coloured frontispieces for a collection of Air Mails,
published 1947 by K. Bileski of Winnipeg; designed by Arthur
Szyk and lithographed on thick cartridge paper by Herman
Jaffe, New York, overall 11.5 x 10”. Fine. (4) (PHOTO)
Designed and Produced by
George Wewiora and Brian Flack
409 Coloured frontispieces for a collection of U.S.S.R.,
published 1947 by K. Bileski of Winnipeg; designed by Arthur
Szyk and lithographed on thick cartridge paper by Herman
Jaffe, New York, overall 11.5 x 10”. Fine. (5) (PHOTO)
Sale 349
410 Coloured frontispieces for a collection of Switzerland,
published 1949 by K. Bileski of Winnipeg; designed by Arthur
Szyk and lithographed on thick cartridge paper by Herman
Jaffe, New York, overall 11.5 x 10”. Fine. (5) (PHOTO)
411 Coloured frontispieces for a collection of Poland,
published 1946 by K. Bileski of Winnipeg; designed by Arthur
Szyk and lithographed on thick cartridge paper by Herman
Jaffe, New York, overall 11.5 x 10”. One stamped First Edition
on reverse. Fine. (5) (PHOTO)
412 Coloured frontispieces for a collection of United States,
published 1945 by K. Bileski of Winnipeg; designed by Arthur
Szyk and lithographed on thick cartridge paper by Herman
Jaffe, New York, overall 11.5 x 10”. Fine. (5) (PHOTO)
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