2/2/15 “Ten” “Tin” “Tent” hold, keep impertinent(adj) rude or showing

“Ten” “Tin” “Tent”
hold, keep
impertinent(adj) rude or showing a lack of respect
Sentence: The impertinent child had a smart answer for everything.
Apply It: What are the characteristics of an impertinent child?
tenacious(adj) very determined
to do something
Sentence: The tenacious student went to tutoring every day to bring up her grades.
Apply It: What are some synonyms for the word “tenacious”?
tenet(n) principle, belief or doctrine generally held to be true
Sentence: Freedom of speech is one of the tenets of democracy.
Apply It: What are the central tenets of teamwork?
untenable(adj) not able to be defended against attack or criticism
Sentence: Bill Belichick was faced with an untenable situation when the Patriots
were caught playing with deflated footballs.
Apply It: Can you describe an untenable situation?
tenure(v) the right to keep a job for as long as you want to have it
Sentence: During his tenure as head coach, the team won the championship six
Apply It: Where have you heard the term “tenure” used?
“cred” “credit”
credence(n) acceptance, support or belief that something is true
Sentence: I’ve heard rumors over the years, but I never gave them any credence
Apply It: Why is it important not to give credence to rumors?
credentials(n) a quality, skill or experience that makes a person suited to do a job
Sentence: His credentials as an auto-mechanic made him suitable for the job.
Apply It: Are there programs in your school that allow you to get credentialed in a
specific career?
credible(adj) capable of being believed
Sentence: The report came from a credible source.
Apply It: What do you consider to be a credible source?
credulous(adj)willing to believe or trust to readily, especially without proper
evidence; gullible
Sentence: Credulous consumers will often buy products of little or no real value.
Apply It: Describe a credulous consumer.
creed(n) an idea or set of beliefs that guides the actions of a person or group
Sentence: The Amish live by a strict creed that rejects many of the values and
practices of modern society.
Apply It: “Giving back to the community” has become a guiding creed for many
religious groups. What are some guiding creeds that you live by?