MUSCAT: The fifth general conference of the Gulf Press Association that was held in Muscat, Oman in cooperation with Oman Journalists Association was concluded yesterday, under the patronage of Chairman of the Tenders Council
Dr Rasheed Bin Al-Safi Al-Huraibi. The conference recommended the formation of a committee from the association’s secretariate general to meet the GCC secretary general to explain to him the difficulties the association is facing,
and negatively affects its activities, and reach a cooperation formula that helps the Gulf press action, so that Gulf press can contribute better to supporting Gulf causes at this period which is full with changes, being the first line of
defence. GPA Secretary General Nasser Al-Othman said there will be several activities in various member countries. Meanwhile, Chairman of Oman Journalists Accosiation Awadh Baqwair said the conference discussed challenges the
Gulf press is facing.
Kuwait targets economic
and investment forums
Arab, Int’l Relations Council to send delegation to US
Kuwait takes part in
Tourism Fair in Spain
MADRID: Kuwait will take part in an
International Tourism Trade Fair (Fitur
2015) which will be held in Madrid,
Spain today. 165 countries and 9,107
international bodies and institutions will
be participating in the event.
Kuwait is represented by the Ministry
of Commerce and Industry for the sixth
consecutive year in this event, which is
considered as one of the most important fairs in the tourism field. King of
Spain Felipe VI and his wife Queen
Letizia will inaugurate the fair which is
expected to be attended by more than
200 visitors from various parts of the
world, including 120 tourism experts
and specialists. The World Trade
Organization (WTO) in cooperation with
(Casa Arabe) will organize a seminar on
Arab tourism, titled “policies and strategies of tourism development in the
Middle East and North Africa” with the
par ticipation of a number of Arab
tourism ministers. — KUNA
SHARM EL-SHEIKH: Kuwait is keen on taking
part in regional economic forums especially
those focusing on the subject of investment, a
Kuwaiti official said yesterday. Speaking to KUNA
on the sidelines of an economic forum yesterday, Qais Al-Bader, Assistant Undersecretary for
Administrative and Financial Affairs at the office
of the state minister for National Assembly and
Cabinet affairs, said Kuwait’s participation in this
forum was to get a closer look at the experiences
of some Arab countries regarding the subject of
Al-Bader heads the Kuwaiti delegation to the
forum which is organized by the Arab organization for administrative development - itself affiliated with the Arab League. Among topics being
thrashed at this forum, he said, are defining features of investment in the Arab world; the
impact capital has on investment; privatization
and its ramifications; rules governing contracts;
the concept of national security in connection
with national economy and the relationship
between contracts and court rulings. Taking part
in the forum on investment are personnel work-
ing in the legal departments in Arab ministries
of trade and commerce and investment.
Representatives from the Arab private sectors,
courts, chambers of commerce and lawyers’
unions also are participating in the forum.
Defend Arab interests
In another development, Chairman of the Arab
and International Relations Council Mohammad
Jassem Al-Saqer said in Amman yesterday that the
council is considering sending a delegation to the
US next March to discuss Arab issues with the US
Administration and the decision makers. In a
statement to KUNA after the council’s meeting in
the Jordanian capital Amman, Al-Saqer said that
the visit aims at crystalizing unified Arab stances
to defend the interests of Arab countries and
rights of the Plantain people.
Concerning the results of the meeting, he
said that the council in its meeting concluded
with forming a comprehensive Arab vision to
protect the national issues, adding the council
stressed its support for the Palestinian people to
obtain their legal rights. The meeting, he said,
underlined the necessity of facing the regional
challenges through creating a unified Arab front,
pointing out that the gathering focused also on
a number of issues that concern the Arab region.
Asked about the meeting of the council’s members with the Jordanian King Abdullah, Al-Saqer
said the king launched before the members an
initiative to ensure harmony among countries
like Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, the GCC member
states and some Asian and African countries.
The initiative, described by Al-Saqer as a
“wise one”, aims at unifying Arab stances in the
face of terrorism, he noted. The two-day meeting discussed the latest developments of the
Arab psoition. Iraqi Vice President Ayad Allawi,
former Moroccan Foreign Minister Mohammad
Bin Isa, former Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad
Siniora, former Jordanian Prime Minister Taher
Al-Masri and former Arab League chief Amr
Moussa took part in the meeting. Also Sudanese
Minister of Investment Mustafa Osman Ismail
and former Palestinian Minister of Information
Mustafa Al-Barghouthi were present in the
gathering. — Agencies
Ooredoo names 65 applicants for
Entrepreneurs Innovation Project
KUWAIT: Ooredoo is proud to
announce that 291 applicants submitted proposals to the Industrial Project
Incubator, a training program operated by the Kuwait Industrial Union.
Ooredoo is proud that the applicant
numbers reached this level, which is
indicative of Kuwait youth’s willingness to participate in advancing the
country’s economy with their own
projects and innovative ideas. 65
lucky applicants were chosen by a
specialized committee, and started
the training program on Sunday, with
a psychometric assessment test to
define their personalities. The project,
which is also sponsored by the
Ministry of State for Youth Affairs,
aims to adopt youth innovative ideas
and help them starting up their businesses, in cooperation with a number
of esteemed industrial organizations
and training facilities.
Applicants were able to register
online since the beginning of the registration period in December until
January 14. The applicants who made
it will begin an intensive training program that lasts over the period of 4
months. Applicants will be attending
workshops, seminars, as well as infield trainings of relevance. The initiative of the Kuwait Industrial Union
and its partners aims to contribute in
the country’s efforts to vary sources of
income, especially in the current economic circumstances.
It also aims to empower youth
and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of industry.
Ooredoo’s participation comes as
part of its corporate social responsibility program, which continues to
pursue opportunities for enriching
Gang arrested with hashish, pills
By Hanan Al-Saadoun
KUWAIT: A three-member gang was arrested with 1.5 kg
of hashish, 100 gm of meth, narcotic pills and money. The
arrest was made by the Drugs Control General Department
after receiving tips about a citizen dealing with drugs. He
was arrested in his house with a bedoon. The citizen
injured himself and attacked policemen before being subdued. The drugs were found in his house. Both suspects
said they get the drugs from other citizen, who was arrested in his house with a piece of hashish. Al three were sent
to concerned authorities.
Kuwaiti killed in
horrific accident
An 18-year-old citizen was killed in a horrific car accident between Bayan and Mishref. A security source said
the youth was driving at a high speed, lost control and collided with a water tanker and a luxury car.
8 Iranians detained
The coastguards and customs stopped a boat with eight
Iranians aboard following a chase that reached Kuwait
Towers. The suspects were attempting to enter Kuwait illegally. When the boat was searched, four rare falcons were
found. They were sent to concerned authorities.
Traffic security lecture
First Lt Reem Al-Khalaf gave a traffic security lecture at
Al-Wasam kindergarten, where she said the police are an
indivisible part of the society’s fabric, and give all they have
for the sake of the society and security. She said traffic laws
should be respected to safeguard lives, adding that children below 10 should be seated in rear seats.
BSI honors NBK employees
KUWAIT: The Banking
Studies Institute (BSI)
recently honored NBK
employees who took part
in a training course on credit management - one of the
training courses BSI provides for bankers in order to
get professional accreditation certificates for 20132014. BSI held a special
honoring ceremony that
was attended by NBK’s HR
general manager, Emad
Ahmed Al-Ablani and the
training section manager,
Nahla Al-Sharrad.