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All 3 logs- TPAS, TC and DCLG
Bridging the Gap – North East Regional Conference
28 January 2015
Copthorne Hotel, Newcastle
The Close, Quayside
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3RT
10.00am - 3.30pm
Opening Session
Welcome from Jenny Osbourne, CEO, TPAS
Speaker 1 - Jill Haley (CEO Byker Community Trust) - Jill will talk
about the inspiring journey Byker Community Trust have been on to put
people at the heart of everything they do
Speaker 2 - Richard Mandunya, Tenant Central Peer Mentor and
SOHA Tenant
Workshop Session 1
Value for Money
Involvement lounge
Get digi with it
“Owl” help you get online!
(See separate sheet for workshop details)
Workshop session 2
Value for Money
Involvement lounge
Get digi with it
Human Library
(See separate sheet for workshop details)
All 3 logs- TPAS, TC and DCLG
Real Life Reform
Real Life reform is an important and unique study that has been
tracking and reporting over the past 18 months how people are living
and coping with Welfare Reforms across the North of England. The
final report is due to be published early 2015. Come along and hear the
hard hitting and emotional facts and experiences of tenants, looking at
the financial and human impact of welfare reform changes.
Your Community Reports – LIVE REPORTS
All 3 logs- TPAS, TC and DCLG
Workshop Session – 11.15am- 12.25pm
Value for Money
Val Alker - TPAS Assistant Training Manager
This session takes a look at what ‘Value for Money’ really means, not just the
‘money’ side of it but what we mean by ‘value’ and how this can be assessed.
Tenants can have a useful role in contributing to their landlord’s Annual Value for
Money Statements. Find out some of the key things you need to know to assess the
value for money provided by your landlord.
Involvement Lounge
Gillian McLaren - TPAS Consultancy Manager North
Involvement Lounges are a great opportunity for tenants to get together with other
tenants to discuss different areas of involvement. The session allows for:
• Networking
• Sharing best practice
• Exchanging and creating new ideas
• Discussion on involvement
• Making connections for the future
Getting Digi with it - Using digital tools in tenant participation
Gary Copitch - People Voice Media and Kevin Farrell- TPAS Associate
The workshop will explore how tenants and residents can use digital tools to add
value to their participation and scrutiny work. It will explore ways to increase digital
inclusion and engagement in communities
“Owl” help you get online!
Lesley Bennison – On line Owls Coordinator, Cestria Housing
Find out about the Cestria Online Owls project has made a difference to the
residents of the Chester le Street area. Discuss the benefits and barriers and learn
lessons on how you too can get involved in a similar project.
Workshop Session 2 - 1.25pm – 2.35pm
Human Library
Sam Byrne and Human Library Members – Home Group
Meet members of the Home Group Human Library, hear how the scheme can help
tackle inequality and discrimination and participate in an interactive life swap session
to explore how equality and diversity can be brought to life.
Value for Money – as above
Involvement Lounge – as above
Getting Digi with It - Using digital tools in tenant participation – as above