Call for proposals
Baseline Study in Hlaing Bwe, Kayin State, Myanmar
Malteser International in Myanmar is seeking to hire a consultant to carry out a baseline survey
for its German government-funded project “Creation of an enabling environment for the social
reintegration of refugees and IDPs in Kayin State through sustainable reconstruction and
improved access to social infrastructure”.
1. Background and Rationale
Malteser International is the relief agency of the Sovereign Order of Malta for humanitarian
aid. With over 100 projects annually in some 25 countries throughout Africa, Asia and the
Americas, we provide emergency relief after disasters and support recovery efforts with a focus
on sustainable development. Malteser International has been operational in Myanmar since
2001 and is currently implementing health, WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) and DRR
(disaster risk reduction) programs in Rakhine, Shan and Kayin States.
The goal of the project is the support of resident population in areas of origin of Karen
refugees for the improvement of a social infrastructure with regard to the reintegration
of refugees from Thailand as well as IDPs. The following results are planned:
1. Access to and utilization of public and community primary health care services is
improved in 30 villages for residents and for a future reintegration of refugees or IDPs.
2. The access to mother-child-health services is improved through a network of trained
public and community health staff in 30 villages for the residents as well as for a future
reintegration of refugees or IDPs.
3. Access to safe drinking water, basic sanitation and hygiene awareness in 30 villages are
improved for the residents as well as for a future reintegration of refugees or IDPs
The consultant shall furthermore review the intervention logic in the logical Framework against
the findings of the baseline in order to provide recommendations for adjustments of activities
and indicators.
2. Purpose, Objectives and Use
The main purpose of the baseline study is to provide baseline information for the project,
specifically on each indicator of the project LogFrame as well as household data from selected
target villages in Hlaing Bwe Township, Kayin State. The sample size and number of villages
shall provide a statistically representative analysis. Specifically the Consultant shall assess
Access and utilization of public and community primary health care services in 30
Access to mother-child-health services
Access to safe drinking water, basic sanitation and hygiene awareness
Basic household information, such as age, gender, income, etc.
3. Scope of Work
The study will identify the baseline on the basis of pre-determined results and indicators in the
Malteser International will provide:
The results of the village assessment conducted by Malteser International
A generic draft questionnaire for the survey to be further developed and translated
Malteser International staff to be trained to support as enumerators/data collection
Guidance throughout all phases of the assignment
Logistical arrangements for the field work
The consultant will be responsible for
Finalizing the questionnaire(s) for households and other target groups (ex. Community
health networks and similar) as well as interview guides and other tools needed in
accordance with relevant methodology set-out by the consultant in consultation with
relevant Malteser International staff.
Train enumerators among provided Malteser staff, ensure quality of data collection and
entry is secured.
Conducting the baseline study with support of Malteser enumerators.
Manage data entry, cleaning and processing
Production of deliverables in accordance with contractual requirements.
Production of the final baseline consultancy report containing all baseline figures as
indicated in the project LogFrame
Provide recommendations for amendment of activities and indicators based on relevant
findings and analysis made of baseline findings.
4. Methodology
The baseline study shall include both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection
and analysis. The consultant will develop the survey design, questionnaires and electronic
format of the database, which should be in common use readymade software, (such as SPSS or
EPI Info or Microsoft Access). The consultant will develop and propose the study design and
appropriate methodologies, which will be agreed with Malteser International operation staffs
before starting the field phase according to an agreed work plan.
5. Outputs and Deliverables
The required outputs and deliverable of the consultancy will be as follows:
Inception report (2-3 pages)
Draft baseline report (max 30 pages)
Final baseline report (max 30 pages): Three printed copies and electronic version (Word
and PDF)
Filled in questionnaires
Interview transcripts
Database and statistics collected in electronic form
The draft baseline report shall be submitted within two weeks after completion of the field
phase. Malteser International shall provide comments within two weeks after the submission of
the draft baseline report. The final baseline report shall be submitted two weeks after Malteser
International submitted the feedback.
The final baseline report shall follow the following structure
a) Executive summary (that will be of standalone character, max. 5 pages)
b) Main Report focusing on the purpose and objectives of the baseline raised in this ToRs
(max. 30 pages)
c) Annex of main supporting documents, agenda, maps, interview guidelines, etc.
The report and all background documentation will remain the property of Malteser
International and will be promulgated as appropriate by Malteser International. The consultant
shall not use the information generated during the baseline study in any other way or for
personal purposes.
6. Expert Profile of the Consultant
For the implementation of the baseline study an independent consultant or consultant team
shall be contracted. Essential qualifications:
At least 5 years of experience in conducting baselines or assessments for humanitarian
or development projects, preferably in the field of health care as well as
Health qualification (e.g. Public Health, Health Management Systems) or equivalent, MSc
Excellent English skills both written and verbal
Profound knowledge of statistics and data analysis
Familiarity with Community Based Health Care and WASH programmes in underdeveloped and complex environments;
Knowledge of health systems and experience of assessing health systems
Previous work experience in Myanmar, Kayin State or the Thai/Myanmar border;
Understanding of Myanmar and Sgaw Karen language (either consultant or consultant
team members);
Valid Myanmar MoH visa / Business visa (facilitation of business visa possible).
7. Tentative Timetable
The baseline survey shall take place in second half of March 2015 and shall be completed by
mid-April 2015. The following timeframe is foreseen:
Preparation and desk study, preparation of interview guidelines
Training of staff on the questionnaires and field work
Briefing with Malteser International in Hpa-An
Field work, interviews
Data entry and analysis
Report writing
25 days
How to apply?
Interested candidates are invited to submit the following documents
1-2 page technical proposal outlining how the Consultant plans to conduct the baseline
study, including methodology and approach and a draft work plan
Proposed budget not exceeding 7,000 USD including all expenses
CV and evidence/references of past baseline studies or similar work.
Bids should be submitted electronically to Malteser International by the closing date of 06
February 2015 COB to all of the following persons:
Per Vogel, Program Coordinator, Kayin State ([email protected]
Serge Birtel, Program Officer ([email protected])
Gerhard Serafin, Country Operations Coordinator ([email protected])