30th January 2015 - Long Furlong Primary School

Dear All
As always at this time of year we would like to remind you of our
emergency school closure procedures. In the event of the school needing to
be closed, we will inform BBC Radio Oxford and Fox FM (notifying the
radio stations of closure is password protected so that you can be sure you
have the correct information). We will also send a ParentMail text and
ParentMail email—please ensure your details are up to date on your
ParentMail2 account. A notice will also be posted on the school website.
Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are collecting clean plastic bottle tops of all
kinds for an art project. If you have any please pop them in the box in our
Year 2 cloakroom, thanks.
Congratulations to our Sportshall team of athletes who came second in the
Sportshall Athletics, Vale SSP Final on Wednesday at Faringdon
Community College, qualifying for the County finals in April. Take look at
the photos and report overleaf.
Next Tuesday 3rd February we welcome two Magistrates into Year 6,
David Robey and Anne Pappenheim for a ‘Magistrates in the Community’
session. During the session pupils will learn who magistrates are, who can
be a magistrate, what they do, what kinds of crime are dealt with in the
magistrates court, the consequences of crime and the importance of
fairness in judicial decision making. Pupils will also study a model of a
court and learn the role everyone plays in court. Finally pupils will enact a
trial of a defendant for shoplifting! We are sure the children will enjoy the
afternoon whilst learning about our judicial system.
Good luck to our cross country athletes who take part in the John William
Stacey Memorial Cross Country Race at RAF Benson next Saturday
7th February 2015.
Have a good weekend
Zaheer Ahmed
E-mail: [email protected]
School News
Newsletter Date
30th January 2015
School News
Little Masters Art Club
Year 1—6
Mon 26th Jan (ParentMail)
Magistrates in the
Year 6
Thurs 29th Jan (ParentMail
& Hardcopy)
Netball Club
Netball Club Thurs 29th Jan (ParentMail)
On the 28th of January Alfie, Toby, Dan.C, Alex, Stanley, Ellie,
Opal, Zoe.S in Year 5; Luke, Oscar, Ryan, Jacob, Zoe.K, Shannon,
Thomas, Kiera-Lily, Millie, Holly, Lucy and Natalia in Year 6 went to
the Sports hall event in Faringdon Community College. We did four
races each. Some people didn’t get to do all their races because it ran
out of time. There were lots of races and thirteen schools at the
tournament. The races are including standing long jump; vertical
jump; three step jump; over and under race; obstacle race; 1+1 lap
race and 2+2 lap race. At the end mostly everyone was very tired. It
finished at 4:45 because they were a bit too late. Overall out of
thirteen schools Long Furlong came second and Stanford in the Vale
came first!! Luckily the students who went to the sports hall
competition went into the vale final.
By Alfie Luo
Take a look at the photos!
School News
Following our meeting on Monday, FOLF has been planning some exciting
fundraising events—so here’s some dates for your diary.
Friday 20th March 2015
Long Furlong’s Got Talent
Friday 15th May 2015
Family Bingo Evening
Saturday 27th June 2015
FOLF Summer Fete
If you’re having a clear out over half-term please keep a hold of any good
quality re-usable clothing, paired shoes, belts, handbags, jewellery,
perfumes, cosmetics and soft toys in bags (black sacks are fine). No bad
quality/wet/ripped items please. No duvets, pillows, bedding, heavy
curtains, carpets, books, glass, metal or bric-a-brac. We will be arranging a
collection from school to raise funds for FOLF. Please save your old clothes
FOLF are raising funds for the school library. We funded some Christmas
themed books and have plans to fund some more books and a library
software upgrade this year.
Thank you for all your support.
FOLF Committee
Community News
Community News
The following Have Your Say Meeting is being held in your
Date: Wednesday, 04 February 2015
Time: 3pm - 3.30pm
Venue: At the Reynolds Way shops, Abingdon
Please come along, this is your opportunity to speak with your
neighbourhood officers to discuss any local issues of concern you may
have. If you are unable to attend but wish to speak with your
neighbourhood officers, please call 101.
The gods are on the move!
This is a hands-on session about animation and the ancient Greek gods. We will
be joined by Dr Sonya Nevin, co-creator of the Panoply Vase Animation Project
(http://www.panoply.org.uk/). We will look at images of gods on ancient vases,
watch animations made from vases by the Panoply project, and get down to
planning new stories and animations. Watch Aphrodite admiring herself, Nike
saving the day, and Hermes lending a hand. Prepare to get creative as festivals,
processions, and gods being gods will give you plenty to feed your imagination!
This is a community workshop for all ages.
For further details and to book, please [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
Community News
Thursday 5th February 2015, 4 until 5pm at the East Oxford Community Classics