Perth Civitan Express

Perth Civitan Express
Bob Burch, Engineer
President’s Message
It is hard to believe that in a few days we will be into
a new year, 2015. In less than six months our club
will be 50 years old. It is a great accomplishment for
a community our size to have. Since 1965 there are
only four clubs left from the original ten that formed
Canadian District East. A true statement to our commitment to Civitan.
fortunate to have such a large club that each member
doesn't have to be involved in everything we do, but
we still need each one to give the time that they have
to give. Each member, whether they commit a large
amount of time or small amount of time are important in making us the success we are. Don't be afraid
to tell us when you are available to help.
At a club level there are still four members with
forty years or more of membership in our club, fourteen members who have twenty five or more years
of service and twenty three with twenty years or
more of service. This too is also an example of the
commitment of our membership to service to our
community through Civitan.
Civitan provides to us an organization that encourages us to make our community a better place to live
in. I think we have done that over the fifty years of
our existence by providing over a million dollars to
community needs as well as countless volunteer
hours to individuals or organizations that need our
help. Well done Civitans.
Many of the oldtimers can remember the days when
each one had to commit to our cause. There was no
option if we wished to build and maintain the hall
and become a force in our community. Now we are
looked upon as being a major contributor in making
Perth and area a better place to live. Today we are
Now, as we approach the future, let's dedicate ourselves to upholding our tradition of giving back to
our community.
Brian Eardley is taking over care of the Blood Donor
Clinics as Bob Farlinger is still recovering from his
plete the New Years resolution to
give blood this year.
Happy New Years to everyone.
The next clinic is January 12th, so it’s time to com-
The New Years Eve Party is sold out with 230 lining up to hear Eddie and the Stingrays. We need members
to bring some sandwiches or other goodies to the hall on New Years Eve so we may provide some sustenance for the revellers before midnight. Carol will be at the hall in the morning to receive your donations.
Board of Directors
President Ken Fournier, President Elect Bill Kelleher, Past
President Bob Farnel, Treasurer
Freda Fournier, Secretary Beth
Kilpatrick. Directors: Donna Ferguson, Bill Fossey, Bonnie King,
Karen Lindop-Beckwith, Debbie
Ryder and Nancy Smith.
New Years Eve Party December 31st
Blood Donor Clinic January 12th
General Meeting January 13th
Live Country Music at Hall January 25th
Junior Civtan Sno Do January 23rd-27th
Entertainment Meeting January 27th
January birthday wishes go out to Mick
Biddulph, Stan Clark, Richard Peskett,
Vince Tysick, Tony Wilcox, Virginia
Flynn, Win Gilbert, Trish McConnell,
Krista McFarlane, Edna Meeks and Fran
Peak. Marilyn & Bob Burch are celebrating their anniversary this month.
On Saturday, November 22nd. the Perth Curling Club
hosted it’s Bantam Invitational Bonspiel, ages 13 to 17
(Sponsored by Perth Civitan).
As in previous years, this Spiel was completely filled,
with participating rinks entered from Lanark County and
the Ottawa Valley. (a total of 28 teams, 96 players).
The Executive and coaches of the Perth Curling Club
extend their Sincere Thank You to Perth Civitan for our
on-going support of their Junior Programme.
The next Civitan sponsored event will be later in January, when the Little Rock Invitational Bonspiel, ages 5 to
12, will be held.
I will send information regarding the outcome of this
spiel after its completion.
We at Civitan should take Great Pride in our on-going
support of our Communities youth.
Yours in Civitan
Gavin Currie
Perth Civitan entered 2 teams in the Annual Big Brothers
Big Sisters Curling Bonspiel held at the Smiths Falls
Curling Club on Friday November 28,2014. It was a two
game event with our Civitan members doing us proud
with two wins a tie and one loss. Everyone enjoyed
themselves and were pleased to participate in such a
wonderful and worthy fund raiser which raised $2,500.
Perth Civitan members were Gavin Currie, John Hewitt,
Nancy Wiseman, Ross Higgenson, Brian Eardley, Virginia Flynn, Ann McBain & Ted Glugosh ( friend of
Civitan ).
Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you
shall form an invincible host against difficulties. Helen Keller
January 2015
Senior’s Exercise Class
Tuesday & Thursday
Scott Reid
New Years
No Bar
Blood Donor
1st & 3rd
Bridge Club
Thursdays at 6p
Super Dauber
Pat Massey
No Bar
A Team
Carol Kelleher
Talent Night
Special Crew
Carol Smith
Nelda Wark
Well, the busy, busy, Christmas season has passed. It’s
been a fantastic period for our great club. Over the
months of November and December we prepared and
served over 1,500 meals! We had several repeat organizations attend, including the Home Builders, the Shriners, the exercise club and many more. Our two Small
Business parties filled the hall and were well received
and appreciated. Obviously, this part of our service is
our greatest fundraiser for the club.
Also in the good news column is the fact that our expansion is nearing completion and looks superb. A huge
thank you to all members who cheerfully gave their time
and effort, over and over, to make every event a great
success. I would not attempt to name each one. I know
that I would have a “senior’s moment” and forget someone.
Now that I have spread the cheer, it’s time to face reality. Presenting that many meals poses a huge problem.
Some weeks, there were two or three events including
luncheons and dinners, and every Friday and Saturday
were booked. Can you imagine how many turkeys,
roasts of beef, chicken breasts, potatoes and vegetables
have to be made ready for 1,500 meals. We are fortunate in this club to have a good core of dependable volunteers we can call on at any time, and know they will
respond, sometimes putting their own plans on hold.
However, it is not fair nor should it be expected, for
these dedicated members to carry the load all the time.
In order for our club to prosper and yes, even survive,
we MUST have more people we can count on. It’s not
only the catering that is affected. Our new addition is
another project that needs members to step up and volunteer their time and help, in any way possible. Civitan
Joe and his few “merry band of workers” has done an
outstanding job, but there is a lot more to be done, and
they should not be expected to spend all their time helping us when we can’t be bothered to help ourselves.
When a member joins the club, there is a list of projects
where they can indicate their interest to help. Perhaps
we, as project chairpersons have fallen down by not
contacting in a timely manner these members, and getting them involved. I have heard members saying at a
meeting that they did not know help was needed on a
particular project because they were not asked. Well,
we hope to change that. I am asking all project chairpersons to get new members involved. Don’t always go
to the usual dependable members over and over again,
or they will eventually get burnt out and say no. We
need the new members more than they need us. If any
chairperson does not feel comfortable asking for assistance, please, please contact me, and I will act on your
behalf and attempt to persuade others to lend a hand. I
have never been accused as being shy.
President Elect Bill
We sold 5000 tickets, John Matheson sold 50 books of
tickets, Ann Crouteau sold 30 and Carolyn Fossey sold
25. We sold all the tickets without having to sell at any
store front this year.
Also thank you to Steam Whistle, Corby Distilleries Ltd,
Vincor International Inc and Barnabes Independent Grocer for supporting us.
The winners were Delmer Kelford, Pat Nadon, and Ann
Sheridan. Congratulations to all.
Bonnie King
I just wanted to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone
who contributed baking to the bake sale on Wednesday
night and to the helpers who set up and help sell. The
generosity of members was unbelievable! There was pie,
peanut brittle, tarts, squares, cookies, cup cakes, muffins,
loaves, fudge, rum balls and more....... such a fantastic
variety for the bingo players (and working Civitan staff)!
This bake sale brought in $370.00 for Relay For
Life. What a great kick off for this coming year's fundraising!
Thank you so much!
Donna Ferguson