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Member Newsletter
Winter 2014/2015
Happy New Year!
The PDFCU would like to thank our members who helped
make 2014 a successful year for the credit union.
Whether you’re a long-time, or new member of the PDCU family
this year, we appreciate your membership, and that you choose
to support your local community through us. On behalf of the
staff and the board of directors, we wish you a
Safe, Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Holiday Coloring Contest
Thank You to all of the children who entered the Fall Coloring
Contest. We received many beautiful colored pumpkins and turkeys.
Show us your artisitic talent, and why the holidays are a special time for you and your family.
Open to members and non members up to the age of 12. All
who enter will have $5.00 put into their PDFCU account, one entry (1) per person (they can
color both but we will only give one cash incentive). If they are not a member, we will open an
account for them and deposit it to the account. Accounts must remain open for 12 months.
EVEN MORE Benefits to becoming a PDFCU Member
Auto, Home and Health Insurance with
Now as a Plain Dealer Federal Credit Union Member, you have the opportunity to save money
on your car and home insurance, PLUS, a gateway to affordable Health Insurance.
Yet another reason to like your credit union: You could save
up to $427.96 on average with the TruStage Auto & Home
Insurance Program. Combine auto and homeowners coverage
and you could save even more. Besides discounted rates, you
could get:
• Air bags, automatic seat belts discount
The online interface provides tools to help you make an
informed choice about a health insurance plan and can
determine if you may be eligible for financial assistance. And
even if you don’t qualify for financial assistance, the TruStage
Health Insurance Program can still help you find a great health
insurance value.
• Auto and home multi-policy discount
The open enrollment period created by the Affordable Care
Act only runs from November 15 to February 15. We want
you to be aware of this limited window to get coverage.
• Auto and home anti-theft devices discount
For more information and to sign up for important
• Anti-lock brakes discount
• Home safety devices discount
• Good student discount (B+ or above)
TruStage Health Insurance Program
Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health insurance
coverage is mandatory for nearly every American. If you need
health insurance, the TruStage Health Insurance Program can
help simplify your search.
The TruStage Health Insurance Program is powered by
GoHealth, a national leader in helping people find health
insurance plans. Step-by-step assistance and advice is
available both online and over the phone.
email alerts, visit You can also
call toll-free at 1-888-416-2166 for assistance.
Credit unions like ours make TruStage insurance programs
available because they’re founded in value, honesty and
knowledgeable support. TruStage and the companies behind
it were formed by credit unions, for credit unions and their
members. As part of your financial planning, we invite you
to discover how these products and programs might be right
for you.
The TruStage™ Health Insurance Program is made available through TruStage
Insurance Agency, LLC and GoHealth LLC. GoHealth LLC is licensed to sell
nationwide and operates in all states with the exception of Massachusetts,
Hawaii, Vermont and Rhode Island. The insurance offered is not a deposit, and
is not federally insured, sold or guaranteed by your credit union.
1801 Superior Avenue • Cleveland, Ohio 44114 • Telephone: (216) 999-4270 • Fax: (216) 999-3527
Plain Dealer Federal Credit Union Compare your VISA
As a PDFCU member, you’re eligible
to apply for a low-rate, no-annual-fee
Visa. Compare your current credit
card features, such as rates, fees,
and rewards with a PDFCU Visa so
you can choose the card that is best
for you.
• No balance transfer fee
• No annual fee
• Rates as low as
with qualifying credit.
Member Newsletter Winter 2014/2015
Tax Time: Early Birds
Catch a Breather
April 15 may seem ages away. But that doesn’t mean you
should put off your tax planning until the last minute. By
taking control of your tax situation now, you can save
yourself time and frustration later.
Here are some tips to help you get started, and more importantly, finished
• Gather records in advance. Make sure you have the documentation
you need, including W-2s and 1099s. Save copies for your files.
• Get the right forms. Visit your local library or check the IRS (Internal
Revenue Service) website’s Forms and Publications section at www.irs.
• Give yourself a break. Rushing can cause errors, so take your time.
• Double-check your math and Social Security number. These are among
the most common errors on tax returns.
• Consider filing electronically. It’s easy and fast and the refund will be
in your account even faster.
• Use direct deposit. Let the IRS put your refund right into your PDFCU
account. All you need is your account number and the credit union
routing number which is 241076233 This is a fast, safe, and easy
way to get your tax refund deposited. Any questions contact the
ALSO: Your 1099’s will be in the mail Jan 31, 2015
How can the PDFCU Help you in 2015?
There are so many ways The Plain Dealer Federal Credit Union
can help you in 2015 and beyond. Stop by or call today and
speak with us about the many services we have to help improve
you and your families financial life.
Board of Directors and Audit Committee
If you are interested in serving the credit union, we will need your information by Wednesday
Feb 25, 2015 please send to to the credit union attention nominating committee.
Holiday Loan Promo Ends
February 13, 2015
Rates as Low as 3.5%*
1801 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
Telephone: (216) 999-4270
Fax: (216) 999-3527
Monday - Friday • 7:30am - 4:30 pm
Maximum loan $10,000 • Up to 48 Months
Monthly Paymentt: $223.57
Look for the 20
Auto Show Loa
Promo SOON!
*Rate & terms shown for credtit score of 700. Rates and terms
available for credit scores under 700. Rates reflect 1.00% discount
with automatic deposit and automatic loan payment from PDFCU
Checking account. Credit Scores are based on Trans Union credit
reports. Rates and terms subject to change without notice and this
promotion may end or be discontinued without notice.
1801 Superior Avenue • Cleveland, Ohio 44114 • Telephone: (216) 999-4270 • Fax: (216) 999-3527