Business Plan - College Ball Movie

The Motion Picture
An intense drama based on true events.
Written by
Barry Nnanna
Screenplay by
Carey Borth and Barry Nnanna
Barristers Pictures
Barry Nnanna
P.O. Box 213
Beverly Hills, Ca 90213
Phone: 310.273.2727
FAX: 310.273.2773
Email: [email protected]
Carey Borth, Esq.
Email: [email protected]
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This film package is the sum of the elements that define the film product being
sold. In the case of College Ball, the key elements are the producers, budget,
script, shooting, location, and financing strategy.The film attorney and producer,
Carey Borth will provide regular reports to investors throughout the preproduction, post-production and exploitation phase of the film as the package is
enhanced. The investors or the attorneys and Carey Borth will communicate
directly in regards to all financial and contractual issues.
Carey Borth, LLC. and Barristers, LLC.
Production and Distribution of a single Motion Picture
The executive producers/investors can also determine a
budget based on their choice of talent.
Three-Million U.S. Dollars, plus distribution and advertising
Source of Production: The Producers and screenplay writers are in the
process of identifying a procuring and financing
production partner that would fund the film in the amount
of two-million US dollars.
The producers would grant the partner equal equity profit
Development and:
Development and pre-production will be funded by
Carey Borth, LLC and Barristers, LLC.
Partner / Investors will fund below the line costs.
Worldwide Distribution
Sources / Prospects:
Fox Searchlight Pictures (Domnestic)
New Line Cinema, Inc. (Domestic)
Samuel Goldwyn Films (Domestic)
Lions Gate Films (Domestic)
Miramax (Domestic)
Nu-Image (Foreign)
Commencement of Principal: Pending
Photography Location: Los Angeles, California and Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Cast: Because College Ball’s topic is so widely debated, the budget chosen for this film
is not necessarily for the film to be star driven. Our objective is to assemble a strong
ensemble cast around several highly known and marketable actors / actresses in order
to deliver a high-impact cinematic experience. We will be relying upon great actors /
actresses who are attracted to the substance of the picture and driven by their love for
fairness and equality for all human kind. The film producers have extensive knowledge
and contacts to attract marketable actors / actresses to be attached to the production for
a fairly below the market value, due to actor’s / actress’ love for fairness and equality.
Carey Borth and Barry Nnanna
Associate Producer:
Carey Borth and Barry Nnanna
Story By:
Barry Nnanna
Executive Producers:
Prospective Investors
Director of Photography: TBD
Sound Designer:
Due to budgetary constraints, the producers visions is to cast marketable
actors/actresses at below fair market value. They would also like to cast other
stellar groups of emerging young actors/actresses and recording artists, to
empower the film project. The story College Ball is a hot topic, and is expected to
appeal to the urban and main stream USA audiences. The story has elements
that will be of interest to most age groups. The target demographic is 18-65.
( in development )
Monica Elliot:
Eva Longoria, Heather Graham
Justin Elliot:
Andrew Astor- Hangover, Mason Cook- Spy Kid
Fred Martin:
Wesley Snipes
Nadia Thornton:
Dakota Fanning, Lindsay Lohan
Melissa Andrews:
Chelsea Tavares, Logan Browning
Kenny Anderson:
Justice Nnanna
Ellen Jones:
Gabriel Union, Sanaa Lathan
Tom Edward:
Tom Sizemore
Barry Nnanna is the founder of Barristers, LLC. The story College Ball was
originally written by Barry Nnanna. He then collaborated with Ms. Carey Borth,
an attorney with better film background than Barry.
Barry formed Barristers in 1994, originally a designer fashion store located in
Beverly Hills, CA. The store provided designer fashion to athletes and
Around 2003, Barry began reading scripts for feature films starring his friends in
the movie industry. Barry then decided to start writing scripts. Barry has written
other scripts like Biological rip-off, and The Growth, but he picked up
extraordinary interest in the story College Ball because of the inequality against
minority athletes. Barry played soccer in high school and regrets not pursuing a
career in sports, as his high school team mate Michael Emenalo played in World
Cup Soccer held in the USA in 1994, and he is currently the technical director
with the Chelsea Soccer Team. Barry feels like his contribution to the sports
industry is to make sure that every athlete can earn a living at any age possible,
since other gifted and talented entertainers are making a living at any age
possible. Barry did not study theater or film in college, but his son Justice
recently graduated from NYU with a degree in theater and film.
College Ball is a story by Barry Nnanna.
College Ball- A brief story synopsis
How do you make money off of someone, and tell them they can’t
make money off of themselves?
A star college athlete learns that his girlfriend worked as an escort to
stop his mother’s eviction. He rebels, hires an agent, challenging the NCAA
policies violate the equal protection clause and America’s free enterprise.
Barry Nnanna and Carey Borth
Monica Elliott, a middle-age, immigration lawyer divorcee, is driving along the
freeway with her 12 year old son, Justin. Justin begs his mother to stop the car
as he recognizes, on the side of the road, his college football hero, Peter Jones.
Peter is stranded, on the side of the freeway, standing next to a broken down car.
Quite simply, Peter’s run out of gas on the side of the freeway, all because he’s
plain broke, penniless! As Monica and Justin approach him, he explains his
situation. Monica hesitantly gives him a ride to a nearby gas station and ten
dollars for enough gas to make it home.
His sad story is told as Justin explains to his mother, that although a College
Football Hero, he’s broke because Peter is just a pawn, playing in the National
Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). A consortium that is a con to college
athletes, rigged into playing at their best abilities, but kept on the verge of
starvation, as the NCAA falsely brainwashes society with the pretense of
a grand college education, while violating college athletes equal protection
clause and America’s free enterprise, as they, the NCAA pocket millions.
Nadia, Peter’s girlfriend, discusses ways in which she can gain an income to help
support Peter while he’s playing college football. After a discussion with her
friend, Mellissa, who works as an escort, supporting her own college football
boyfriend, Michael, Nadia decides to follow Mellissa’s footsteps. Nadia feels that
this will help Peter’s financial situation as well as his mother’s eviction court
NBA and NFL players are denied American free enterprise before they can gain
employment in the professional league. Baseball players have free enterprise out
of high school.
Is the uneven playing field between the NBA, NFL players, baseball and young
artists monetary or race or both?
Is the coalition between the NCAA and Professional teams “UN-AMERICAN”?
Is it “UN-AMERICAN” to tell a 20 or 21 years old basketball or football player that
they can’t have an agent, despite the NCAA, their coaches and other gifted
entertainers are all represented by agents?
College Ball is one of the most powerful stories of love, equality, and drama.
College Ball is based on true events.
Carey Borth, LLC. And Barristers, LLC. will associate with one or several
investors who will participate in the financing of this picture. The 1st. phase of
development financing will provide the financial resources for such key tasks as
the payment of legal costs related to preparation of talent contracts, the creation
of the final shooting script, the structuring of domestic and foreign film distribution
deals, the completion of casting activities and budget preparation, as well as the
creation of storyboards and detailed production timetables.
This phase of development is the time when strong partnerships and key
marketing relationships are called upon- relationships vital to the success of the
film, providing enhanced merchandising, sound track and promotional tie-ins.
The basic terms of the investment are as follows:
Offering Amount: $3 million US dollars, plus distribution and advertising.
Investment Return Provisions: 135% for the investment will be remitted to
investors on the first monies from distribution of the film.
Investment Return Premium: Fifty (50%) of all profits in perpetuity will be
distributed to the investor(s).
Return Analysis: Investor(s) receive 135% of their initial investment plus 50% in
perpetuity of all profits on the investment on the first monies from the film’s
Revenue-Stream Ownership Granted: The investor(s) will receive a 50%
equity stake on the film project. Investor(s) share 50% of the Adjusted Gross
Producer’s Profits of the film.
Adjusted Gross Producers Profits are defined as 100% of the revenues received
by Carey Borth, LLC. and Barristers, LLC. from distributors from all sources
worldwide as follows:
Non-theatrical; home video/DVD
Television syndication
Network television
Pay/Cable television
Soundtrack exploitation
Ancillary and Allied rights such as music publishing, novelizations and any
other revenues that are received as a result of the exploitation of the film
Adjusted Gross Producer’s Profits are paid as received after deduction by
distributors, repayment of the development investment plus premium, repayment
of any production financing arranged by Carey Borth, LLC. or Barristers, LLC. by
way of deferrals, advances or third party financing and after deduction of any
gross or net participation granted to key talent.
Offering Documents
Any entertainment law firm, of the investor’s choice, will prepare and coordinate
the company’s filings of legal and offering documents in keeping with security
laws in the state of California or any other state in the United States.
The success of this film will be on our ability to appeal not only to the limited
consumer, but also to the general market as a whole. The following chart
illustrates the success of 5 successful sports films. We anticipate the same level
of success, for the following movies, notwithstanding the budget differences.
College Ball is a hot topic today and is vastly debated. As a result, College Ball
will benefit from free press and the result will be a huge box office success.
Domestic Gross
Blind Side
Warner Bros.
$29 Million
$309 Million
Jerry Maguire
TriStar Pictures
$ 50 Million
$273 Million
Money Ball
Columbia Pictures
$110 Million
the Titans
Buena Vista Pictures $30 Million
Coach Carter
Paramount Pictures
$136 Million
$30 Million $76 Million
Phase One
In this early phase, which commences upon the receipt of initial funding, the
tasks divide clearly into the following:
Gathering of the necessary key elements, such as budget, script, director,
preferred and principal cast members, financiers, distribution/sales agent
(if procurable).
Enter into the Executive Producer Agreement with Investor(s)
Enter into Production Agreement with placement services for the picture.
Secured Production Facility.
Enter into soundtrack agreement.
Phase Two
In the second phase the following steps will be taken:
Secure Lead Actors
Secure Production Designer, Direction of Photography, Assistant Director
Secured Domestic and foreign sales agency (if procurable)
Secure Production Insurance Policy
Enter into Publicist Agreement
Secure additional production financing if needed through financial
institutions, private investors, co-production partnerships, joint-ventures
and/or production financing through distribution.
Complete gathering of the essential production elements, pre-production
and third party commitments and advance sales of distribution rights, in
various media and territories.
Secure Domestic Distribution Company.
The proceeds from this offering will be used to accomplish the procurement of
the screenplay property and acquisition of rights, legal and other costs related to
the assembly of the production financing, distribution arrangements, soundtrack
distribution arrangements and the contracting of production personnel,
production packaging costs including presentation materials, production office
and operating staff costs, development of key corporate, marketing and
distribution relationships, product placement and promotional arrangements.
Our plan of operation consists of the following:
1. Capitalize on the explosion of urban films in the marketplace with a quality
2. Maximize the experience and creative talents of the production team.
Director, Editors, and Producers, many of which are award-winning
3. Once the product is finished, a promotional campaign composed of video,
internet, print, radio and live elements will assist to drive sales up from the
Film Festival circuits to retail level on down. The result is increased sales.
Our plan of operation consist of keeping our overhead costs low, but never
compromising the quality of the film, Due to relationships and years of
experience, we shall be able to secure premium talent who will work with
us at reduced rates and put out high quality product for a low budget,
allowing maximum profitability.
Distribution deals can be secured at various stages of a picture’s completion.
Before the start of production, for instance, a distribution deal can be closed on
the strength of the script and the attractiveness of pre-attached elements, such
as a well- known producer, director or actor. At this stage, however, the producer
generally has the least amount of leverage in negotiating the terms of the deal.
This is primarily due to the fact that the picture’s likelihood of success is still
highly speculative and thus a distributor does not know what the final product will
look like.
In contrast, it is the company’s opinion that a producer bearing a fully-completed,
high-quality picture has a better chance of securing favorable distribution terms.
It has been proven in several instances (Clerks, Blair Witch Project, My Big Fat
Greek Wedding among others) where distribution has been secured after the
produced feature, and a feature film at a low budget may have much stronger
position in terms of generating heat in the marketplace at film festivals.
At this point, promotion and exhibition of the picture at film festivals best provides
a reasonable opportunity to attract the distributors’ attention. Film festivals are
important in generating interest in potential buyers because they are one of the
few ways to enable buyers to view the picture in an exhibition context with the
benefits of the audience reaction and press response. Film festival “buzz” is a
very persuasive way to demonstrate to a distributor that a picture is worthwhile,
and a positive response can offer a film’s producer substantially more leverage in
negotiating a distribution deal.
Production: College Ball
Budget Draft Date: 09/16/2013
Screenplay: Carey Borth and Barry Nnanna
Shooting Start Date: 11/11/2013
Shooting End Date: 12/01/2013
Producer: Carey Borth and Barry Nnanna
Assoc. Producer: TBD
Length: 1hr 30mins
Director: TBD
Budget Total: $3 Million
Location: Los Angeles, CA and Milwaukee, WI
Account #
001 Script & Rights
002 Producer’s fee & Supervisors
003 Director
004 Cast
$1.5 Million
005 Cinematographer
Kit, Crew and Expendables
006 Set Operations/Crew
007 Special Effects
008 Set Desgin
009 Lighting
Kit, Crew and Expendables
010 Sound
Kit, Crew and Expendables
011 Insurance/Locations
012 Food
013 Office Expenses
Paper Supplies, Fax, Internet etc
014 Set Construction
015 Set Dressings
016 Insurance
017 Still Photos
Photographer, film, developing, etc
018 Props
019 Transportation
020 Wardrobe
021 Make-up/Hairdressing
022 Contingency
10% of Production Costs
Titles and Inserts
Studio Rentals
Studio General
Final Post Online
Final Post Mix
Conform, Color Correction, etc
Sound Mixing Session
Festival fees, Screeners, Postage
GRAND TOTAL: $3,000,000.00