FADE IN INT. THE PARK – NOON A girl is sitting on

A girl is sitting on a bench, head’s down and crying.
Girl (crying hard)
Why, why, why…
Minutes later, an old man enters. He sits down next to the girl
Old man (pause awhile)
Are you ok, sweet heart??
The girl looks at the old man, says nothing, keep on crying.
Old man
Fight with your boyfriend?
Girl (tries to hold her tear)
He is leaving me.
Old man begins to laugh, laughs so hard.
Girl (angry)
You are so nude. I just got hurt so bad.
You should comfort me now.
Old man (stops laughing)
Sorry, I don’t understand.
Let me ask you, do you love him?
Of course, I love him.
We have been together for 3 years.
I clean him apartment, cook for him everyday,
I do everything for him,
When he said I gain weight,
I just try to eat a bowl of salad everyday.
I always put him in first place.
But now he is leaving me for someone else.
What did I do wrong?
The old man begins to laugh again, even harder than before.
The girl is very angry. She tries to get up to leave.
But the old man holds her right hand
Old man (stops laughing)
Sit down, kid.
I’m not laughing at you.
I’m laughing at him.
The girl sits down.
What are you talking about?
Old man
I can tell, you must love him so much.
But he should be the one who is crying now.
The girl is confused.
Old man (continues)
Look, he loses someone who loves him so much.
And you just lose someone who doesn’t love you.
He should cry, instead of you
Old man
I know right now.
You are feeling like losing the world, and lonely.
But to someone, you are the world to him.
You just haven’t discovered him yet.
God is fair, he won’t let anyone live alone in this world.
One day, you will find him.
And he will love you like the way you love him.
He will be your light in the dark, protect and guide you.
The girl stops crying and shows a smile on her face
Old man
That is a good smile.
(Pads on the girl’s shoulder)
Open your eyes and look around.
Maybe he is already exist,
And you just haven’t noticed him.
The old man stands up and walks away.
The girl is still sitting on the beach and cleaning her face.
Awhile later, a boy enters, he looks worried.
The boy
Are you ok? I heard.
The girl
Hey, I’m fine. What are you doing here?
The boy (pauses awhile)
I’m worried about you.
I just feel you may need a shoulder now.
So, I just look around for you.
The girl
Thanks, I feel better now.
The boy sits down on the bench.
The boy
I have something for you; hope it can cheer you up.
The boy takes out a piece of napkin, makes it into a flower.
The boy hands it to the girl.
The girl (looks touching)
Wow, where you learn that?
The boy is smiling and shine. The girl is smiling too.